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Feedback from April 2014

Readers comment on the April 2014 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

Dear Dr Bhatia,

May Hpathy bloom. Your vision of homeopathic universal education is not only laudable but futuristic and visionary. This idea on the birth anniversary of Dr Hahnemann is like a unique gift for him,. May it see the fulfillment sooner than expected. My prayers for the noble cause.

With sincere wishes

Dr Wequar Ali Khan

A big Thank you to Katrin Rabe for her work and her article on silk. I have wanted it in homeopathic form for some years, as I just knew instinctively that it would be of great benefit on so many levels, but lacked the wherewithal to do the proving myself.


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,

I am reading  and learning a through books, MM, Rep and Organon. I depend on homeopathic medicine for myself and my family. I shall be glad to see more articles on the topics of ” Art of taking cases”, ‘ How to master each and every rubric.” Thank you


On :Tidbits by Elaine Lewis

Dear Elaine,
Many thanks for such an enriching article with such simple language that the subject is understood in the very first reading!

Thank you.

Ravi Awasarkar

On Cancer A Theridion Case by Mirjana Zivanov :

Really great case, Dr Mirjana! It must be very difficult to work with a patient with such a grave illness. Exquisite case management in an extremely challenging case. The quality of life for this terminally ill patient has greatly improved. Keep up the good work!


On : Opium and Dragons by J.A.Chiriboga

I really enjoyed the accurate and delicate analogies through literature and medicine. In this way the honesty of homeopathy appears powerfully.

Thanks a lot

Ehsan Vailpour

On Tips & Secrets :

Excellent tips again, as usual, Alan! Thank you.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

On Silk Outer Protection – Inner Strength by Katrin Rabe

My reaction to reading the history, personal experiences and serendipity plus venture into the provings could be summed up in one word “wow” ! Beautifully written and explored – took me back in time to my awe at seeing my first silk cocoon (almost every child had silk worms and mulberries where I grew up) and to my love of silk …If I can’t buy a real silk camisole when they need replacement – I sew my own!

Diane Fowler

On Cartoon – Australia’s NHMRC Still Attacking Homeoathy – by Alan V. Schmukler

I am still laughing over that first cartoon in the strange cave. The only thing missing that could possibly have enhanced it would have been a forceful wind pushing them towards that light from behind!


On Intercurrent Prescribing by Ajit Kulkarni:

Excellent article. I especially agree on the need for for IP in advanced pathological states. I have had very good results using Viscum album intercurrently in cancer cases, especially when the patient is undergoing chemo and radiation.

Jane Tara Cicchetti

On Homeopathic Management of Children with Developmental Disability by Meghna Shah:

Thank you, Meghna, for giving us such a nice overview of the cases presented. These are by far the biggest challenges we see in pediatric cases here in the states. It’s so encouraging to read about these cases that, by and large, are seeing much improvement with the polychrest remedies.


On How to Understand a Person by way of an Arsenicum Case by Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia:

Thank you Dr Kalathia. The whole system so beautifully explained as always – I’m looking forward to the rest of your articles.

Carole Sanders

On ADHD Solved with Facial Analysis –by Rose Mahovsky

Difficult case, simple explanation! More appreciable is homoeopathic facial analysis which considers only three miasms as Dr.Hahnemann explained in ‘Chronic Diseases’.

R. Awasarkar

On Chronic Hep C A Case Study by Dr. Muhammad Afzal

Thank You for the brilliant clinical case. What about HBsAg and the other antigens of HBV (HBeAg, HBeAb) after the treatment?
Best regards

S. Di Salvo

On A Case of Hemorrhoids Wrongly Treated by Amit Singh Pal

Wonderful case and thank you for sharing your journey!

Gina Tyler

Sir there are so many articles in this issue I like these very much. I wish to say that Hahnemann gives importance only to mind symptoms. So I request you to open an article on MIND and publish one medicine for one issue.

Thanking you,

R. Sridharan.

ON A Dogged Case of Psoriatic Arthritis by Dr. Douglas Falkner :

Dear Dr. Falkner: Really fascinating and enjoyable case about a rare remedy and how you doggedly (no pun intended!) stuck to the classical approach and connected the patient’s language and symptoms to arrive at the Simillimum. Your method shows how important it is to use the minimum symptoms of maximum value and see the forest and not just the trees. But I do have some questions about the remedy itself. I had always thought, read and learnt that any part of an animal when made into a remedy carried the same energy. That is, the milk or tissue or hair or fur or feather of the same animal when made into a remedy has the same essence. So, why would the remedy you used in this case carry a different essence than Lac Caninum. (Note: Lyssinium while made of the saliva, is different as it is canine saliva tainted by the rabies virus). Anyway, this opens a whole Pandora’s box. We have Lac Felinum, Hawk, Salmon, Apis Mel, Tarentula, Naja, Lac Leoninum, Bufo etc but we have not potensized all their evacuations whether it be their sweat, tears, moulted skin, urine, saliva and so on. How far do we have to go in making remedies of these by products and proving them. As it is the Materia Medica has expanded (nay, exploded) with countless insects, dinosaurs, worms, mobile phone etc potensized into remedies. (I am not kidding here, these remedies exist. I may need to use a Seeing Eye dog just to guide me through the maze that the Medica & Repertory have become today). My second question is, is the remedy that was used really an essence of the bacterial flora that resides in dogs. Almost like a Bowel Nosode from the canine family. I would hate to think that the remedy is instead only a potensized end product of digested ‘Kibbles’ or ‘Purina’. Please don’t get me wrong. Your case was brilliantly taken. You identified the ‘red line’ that ran through the entire patient from head to toe (or head to tail in this patient’s case) so intelligently. I tip my hat off to your deductive reasoning and your humility in choosing this available remedy and then allowing the vital force to take over. Not to mention your absolute gentlemanly conduct in not revealing the remedy to the patient to avoid hurting his sensibilities. Your professional conduct has been exemplary, brilliant and inspiring to the rest of us. But I want my Homeopathic brothers and sisters to critically self examine how far are we going to go with preparing remedies, do different byproducts of animals carry significantly different energies to warrant making remedies of all of them and so on. The venerable Kent at one time stopped propounding his synthetic remedies. I hope I didn’t stir up a hornet’s nest by my comments, but I have been an ardent disciple of homeopathy for many, many, many years and sometimes I wonder where our Science is heading. In the good Dr. Falkner’s defense I would say – “The remedy worked, it cured the patient, does anything else matter?”. Thank You Dr. Falkner for this wonderful case. I remain, a fan and admirer of your classical methods. In conclusion, I can’t resist praying that the patient is not a subscriber of Hpathy, because then he would read the article and figure out his remedy. And then the cat would be out of the bag, my friends. And dogs and cats don’t really get along – or do they!! Thanks

PGI Hpathy

On The Plant Doctor by Mark Moodie and Dr. Iftikhar Waris :

Dear Mark: Thanks for your pioneering research on AgroHomeopathy and continuing the tradition of Dr. Kaviraj & others. AgroHomeopathy has a wide ranging potential in reducing the use of chemical fertilizers in fields. I find it rather strange that the remedies prescribed for the plant inquiries on this page included a large segment of remedies from the Minerals/Metals & Nosodes family!!. I would have expected the “sensitive” plants to qualify for “sensitive” plant remedies to a great extent. Even the Considera web site lists a large number of Minerals/Metals – Cuprum, Ars etc for common plant growth issues. I guess, the Creator in his wisdom endowed Plants with mineral/metal qualities ranging from Arsenic to Zinc in addition to the whole gamut of Plant qualities too – Aloe to Zingiber! Dr. Kaviraj must be smiling from the great Beyond at this novice’s (me) realization that Homeopathy – whether for the Human race or Plants or Animals (or Aliens!!) ultimately boils down to individualization. I am humbled and awed at the same time at this universal truth. Thank You, Mark, for spreading Homeopathic knowledge about Plants.

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