Feedback August 2010

Feedback August 2010

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I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your online magazine issues. They are truly inspiring to see others writing about homeopathy and who obviously love homeopathy as much as I do…

The Argentum video was very well done. It reminded me  a little of the comedy (movie) “What about Bob” with (I think B. Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.)…”baby steps” in his therapy and not being able to get on the bus without his fish and ritual if I remember it correctly. I saw it a long time ago but that is what it brought to mind and brought a smile both physically and mentally.

I have not seen enough of your magazines to know, but you ask if there is anything readers would like to see online. Alzheimer’s may be an interesting disease to write on…I am sure you have already done this. If so, could you please advise me which issues may have articles, so I may peruse them and see what has worked on some patients, whether classical or through poly pharmacy methods. Even though each is an individual and treated as such, it is still fascinating to see what others do with a case, explaining the case, giving a vivid picture to mind of the patient and treatment. That is what your magazine seems to encompass and I think it is truly wonderful.

Thanks for providing readers with good material, examples, style and literature. I thoroughly enjoy your magazine. It is simply wonderful!







Love your newsletter!
Wouldn’t change a thing; just maybe a little more
about homeopathy for animals.

Thank you!
Teresa Reinhardt


Thanks a lot for sending various valuable articles through your July
2010 Newsletter. Thanks again for your great help to homoeopaths for
enhancing knowledge by the experience of various authors of the
articles.  Your great help is always appreciated very much.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Over the last 20 yrs of going to homeopaths for myself and my family it has only worked a few times. The first time I was given a remedy , it was like magic and cleared up my eczema completely. It was down hill after that. I’ve been to the Homeopathy institute in Toronto and Vancouver. I’ve seen homeopaths in Edmonton and with all of them after months of visits and different remedies, nothing.
I ask myself now; is homeopathy real or is it just wishful thinking? I do know that arnica works and that belladonna was good for my youngest when she had a fever and that’s it.
I’ve spent thousands of dollars and wasted so much time always with hope only to be let down. I read about all these great homeopaths and I’ve yet to meet one. After years of knowing my eldest daughter my homeopath said he had no idea what her constitutional remedy was.
Another homeopath after treating my children for about 3 months and giving them different remedies said he didn’t know why they got better.
I think that the problem with homeopathy is that all the good ones are inaccessible. They are writing books or giving lectures or whatever. The problem is, is that anyone can practise it and charge 300$ an hour and when they have chosen the wrong remedy tell you to be patient and spend more money. Until you can fix this homeopathy will be considered witchcraft and I’m beginning to think rightly so.


Lyn Schwarz


Dear Alan,

I really liked you letter.

It was calm, rational, well researched and non confrontational.

I hope it does reach the Junior Doctors and they respond with as much integrity as you did writing this letter and take up your invitation to find out for themselves the merits of homoeopathy.

Well done.



Just to thank you for such a well written and referenced letter….I hope it has some effect. I work as a Homeopath in a GP surgery in Gloucestershire and although I have been there for 10 years now and have demonstrated the wonderful value of Homeopathy in hundreds of cases, I feel that until we know the exact and full mechanism for sure by which Homeopathy operates we will be fighting an uphill battle.

We need much more research which costs money – and Homeopaths have never been in the business of making money.

With regard to the BMA and the NHS, I hope that the government will make a decision based on facts re patients at the Hospitals concerned and not just follow the misguided decision of non believers.

Katrina Graham


Several Years ago at the opening lecture at a Quantum Chemistry and Biolgy Seminar a well renowned Physicist said that: “A scientist should never disregard an observation just because he can not explain it. It is upto him to seek the explanation for the phenomenon.” That is how how our knowledge of the unverse expands.

Unfortunately it is mostly scientists who have lost their scientific mind that speak agains homeopathy denying the observation on the results produced by homeopathy in effecting the cure. Granted that we still do not have a full explanation. But that does not invalidate the observations.

Personally, my experiences with homeopathy have been wonderful. My fifteen year old chronic sinusites, which could only be aleviated with antibiotics, was cured in one week by a homeopathy physician in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 35 years ago.

In my opinion, all physicians, of all schools, must study all possible means availabe for cure and use the best for the patient in the context.

Kesvan nair


The open letter to BMA is forceful and convincing as well as a challenge to the Allopathic community to try homeopathy before rejecting it. It seems the BMA is perhaps getting scared of the growing popularity of homeopathy. Of all the alternative pathies, homeopathy is most scientific and successful. Modern science has found that matter is nothing but condensed energy.This supports the basis of higher potencies in homeopathy, which influence the living organisms, even when not detected by the instruments,available to us at present. All other articles in the July issue, particularly ‘the mich method, homeopathy-a quantum leap, isopathy etc. were very informative and interesting.Thanks for the selfless service your magazine is doing.



I appreciate the fact that an article supporting the healing power of classical homeopathy for autism has been written. However, the description of Pierre Fontaine’s approach is not at all accurate. This description appears to be based on some remarks he made 5-7 years ago at a forum where Amy Lansky was speaking, and bears no resemblance to his approach to classical homeopathy.

I am the mother of an 11-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism. We used a special diet and biomedical (allopathic) intervention which brought him from non-verbal and low functioning to relatively high functioning, but still autistic, in an autism program and regressing into more and more aggressive behaviors at age 9. He had a history of ulcerative colitis, osteoporosis, malabsorption, and many other problems. He was highly reactive to toxins in the environment. I had seen a classical homeopath when he was 5 after reading Amy Lansky’s book who provided no help at all.

I brought my son to Pierre at age 9. In one interview he determined his correct constitutional remedy. The speed at which he lost his autistic characteristics with that one remedy was amazing to me. He went from being a child who had to have guidance to hit off the T and be led around the bases in Challenger Little League to being on his school’s competitive basketball team and regular little league in less than two years time. He went from an ABA based autism program with sub-norm IQ to entering a college prep program. We had a lot of catch up to do as he missed so much in those 9 years, but it is amazing to me how rapidly he has done it. He is no longer needs a special diet.

Obviously, since then I have referred many others to Pierre. He has perfected his approach to the point that he is now getting the constitutional remedy right from the initial interview more than 90% of his patients with ASDs. They are seeing phenomenally rapid improvements with their single remedy. Every child is unique, but rarely do their presentations fit animal remedies. His work is not based on Temple Grandin’s work. Actually he prescribes mostly mineral and plant remedies.

While he recognizes at least 10 miasms, he finds the most prevalent miasms among children with ASDs are Typhoid and Cancer. I believe his amazing results for our childrens’ recoveries and dramatic healing speak volumes on the success of his approach.



I appreciate the straightforward and informative way in which this article is laid out. I think there is huge room for improvement in homeopathy’s understanding and use of sarcodes (and nosodes). Melissa Assilem has written one of the few papers available on the use of Folliculinum; Alize Timmerman in Holland is using sarcodes in her practice, but there is not as much in print as I would like to see. This “adjunct” therapeutic use of “helping” remedies is similar to the work being done with drainage and organ remedies: a therapy which goes all the way back to the Vitalists like Rademacher and Compton Burnett. Because Hahnemann himself did not use “organ” remedies, and because their use is not homeopathic to the totality, Homeopaths tend to be wary and certainly uneducated about their use. This is one of the areas where homeopaths who have a naturopathic background can possibly teach some flexibility. Jon Gamble in Australia, who is a homepath with a naturopathic background, is doing a lot of work with obstacles to cure which includes using sarcodes. It is from anecdotal reporting, such as Medhurst’s example of the case which moved forward with the use of Thyroidinum, that we can begin to expand our thinking about cure which may not only be about the Simillimum for the Totality.

Sincerely, Genevieve Ahearne


Homeopathy for Everyone makes a great reading for lovers of Homeopathy.  I especially love reading Tips and Secrets by Dr. Schmukler.  It is informative and describes in a very simple manner the relations of medicine with the diesease or symptom. Thanks for such a great effort.

Naresh Kumar


Dear Editor,

I liked your July Issue.The Article”Sleep Easy” is too good for selecting the remedy.Thanks

I liked also the interview by Dr. Manish Bhatia.Such interviews are very informative.Thanks.

Vilas Patki


Remember to check the comments feed regularly to see the feedback that gets posted as comments to specific articles:

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  • Homeopathy 4 Everyone makes a great reading for lovers of Homeopathy. I especially love reading Tips and Secrets by Dr. Schmukler. It is a good informative . Thanks for such a great effort.

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