Feedback from April 2023

Letters to the Editor – Feedback from the April 2023 issue. Readers comment on Homeopathy – A Sacred Trust, Dr Fredirck Shroyens interviewed by Dr Manish Bhatia and much more.

Editorial:   Homeopathy – A Sacred Trust

Thanks so much for this overview of Pharma’s war against homeopathy. Point #1 is the crux of the matter – payoffs to corrupt politicians. Always follow the money.

Barbara B.

I don’t know why governments go to such great lengths to fight against homeopathy. They just keep pushing allopathic care even though taking synthetic drugs is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. ⏤and half of those cases were people who took the drugs as prescribed! We should do a risk assessment of all Rx drugs. We could include thalidomide, OxyContin and few hundred more. A federal law was passed in 1937 or 1938 which guarantees the right of all Americans to use homeopathic medicine so that’s what I use.

Linda S.

From: Dr Fredirck Shroyens interviewed by Dr Manish Bhatia

A very informative interview about the newest version of Synthesis repertory (now called Adonis). The discussion includes the issue of overly large rubrics and the incorporation of information about remedy families, among other topics.  Adonis apparently allows users to tailor the program to their needs.

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  The Boy Who Played with a Spider by Marian Booker

That is a long and descriptive case by Marian Booker ! A lot of learning from the way you have presented it Marian- well done and kudos. The crises and the dilemmas were well brought out, and good learning for practicing Homoeopaths. You also shared Dr Subrata’s methodology of dispensing very well ( so lot of learning for those who have not attended Allen College) Keep up the good work Marian !

Sacheen B Khirid

Thank you for sharing this interesting case. Your expert knowledge of posology really paid off.

Linda S

From: Changing the Mindset of Aggression in a Dog -by Madeleine Innocent

Great success! I have a staffie who is also a rescue with horrible first year before we adopted him. This maybe a good remedy for him as well. Thank you!

Laurie Teal

A lovely case.  Thank you Madeleine!

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Vitiligo in a Girl of 13, by Dr. Pratik Khandhedia


Vitiligo in a Girl of 13


Gr8!!sirji👌Excellent miasmatic analysis👍

Dr Rajesh Herma


Hello sir and thanks for your post. I just wanted to know if there was any recurrence in the patches?

Dr. Deepa Bodhe

Reply:  Dr. Ppratik Khandhedia


From: Cartoon: Waking From A Coma – Alan V; Schmukler

I’m coming to the conclusion that almost everything is based on untruths. Digging deep on issues that you have a vague suspicion doesn’t sound right, reveals so much. Talk about the emperor’s clothes…

Madeleine Innocent

From: Dynamic Results with Dilutions of Organopathics – by Maureen Hans

What an amazing experience! Well done!


From: Natural Health Under Attack in New Zealand: the Therapeutic Products Bill  – by Sonia Pechner

Natural Health Under Attack in New Zealand: the Therapeutic Products Bill

It’s all about money, NDA cost millions. Companies spend money to buy rules and regulations and to remove competition.

Vimal Patel – Homeopath

From: Homeopathy Tips and Important News – Alan V. Schmukler


Homeopathy Tips and Important News -April 2023

I really enjoy reading about all these tips. Thanks for posting!

Linda S.

From:  She Won’t Say a Word – A Case of Selective Mutism – by Anke Zimmermann

She Won’t Say a Word – A Case of Selective Mutism

Nice case Dr Anke. I got to know a different aspect of Aethusa Cynapium.

Neha Smart

From:  Ovarian Cyst in a Woman of 25  – Zubair Mustahid, Azmal Hossain

Ovarian Cyst in a Woman of 25

Excellent cure!

Muhammad Afzal

From:  Repeated Abortions with Frightful Dreams – by Dr. Mir Zahed

Best case solved with Sensation method of homeopathy. I congratulate Dr. Mir Zahid. Hopefully, he will continue to share such beautiful cases in the future.

Dr Riffat Nawab Musab

From: Tonsillolith in a Man of 64 by Neha Smart, Jolly Khan

Nice case Dr Neha and Dr Jolly. Clear and concise working method too! Keep up the good work- always.

Sacheen B Khirid

From: Shelf Life of Homeopathic Medicines -by Chitta Ranjan Mahata, Papiya Nandy

I read somewhere, perhaps in the homeopathy course by David Little, that a homeopath married a woman from the family of a famous American homeopath  and got the precious items that were carefully kept in his office for over 100 years. He found a powder of some remedy in the late homeopath’s desk and decided to use it on his clients when they needed that remedy just to find out if it was yet effective. To his surprise, it worked perfectly. This was what I read.

Ismar Pereira Filho

I remember reading a similar article in 1980’s. It says that medicines made by Hahnemann about 200 yrs back, preserved in a  museum will still act in present day.

Dr Suresh











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