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The War on Cancer ?

cancer crab

The medical establishment is always asking for your money, claiming they want to find a cure for cancer. It isn’t so. In the U.S, cancer is big business for the drug companies, the doctors and the hospitals. Some years ago a cancer hospital in New York sued an oncologist who moved to another hospital taking his patients with him. The hospital stated that the patients “belonged” to them…as a commodity.

Over the last 50 years physicians with documented cures have been persecuted, prosecuted, driven out of practice or out of the country. The latest and perhaps best example of martyring such a doctor, is the case of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, from Texas.

Dr. Burzynski developed a type of targeted gene therapy called antineoplastons. Using this protocol he has cured many “terminal” cancers, including numerous stage four brain cancers. He documented this repeatedly and proved it so convincingly, that the people and agencies prosecuting him, acknowledged that “the efficiency of his methods is not an issue”. The problem, they declared, is that his methods weren’t “approved”.

In spite of his having a proven cure, the Texas Medical Board, over 10 years, seized his patient records and tried to close his clinic and revoke his medical license. They failed. The FDA spent 14 years and 60 million dollars taking Dr. Burzynski to five grand juries and two trials. He was found innocent. In a final act of corruption, the National Cancer Institute along with a pharmaceutical company, tried to steal Dr. Burzynski’s patents.

Next time you hear about the “War on Cancer”, remember that the war is really on… cancer cures!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Bv-UxhKdg4 [1]

In this Issue:

Our interview is with homeopath Julian Jonas, who served as an instructor at the New England School for Homeopathy, the Finger Lakes School for Homeopathy, the Teliosis School of Homeopathy, the North East College of Healing Arts and Science and the New England School for Acupuncture.

In Cooper & Cancer, Julian Jonas tells the story of 19th century homeopath Robert T. Cooper, who had a unique way of curing serious disease, even cancer.

In Why Medicine is Not Scientific, Dr. Richard Pitcairn takes us from classical physics and quantum theory to the effect of consciousness on reality and connects the dots to homeopathy.

We present four more cured cancer cases from Dr. Edmund Carleton.

Dr.Tijana Ruzic manages an extraordinarily rare cure of West Syndrome using homeopathy.

Dr. Brian Kaplan discusses his use of Provocative Therapy in the context of case taking.

Kathrine Dehn describes homeopathy’s battles, victories and current status in Denmark.

John Harvey critiques’s Jeroen Holtkamp’s article (Jan 2012 ezine) questioning the miasm theory….. and Jeroen Holtkamp replies.

Dr. Dragana Blagojevic explores the myths, legends and characteristics of Chelidonium.

Robert Medhurst gives us a brief overview on the use of homeopathic remedies for detox / drainage.

Claudia De Rosa explains how homeopathic remedies may interact with drugs in terms of the four humours.

There are more cases and articles, two book reviews, letters to the editor, Elaine’s Quiz, The Plant Doctor, Tips and Secrets, a new Cartoon and the Crossword puzzle. So pull up a comfortable chair and enjoy. Send your comments, questions, articles and cases to [email protected] [2]

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