Feedback from April 2016

Feedback from April 2016

Readers comment on the April 2016 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

Thank you soooo very much. I have 2 new Grandbabies and I will make sure their Moms receive this very important website.

BJ Torrence

From:  Editorial  – by Alan V. Schmukler

Congratulation on such a nice issue, Alan! Love the topic and the variety of articles and cases. Yes, all children deserve a good start in life and the best health care available, which should prioritize homeopathy!

Katja Schuett

From: the Application of the Homoeopathic Remedy in Obstetrics –  by Dr. Edward Krusen

Thanks for bringing to light this interesting work. I am a midwife who uses homeopathy extensively in particular during labour. There are so many cases that I know would have been sectioned had it not been for the agency of homeopathy. Homeopathy is the midwife’s helper.

Tioma Allison

From:  Keeping the Conversation Open: A Physician’s Thoughts on Vaccination – by Dr. Michelle Veneziano

Thank You Dr Veneziano for writing up this article. We need constant and ongoing voices in this field. Hopefully it will touch many more hearts and minds and our kids do not have to undergo a devastated state of health.


I admire your courage in soeaking out. I know of GPs who take their vaccination bonuses yet refuse to vaccinate their own children. Would that they had your resolve!

Kevin Morris

From:   Two Cases of Acute Cough in Children – by Petr Hoffman

This a perfect example of clear and accurate prescribing. All of your cases have these qualities.  Thank you.


From: Cases from the pharmacy counter – by Celine Lourette

Very creative prescribing, intuitive, delightful to read. Thank you!


From: How to stop fighting and enhance family harmony – by Amy Rothenberg

The seamless way you recorded your observations and reached conclusions was really admirable. You have a rare thing … Insight. Thanks for a good case read, and the book suggestions … I have five kids of my own.

Ayesha Ahmad

From:  Tips & Secrets – by Alan V. Schmukler

These are useful Tips! Thank you.

Salma Afroz

From: Questions Patients Ask – By Elaine Lewis

People who read your column Elaine are very lucky!  They get straight forward, easy to understand answers to important questions. You’ve done it again here. These are questions that most people won’t find answered in any one book, except perhaps the Organon, which is not an easy read. Clarity, Clarity, Clarity and Succinctiness and Relevance. That’s your column!

Alan V. Schmukler

A Case of Atopic Dermatitis – By Petr Zacharias

A wonderful case presentation!  I’ve got to learn the new aspect of Arnica, and the meaning of the rubric “approached”. Thank you so much Petroleum

Dr. Robin


Thank you for sharing your method finding the simillimum and the follow up. Please keep us in touch with the evolution of this case!

Campean Dana


From:  Cartoon – Artistic or Autistic – by Alan V. Schmukler

Great job Alan!! I wish I could post your work in our national news paper or journal. it’s excellent. Parents should see and be aware of the effects on their children.

Salma Afroz

Alan, that was a wonderful one and you hit the bull’s-eye. Another great one as usual. thanks.

Vamsi Sudha

Bravo !!! Revolutionary parents ..beautiful thought to put into a picture..  Homeopathy needs such doctors as well as patients.

Dr Jhalak Khatri

Here is my advice for parents: Go out of your way to find a holistic MD. You may have to drive many miles to find such a person; but, it will be worth it.

Elaine Lewis

From:  A case of Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy – by Dr. Guarang Gaikwad

A very nice learning case…exactness of the rubric is always essential to understand the whole…thank you Dr. Gaurang for sharing…

Rajesh Chauhan

A very wonderful usage of Repertory sir. Thank you for sharing the importance of Single Remedy Rubrics.

Dr. Sheetal Bidri

From: A Case of Pediatric Convulsions – by Dr. Shraddha Samant

Shraddha proud of you. Keep it up!

Dr. Neela Samant

From : A four year old boy with behavior problems  – by Dr. Vaishalli Khangtey

Dr. Khangtai, how very insightful of you! This case just helped me with one of my own. Thank you for sharing!

Anke Zimmerman

From:  Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) solves a pediatric case – by Rose Mahovsky

I appreciate the case report Rose. Just goes to show, we must be unprejudiced in our work- in approach, and remedy selection. Best wishes for you continued success!

Tricia Feijo

From:  A Case of Multiple Mucocele – by  Dr. Valarmathy Rachel Fernandes

Thank you Rachel, it’s a nice case.


Very nice case. Thanks for sharing.


From:  A 12 year old with learning disabilities – by Zoe Rubinstein

Wonderful case, thank you for sharing. The statistics were also very useful.

Anke Zimmerman

From:  Ask the Holistic Vet – by Dr. Deva Khalsa

Thank you madam for proper guidance regarding baby sparrows. Coincidentaly this month’s issue’s theme is paediatrics and Homoeopathy which I didn’t know beforehand.

Ravi Awasarkar

From:  (Veterinary) – Darkness and Light – by Dr. Ronit Aboutboul

What a lovely story. More please!


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