Feedback April 2010

Feedback April 2010

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I absolutely agree with you Manish. Homeopathy has been through many attacks in the UK but patients are happy to support us and recommend us to their friends, despite the bad press.The Science and Technology Meeting was an absolute sham and many of our MP’s have recognised this and have signed an early day motion to put the record straight.
Unfortunately here in the Uk, we have what Hahnemann would have called the Mongrel sect who do not understand the basic principles of Homeopathy and insist on so called remedies using Berlin wall and Mobile phone radiation
and meditation. This is fuel for the press who love to report this kind of
thing. Here at the ycch we are actively involved in trying to stop this
practice.We are putting together an article and as soon as it is completed
we will send you it.
Can I say how much we love your journal, our students love it too.
Monica Robinson

Dear  Editor,

I wanna just be gentle and friendly inquisitive in common sense to you now..

Pls let me know your further comments about the this important question on
Homeopathy, as follow below:

In your valuable and wise opinion:

Is there a biological background of Homeopathy or NOT? Or just a foolish Myth?

Or just Homeopathy and its remedies should be explained by any and unknowed yet Physics upon action of homeopathics medicines in human and animal health?

Why homeopathic community of top medical scientists and researchers do not look for it in common sense in the second decade of the 21st.century?

Despite to be discussing endless contradictions as seen today by opposers
that makes hazardous attacks in UK and etc against Homeopathy as usual..

And finally:

Till when we will assist with NO ANSWER on the biological background of
Homeopathy and on this situation with no a final point to this
borrowing endless centennial discussion?

See that even on Acupuncture(Chinese Traditional Medicine) it was found out
a biological background proofing the existence of all unseen energetic
meridians in the last decade of 90´s decade of the 20th century by team of
the U.of Paris 13-Nord-Bobigny in France..

With further scientifical and biological data results as published in the
top medical book Modern Scientific Acupuncture by Dr.Ioan Florin
Dumitrescu,MD, french author..

Why not about Homeopathy??? This is my gentle and final question??? Till
when??? Till when???

Best regards
Prof.Paulo de Lacerda,MD,PhD
Retired professor of homeopathic therapeutics
Your editorial

Thank you – its good to have some stimulation – I had been thinking about
your suggestion of free seminars and maybe that’s enough to get me doing

And thank you for what you are doing for the homeopathic community

Carole Sanders


I thank you very much for sending me your most valuable Newsletter of
March 2010 containing various articles of great importance.  It will
not be out of place to say that you are one of the main pillars of
homoeopathy at present and your sincere and hard work in spreading
homoeopathy all over the world is highly appreciated.  You are also a
great source of inspiration to homoeopathic community.

With kindest regards

Homoeopathically yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

Our movement against the lobby opposing the Efficacy of Homeopathy is not
only a grand success,but also a victory of the truth over the falsehood.
It did help us to unite together all over the world.
Thanks to Dr Manish Bhatia and the whole team of Hpathy.

With regards,
Dr Chandra Shekhar Vaishya

sir-the issue is really excellent.very informative. I don’t find any words for presenting such an useful issue. Thank you to all presenters. Keep it up! Regards to all of you.

Sankara Subramanian.

Dr. Avinash Agnihotri’s letter

For me a patient, experiential healer, and an active advocate, I want to thank the doctor for his letter.  It is clear in its statements.  I hope it encourages every Homeopath to go forward with their own lives of healing and teaching others about Homeopathy.  The answer is real; that every cure is a message received and another advocate.

Over time we will prevail and the world will be better for it.

Thank you so much.

John Board

Dr. Manish Bhatia

I do agree with you, “homeopathy” has survived because of the people you cure and not because of the official bodies or the Royal Family. It was in this way during Modernity Times.

Reading your message some questions rise in my mind.

Throughout your reasoning, – Have you in mind the images of your own
anthropological or sociological reality? I mean the ordinary people interested in getting better rather than understanding the (meta)physics behind the “sugar pills”?

Have you in mind the homeopaths at the street-end and in small villages?

Let’s drill down on that a bit. Do you think it is the sort of anthropological and socio-political landscape of homeopaths in UK?

Those working in that way keep working in that way. They are not too much
concerned about urban or royal celebrities endorsing homeopathy. Those
homeopaths are concentrated in keeping going with their “chain of believers”
that keeps their homeopathy alive. You remind us homeopathy has kept growing in the rest of the world.

Since you are a homeopath and I’m just a sociologist, you know better than
me that despite the fact the similar principle is “universal” the “patient”
is rather “a social construction”. What most European citizens (and a great
deal of UK citizens are European) looks for is not just for getting better.
They are “empowered” with many others expectations.

The single “licensed” homeopath working in Europe, UK or USA is controlled
in a way homeopaths in India, Brazil or Mexico are not controlled.  Clinical
autonomy and patient’s expectation are quite different from a context to
another. The relationship between State and “licensed” clinicians or
physicians is rather different in European States.

And those simple things are mostly disregarded by UK or European homeopaths.

And probably you too have overlooked them in your message. Your suggestions are right for homeopaths practicing at the end of the street, in small villages, but probably it’s not the case in metropolitan areas controlled by the State’s funded bodies.

It’s a very interesting subject to get to know how traditions & nihilism/relativism may live together in Post-Modern Societies like UK.
India, Brazil or Mexico are not secularized societies and it’s easy for homeopaths to practice in such social realities.

I’m not a pharma-funded speaker but just a sociologist which main intellectual concern are medical epistemologies in Post-Modern Times.

I hope to contribute with my thought to open ways of understanding the decline of homeopathy in Europe & USA from a more sociological prospective. The similar pathos paradigm needs even supporter like me, interested in helping homeopathy to challenge itself for its own sake.

My solidarity to all UK homeopaths. Thank you very much for your attention and thanks again for your intelligent remarks.

Best wishes,

Rinaldo Octavio Vargas

Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia

I will graduate with a BSc in homoeopathy in June this year after 4 years of full time training and having occured a substantial dept to the government for student finance.

Recently I have began to feel very disheartened and helpless with regards to the continous onslaught of negativity surrounding homoeopathy.

My spirits have been lifted by your message. It is encouraging to have support from homoeopaths from overseas as I have felt G.B. is very isolated in its fight to continue offering homoeopathy as it always have done.

I felt that I had no way of addressing the situation personally, my M.P. is unresponsive to my letters and my homoeopathic society seems to be very passive in its responce to these attacks, if it ever bothers to respond!

This has made me feel helpless.

I am definatly going to offer free acute clinics within my community and be very proactive with talks and press releases. Simple ideas that I never thought of as I was
looking for outside bodies to “fix” the situation. Therefore I would like to thankyou very much for your support and useful ideas that will help promote homoeopathy and empower me.

Kind regards

Melanie Tomsett

Dear Dr B

Some nice editorial work.I liked what you have mentioned about Homeopathy’s future and what should we do, and what path to take.I fully agree with your approach. Getting emotional will not serve the purpose. But working in a systematic way with cool moves may bring us results and we see better understanding of Homeopathy as time passes.

Thank you
Dr. Wequar Ali Khan

The issue of Homeopathy for Everyone-March 2010 is very fine.  I am
much impressed with the experience of Dr.Avinash Agnihothri who achieved
supremacy both in his teaching career and in homeopathic.


Dear Manish,

I applaud your efforts in promoting homeopathy and am glad to see your
article such issues

I have found that my expectations, that the registering bodies representing
homeopaths in the UK would either individually or collectively organise
something effective against the media onslaught, have been dashed time and
time again. I have worked with both the ARH and HMA and in that time tried
fruitlessly to get them to see the size of the threat and their duty to do
something about it. Every effort in this direction on my part was responded
to with the comment that it was not in the remit of those bodies to address
this issue, it was, as far as they were concerned, up to individual
homeopaths. I find this attitude incomprehensible. Surely they are ideally
placed to make this their remit? That was several years ago but as far as I
know this attitude still prevails.

The bodies overseeing homeopathy are locked in fighting one another not on
points of merit e.g. which offers the better service, but in pettiness. The
prime protagonist is in my opinion, the SOH, with their stance that that the
prime duty of the governing bodies should be to protect the public from
‘non-classical’ homeopaths and the dangers they present to the patient’s
health, i.e. that protecting the public from non classical homeopaths is
their highest calling.

Personally I fail to see that this can be a higher calling than that of *promoting homeopathy to the public*. When working with the ARH and previously with the HMA , my suggestion that we work toward garnering a fighting fund large enough to afford TV ads, from all the interested parties, (ARH, SOH, HMA, all the Homeopathic pharmacies, colleges etc) was laughed at, yet the SOH, ARH and HMA etc spent over £6 million pounds in meetings and disputes over a failed attempt to set up a single register.

In other words the Time, Energy, Attention (the T.E.A. that we homeopaths
use to assess the patient) of these bodies is taken up with fighting the
SOH’s questionable marketing tactic: thus there is no energy left for the
real pathology: the threat in the UK against homeopathy as a whole by
various interests presented through the media.

This is like squabbling kids in the face of an advancing army. I hope that
if they fail to change their remit, these organisations (SOH, ARH, HMA etc)
will be recognised as redundant as far as the survival of the homeopathic
profession in the UK is concerned, . Hopefully the individual homeopaths
will find a way to collectively organise themselves against this negative
media attention and in conjunction with the other members of the profession
(pharmacies etc) because it is my belief that only through a COLLECTIVE
effort will this problem be addressed effectively and, moreover, this could
actually provide the potential for homeopathy to come out on top.

We are, as a profession, always on the defensive. I have been told by both
the ARH and HMA that they think they are doing enough by writing letters to
respond to media attacks and by organising the ‘Homeopathy awareness week’.
No doubt the SOH feels the same. To my way of thinking this confidence in
such tiny drops in the ocean are a clear indication that these bodies really
have not got a clue, either to the size of the problem or how to address it.
Perhaps they know this and that’s why they refuse to make it their remit. In
that case we need a new body that does make it not only their prime remit,
but their prime goal. If £6 million can be spent on infighting surely that
amount and more could be raised to fight the real enemy?

Kind Regards

Simon King

Thank you For your inspiring and rousing letter, will be sending this out to my students and professional contacts, power to our homeopathic elbows!
Best wishes,

Caroline Gaskin

The last issue contains certain impressive articles, especially the recent
research on breast cancer. I’ve a proposal. If it is possible,  publish
some works of the doyens of Homoepathy like Dr Mahendralal Sircar, Dr. J.N.
Kanjilal, Dr Kent, Dr Borlandetc, Ithink the readers will be more
benefitted.The interviews of the leading doctors is no doubt very
informative but to restore the Gems as well as to recapitulise the old works
might help us to a great extent.

Dr. Sukanta Mukherjee

Dear Editor,
First of all, lets to tell NAWROZ MUBARAK—HAPPY  NEW YEAR—to Iranian, Kurdish people, and all other countries which have this celebration at the first day of spring season.
Second of all, whereas March interview has many good points but some of them are not matched to what I have learnt as before. These are;
1-    Potencies that were prescribed like 30c for an infant.
2-    Period of the remedies; Dr. Avinash prescribed Ruta200 twice a week for an acute case eyes’ problems, redness, aching, strong pain during the reading. This is like prescribing for constitutional remedy(chronic disease),otherwise, Ruta has mentals, generals, head, back, extremities problems and it useful mainly in rheumatic and connection tissue but the most marked fact in cases where is horrible stiffness, even Vithoulkas had remark-able cure of anxiety with Ruta.
I believe homeopathic remedies have miracles, but I don’t agree to prescribe like Avinash procedures.

J. Vakili

This refers to your march issue. “In defense of Homeopathy” you may periodically repeat this article. All the articles touched me. In any science different views are there, but criticism should come after proper study and should be specific and not based on hearsay or based on individual mistakes.
Prof.T.H. Jafri

I liked the article “Nasal Polyps and Homeopathy” by Dr Subhranil Saha in
March 2010 issue. It gives a lot of information on treatment strategies.

Sincerely yours,

Dr S C Jain

Dear Mr Bhatia,
I read your editorial and was left with a sense of hope. I have been heavy hearted with the recent bombardment of negativity against homeopathy. There was a recent poll by the British breakfast TV show GMTV which initially showed a very positive result (69%  voted “yes” homeopathy worked for me) then overnight it swung to 71% no! When I called the shows researchers to query if this was a correct result, they told me that during the night there had been a “deluge” of votes NO from America!! It gradually crept up over the next few days with lots of positive comments from people until it reached 51% yes then overnight it fell to 7% as no votes again poured in. Why would Americans even watch a British breakfast show let alone vote on it’s website?? It did highlight for me all the positive things that homeopathy had helped people with and you’re right – a trickle of homeopathy could bring it all down, they (I’m assuming PHARMA was involved) must be afraid to react like that. I make a point of informing people about remedies and treating acutes with no charge (my husband thinks I am mad!) but I do get people then coming back and asking about making an appointment for chronic conditions. Only today in my hair salon a woman was suffering with stomach cramps from menstruating, bemoaning the fact she’d taken paracetamol which had not helped and now couldn’t take anything else. I offered to give her a remedy to which I got a withering look and asked “but would it do anything?” to which I replied that she had nothing to lose. Twenty minutes later after a dose of Mag Phos she came and apologised for not believing that homeopathy could help and thanked me! She’s now talking about seeing me for a constitutional remedy.
We can win this by talking and listening to people – our health is priceless and as a nation we should be taking responsibility for our own health and supporting others in doing the same. I have given remedies to doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists and many others involved in the health industry and they have been very enthusiastic about homeopathy ever since. From a little acorn the mighty oak will grow – let’s hope so.
Best Wishes
Rachel Swanney

The Perspective on Thyroid Disorders was very well done. I also thought the article on Mental Health was excellent. Thank you for the time and energy that is put into these fine reports.


I so appreciate getting your Homeopathy information.  I use homeopathy and encourage others to use it, also.  I have converted many people !!  I especially liked the “Tips” in the March issue and learned that , rather than using a dry remedy, I should add the remedy to water when redosing.  Thank you!  Now, should that remedy be dropped into distilled or spring water or can one just use water from the facet?   Long live homeopathy!

Corinne Mazerov, Pittsburgh, PA.

I was so happy to go through the March issue.I was wondering if Materia Medica could be so nicely written as is given in the comparison of Arsenic Alb and Phosphorous.How close they look like and yet how different they are.Perhaps I will never make a mistake in identifying them individually.Also the topic on ottitis media and on the tips/secrets were all very educative.I would love to receive future issues.Please keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Baig K A

Hello: the article on sorting out arsenicum and phosphorous was great. I learned a lot and put in on my “save.”
As usual, Allan’s secrets are saved for further study.

The issue of Homeopathy for Everyone-March 2010 is very fine.  I
am much impressed with the experience of Dr.Avinash Agnihothri who achieved supremacy both in his teaching career and in homeopathic.
M Selvam

I really enjoy and cherish your articles that u send me from time to time ..they are very informative ..thank u very much for the help to spread homeopathy and spread a cure to all .


What a fine Spring season’s photograph on the cover ! The colour speaks the language of life in general and of the Homoeopathy Journal in particular. Liked much Dr Avinash Agnihotri article which will greatly inspire the Homeopaths as how he handled the two posts – teacher and the Homeopath ! Congratulations Dr Bhatia for putting Hpathy on face book.

Yours faithfully….. Dr. B.C.jain.

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