Feedback from August 2014

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Feedback from August 2014

From Tidbits by Elaine Lewis

An extremely useful article by Elaine Lewis on “Painless after surgery, with homeopathy.”

Kuldip Singh



From: A Day in the Life of a Homoeopathic Hospital – Dr. Aparna Joshi

Thank you Dr. Joshi. That was a marvelous article. I wish all patients and doctors in the U.S. would read it. I’ll certainly send it to all my friends.



Homeopathy utterly needs this (hospitals). I dreamed often of such a homeopathic establishment. If you do such effort in West Bengal I’d like to be part of it.

Santanu Maity



From: Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT) by Ton Jansen

I have attended HDT part 1 earlier this year and it was fantastic. It gave me effective new models for dealing with autistic cases and the results have been extremely good. Ton’s video cases have to be seen to be believed!

Alan Freestone



From: How to Manage Umbilical Hernia – Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

The magical action of Nux Vom is once again seen in this case. People who still do not believe in homeopathy must take a note of such cases. Thank you for bringing up the case in this beautiful website.

Dr. Sanjay Borthakur



Thank you Katja. This is a beautifully written article about Veronica Carstens, a most dedicated and extraordinary woman. The Carstens’ Foundation did so much to promote homeopathy and holistic medicine in Europe.

Alan V. Schmukler



From Tips & Secrets – Alan Schmukler

Thanks for these valuable tips sir. It shows your tremendous reading and research in homoeopathy.




From Devika Mehta article on gastritis:

An all encompassing, comprehensive and detailed article on the subject. Very, very useful.

Kuldip Singh



From article by – Catja Marion Thum : Homeopathy for The Gambia

A wonderful contribution for Homoeopathic medical science development.

S.F. Ahmmod



From Cartoons – Alan Schmukler

Awesome! Love your comics Alan!

Christina Mueller



From: Ask the Holistic Vet – Dr. Deva Khalsa

Thank you Dr. Khalsa and Hpathy for this excellent column. Dr. Khalsa’s expertise is obvious and her answers are clear and to the point.




From The Zen Method by Torako Yui

Insights offered by Dr. Torako Yui are not just unique but extraordinarily valuable. They have got sparks flying and wheels turning in my brain. My mind, thus activated, is straining at the leash to explore deeper into remedies, diseases, pathologies and the mystery called Man.

Ravindra Joshi



From: A Case of Anemia Solved with HFA – by Ellen Kire

Thanks for this excellent case which used homeopathic facial analysis (HFA). There have been a number of innovations in homeopathy over the years. This one is grounded in observation and experience and proves itself over and over.

Alan V. Schmukler



From: David Nortman’s review of the book: Homeopathy for Diseases

Excellent review of the book, highly informative and critical! Thank you for this homeopathy-reflecting way of discussing the challenging proposals brought forward by the authors.

Jost Schulte



From: The Plant Doctor column

Thank you Mark Moodie, Dr. Iftikhar Waris and Pawan Singhania. This is an important column for keeping agrohomeopathy in people’s consciousness. One day we may have done with chemical agriculture. Agro homeopathy also acts as total confirmation that homeopathy works for all living things.



From – Editorial – Evidence Based Medicine – by Alan Schmukler

This is the true condition of the medical system, period! The reason is their adaptation of a false premise (“Opposites cure opposites”) and that the goal, when all is said and done, is to make money. First of all, we know that opposites don’t cure opposites, so it’s a demoralizing set-up for doctors, most of what they do ends badly. It’s also fragmented, specialized, one doctor works only on ears, nose and throat; another works only on the rectum, there’s no concept of the patient as a whole. As Robin Murphy says, “Modern medicine has no hypothesis, no laws, no principles about what it’s doing.” So, the players involved in it have no reason to come to work except to make money. It’s not like those practicing alternative medicine who have an actual expectation that they’re going to cure their patients! Consequently, great care is taken because they know what can be done. In orthodox medicine, care is spread out among workers who are merely working for a substandard wage and just following orders, not really part of an exciting process to bring a sick person back to health. For example, it is now customary to drug all patients in clinical settings, such as dialysis, nursing homes, etc., why? Because if they’re drugged they don’t complain, and it makes it nicer for the staff! There’s no thought of, “Oh, these drugs pose a problem of toxicity for the liver and kidneys….” See when you have no principles, no laws of cure, etc., you never think like that. So all that modern medicine is, really, is a one-stop shop for quick fixes, pay your bill, and make room for the next patient!

Elaine Lewis

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