The Moms are Heading to Capitol Hill!

Written by Paola Brown

Paola Brown, founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, asks readers to join in helping to safeguard the future of homeopathy in in the U.S.

More than once, in this journal, we have discussed how the FDA is proposing new guidelines for regulating homeopathic remedies. These guidelines would give the agency the power to ban entire categories of homeopathic products which are currently legal under the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act. Needless to say, the mothers and others behind Americans for Homeopathy Choice have been working tirelessly to safeguard the future of homeopathy in the United States and we need YOU to join us in our efforts!

First and foremost, we need 10,000 comments on the Citizen Petition we submitted to the FDA. This petition forced the FDA to put their Draft Guidance on hold in order to take comments from the public and respond to our petition. We have made the commenting process as easy as possible with a quick copy and paste option if you are unable to draft your own comment.

Go to www.signthehomeopathypetition.com to comment today (comment period closes in January)! Then grab your spouse, friends, neighbors and coworkers and show them what to do. This is our most pressing need, as well as one of the most powerful ways we can appeal to the FDA.

Secondly, we have a major event planned for April 8-10, 2019 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. We are calling this event, Homeopathy on the Hill and it is a day that will include meeting with members of the U.S. House and Senate to discuss the benefits of homeopathy. Your presence in D.C. on this day—especially if you are willing to meet with the staff of your Congressional representatives—will demonstrate that homeopathy has broad and committed support across the United States.

We have a number of fun and exciting events planned throughout the week (think renowned homeopaths and a red-carpet event where we are screening the DC Premier of Ananda More’s film Magic Pills). We need as many of you as possible to commit to joining us in D.C. Sign up here to receive more information about this event you will not want to miss!

While these are the two most important action items, we are a grassroots organization run almost entirely by volunteer mothers and others, so we have an endless list of tasks and ways to help. Visit our website at www.homeopathychoice.org to learn more about volunteering or donating.

In this Issue:


The Moms are Heading to Capitol Hill! – Help Safeguard the Future of Homeopathy in the U.S. – Paola Brown

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About the author

Paola Brown

Paola Brown is president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, the voice of a growing number of mothers and other homeopathy users who want to protect their right to choose homeopathy. Paola is a wife and mother of three who has previously taught many introductory homeopathy classes. She received a B.A. in English education and an M.A. in curriculum and instruction from Arizona State University graduating summa cum laude both times. She taught college English for 13 years and high school English before that. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, Paola was also a health instructor with Care for Life, a nonprofit organization working to develop sustainable communities in Mozambique.


  • homeopathy system of medicine and surgery is a boon to mankind. it should be practised in the manner dr vithoulka teaches us now. he is the right man now in this century. it is such a noble science which has no adverse effect on human beings if administered judiciously. it is a gift of god.if any injustice is done to this system by any government, it will go against god and man.

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