Feedback December 2010

Feedback December 2010

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Dear Sir

I am glad to receive your Nov 2010 Newsletter which is valuable and
informative.  Nothing like your website and Newsletter I have ever
seen which gives us so much information every month and your great
efforts, hard work and sincere services to homoeopathy are highly

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dear Sir,

Occurrence of two dissimilar diseases, is quite common. The article on Aphorism, has very nicely explained the basic concept and how such situation should be taken care.I find Tips and Secrets to be the most interesting paper in this month.The sincere effort of author, in keeping Tips and Secrets always informative, is commendable.

Ram Birkish Singh


Respected Sir !  well  I  had been much more happy to see the wonderful tips & secrets,   Remedies, many many thanks to you for such a beautiful, knowledgeful articles, hope you keep it up further as wonderful surprises to me .



Dear Editor,

How about a timely article on the use of homeopathy in epidemic disease? Perhaps you could use the historically recognised statistics from the London Homeopathic Hospital records as presented to Parliament in the last great cholera epidemic. Also a discussion maybe about the simplicity of prescribing in an epidemic for the majority of cases and the use of homeopathic prophylactic.

It seems the Society of Homeopaths are too timid to use the Haitian epidemic to further knowledge around the world and are instead just becoming defensive. We can shout this from the rooftops as we know we can prove homeopathy in an epidemic situation.

How about it, then? I am not volunteering, sorry, but I am not a thoroughly competent researcher and that would be needed here.

Yours sincerely,

Queti Knight

We have published some articles on the use of homeopathy in epidemics:


The november issue was really interesting and perhaps better than the previous publication in so many ways. On my part, I found the article “a homeopathic approach to bipolar disorder in teens” very useful and highly informative. It would be greatly beneficial if you were to bring out a similar piece on schizophrenia in one of your upcoming publications.

Another request- why do not you consider putting out something on kidney ailments, which afflict so many people these days?

best wishes, rrdash


I am a great fan of those tapes and videos! Is it possible to get tapes and videos from previous editions, eg. 2009 or 2008 etc? Somehow I can´t figure out how to do this.


You can get the audio lectures here:


The article on Autopathy was very interesting and I always enjoy Cyril
Smith’s articles.

All very interesting, thank you

The article on the sea remedies fascinating. All the other articles very useful. .
Look forward to it each month. Love the plant Dr and Tips and Secrets.
Thank you, Jean


Current Issue is brilliant. I liked feature on Cold very much.



I am a new learner of homeopathy at the initial stage only and it is not
worthy for me to justify and comment on such excellent magazine. But I can
only comment that this is an excellent magazine and very useful for the
people like me. at the same it is a good material for experienced
practitioners and well as researchers. This is a great work and the service
to the society and homeolovers and we thankful for the great work you are doing.


You requested feedback on the latest issue.  I am really excited to be
getting the issue links emailed to me.  I found out about when I
was googling homeopathic remedies to use on my garden.  The plant doctor is
great.  I love reading all the other articles too. I usually skim through
them, and read deeper when something particularly applies to my life or
interests me. This month I found the article about child obesity and child
illness relating to gut health and overall heath of the mother who
“innoculated” the child to be very interesting.  It made sense to me, and is
not what you hear about from main stream medicine.

Unfortunately,  I don’t have a huge arsenal of homeopathic remedies at my
beck and call for every occausion, so I use homeopathy sparingly.  I like
that your site lets you access old articles and search topics.

Thank you,
Josh Morris


Hi All – what a great issue. I found the article on Autopathic Detoxification
EXTREMELY interesting, and am working with that process!!!
Many thanks


Year after year, Hpathy is becoming more popular, more comprehensive and
extremely readable. thanks for the great efforts. God Bless !

Gp Capt Krish.


Each month you deliver a fresh gift to all at Hpathy; Every month the bouquets are fresh and invigorating, and some are inspiring;

This month NOV was no different.I could not go through all the articles but was delighted to read about AMCH, written by Todd Rowe.

Quite a lot has been said by Rowe and it augurs well for Homeopathy in general and Homeopathic education in particular in USA.

Arizona if i am not mistaken is front runner state in USA which has always
endorsed homeopathy as a front-line alternative medical health system.and the laws are also friendly towards homeopathy.

Mr Rowe writes ” The AMA has resolved to give more attention and study of the alternative therapies.” Well a change of heart at this time when the  western world is all out to snuff out Homeopathy as best as they can,is really very encouraging indeed. He further states ” The existence of such a school, would build a legacy for the future of homeopathic medicine in United States of America”

He dilates further ” A vital part of the homeopathic school will be a Community Health Department, ” a very noble gesture, something which the American citizen favoring homeopathy are hankering for.

He adds that ” it currently runs a licensed school with accreditation for its certificate program—-” Another feather in the cap;

Before i close i would like to know through courtesy of Dr B, if Mr Rowe has any plan or program where homeopathic doctors from India and Pakistan in particular and other countries in general can be helped to become accredited to be able to practice legally in USA.

Wishing Mr Rowe all the best for the future;

Dr Wequar Ali Khan


Very interesting the audio lesson about Hahnemann’s organon  aphorisms 38-39
I have a plan beginning with january, i will  re-read organon because i find
new values about it. Another thing, here in Romania, my country, we are in a metaphoric fight
with allopathic medicine because new drugs are experimented on people.



I would like to comment on the article submitted by the American Medical
Homeopathic College entitled: ‘Homeopathy, Allopathy, and the 1918 Influenza

First of all the article presupposes that both the avian flu and swine flu
viruses have been effectively isolated, photographed and biochemically
characterized scientifically, and in addition, that these viruses alone were
in fact responsible for the alleged pandemics.

Presumably the article’s reference to *’**Genetic sequencing of the 1918
virus from victims’ frozen lung tissue shows that it, too, was an avian one’
* is referring to Jeffrey Taubenberger’s Spanish Flu virus isolation claim.
According to various past reports Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger, a molecular
pathologist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Rockville, Md.,
and his team toiled for 10 years to piece together the alleged deadly
Spanish Flu virus in a high-security laboratory at the Centres for Disease
Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

They obtained samples from small pieces of lung tissue, preserved in wax
after the autopsies of two soldiers among the Spanish flu’s 675,000 American
victims, and from the frozen body of an Inuit woman who allegedly died from
the ‘virus’ in November 1918 and was buried in the Alaska permafrost.

The claim is then made that although the alleged virus’ eight gene segments,
or strands of RNA, were in fragments (selected from numerous ‘other’
fragments), Taubenberger’s team was able to piece them back together using
gene sequencing and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) — a biochemical
multiplication method of creating copies of specific fragments of DNA.

The glaring problem here is that the so-called deadly ‘Spanish Flu virus’
has NEVER been physically isolated, photographed and biochemically
characterized in the first place scientifically by ANYONE to date.
Taubenberger *et al* had to rely on a purely speculative conceptual ‘model’
and the magical PCR technique that produces something out of nothing – short
bits of gene substance that were NEVER demonstrated to exist in the corpses
in question!

How is it possible to know what to look for and be able to identify and
determine the Spanish Flu virus precisely from ‘virus-like particles’ such
as cell debris, coated vesicles and other organic contaminants if the model
Taubenberger *et al* used was NEVER based on a real physically isolated and
biochemically* *characterized virus? The claim that the genetic sequencing
of the alleged 1918 ‘virus’ from victims’ frozen lung tissue was shown to be
an ‘avian’ one is simply absurd with regard to the methodology used by

With the magical PCR method it’s not only possible to multiply arbitrarily
so that one detects only small fragments of new nucleic acid sequences that
did not previously exist in the tissue samples from the corpses. It also
means that a positive PCR is not proof for the existence of a whole genome
(‘viral’ or otherwise).

Dr Stefan Lanka (a German virologist and molecular biologist) has also
commented on Taubenberger’s fiasco thus:
*If viruses had been present, then these could have been isolated, and out
of them their gene substance could have been isolated too; there would have
been no necessity for anyone to produce laboriously, by means of PCR
technique- with clearly a swindle intention – a patchwork quilt of a model
of the genetic substance of the idea of an influenza virus.
Finally, and notwithstanding all this. PCR reproducibility and specificity
have never been effectively determined using any isolated human pathogenic
virus as a ‘gold standard’. Moreover, Kary Mullis, who received a Nobel
Prize for inventing PCR, says that it is being misused in HIV research. It
is a method for studying genetic code fragments and matching them to similar
fragments, not for identifying viruses as the cause of AIDS or ANY OTHER
ILLNESS [emphasis mine]. He says that humans are full of retroviruses, which
have never been shown to kill anybody, and that the mystery of ‘HIV’ has
been generated by the $2 billion a year being spent on it (see Fear of the
Invisible, Janine Roberts p. 191).

In the case of influenza the problem thus remains: what is it that is
producing the flu-like symptoms that are invariably credited to the
so-called human ‘pathogenic viruses’ if none of them have ever been proven
to physically exist let alone to have been effectively isolated and
characterized to this day?

What we have been led to believe about the alleged human ‘pathogenic
viruses’ put out by the allopaths and their version of science is Alice in
Wonderland phantasy along with the standard textbook pictures and
speculative computer models of their alleged genome sequences. If an avian
type virus ever did cause Spanish flu then pigs might also fly if they could
become infected with another virtual reality that is in vogue at present
namely, H1N1 – another favourite allopathic pathogen that has never
been physically isolated, photographed and charcterized scientifically to

Anthony Oatley


Great articles. Very relevant for me in my “healing” practice in energy work for people and their pets. Am currently researching nosodes, so the article on Cuba was very helpful.

H Segal


Homeopathic immunisation in Cuba: Very important information!!
Best wishes
Dr. Peter Stevens


Dear Hpathy,
thank you for Jiri´s article about autopathy, for me it is the best article of 2010! it´s so clever to produce your own isopathic remedy by fluxpotentiating and the idea of using the 6. Chakra of applying the remedy and the heating of the saliva before potentiating is realy wise, and: it works!!! i use it for 3 weeks for me and for “difficult” patients.
Very interesting also to use his own breath instead of saliva for making a remedy. i´m very convinced about the effectivnes of Autopathy and i´m looking forward to reading more about Jiri´s work and hopefully about feedback from readers.
with best regards

Dr. Christoph Roggendorf, Germany


Very interesting issue, tackling important subject.  Feel that the
research discussed by Robin Murphy (one of my heroes) could have
benefited from a more in depth consideration of the methodology.  How
reliable should we consider the results?  We can’t judge this without
more information about how the studies were conducted.

But overall I love it.



The holidays have slowed my reading the past 2 issues. They are saved
for the lull after New Years. I can’t resist reading Tips & Secrets right
away but I’m looking forward to the longer articles later.

Love &  Peace – Jan


Dear Editor,
You along with your team are doing a great job which must be appreciated, I
am a regular reader and find it all the time ever informative and
innovative. Just one request I would like to make specifically to Mr Alan V
Schmukler, that whatever he writes is always very informative, well searched
and need of the hour, but he keeps us waiting a bit long, if he could write
articles/research work regarding the problems Homoeopathy is facing,on
regular basis, I shall be highly obliged. Specially in the wikki leaks
scenario, as ties between many drug agencies and world health organization’s
scandles have been brought into lime light by the a/m site.
Rest there is nothing more to add as the ezine is always very comprehensive
and complete in itself.
Dr Amir Abbas Ansari

Thank you for your comments. I will try to keep everyone abreast of  the latest news about homeopathy. It is helpful when readers send in news items they find.  Regarding the WHO you might refer to this article and cartoon :

What Goes Around Comes Around:



As usual,all articles of this issue are good,though I liked the following articles more.

a)Autopathic detoxification

b)Homeopathic Approach to Bipolar Disorder in Teens

c)Homeopathic Pediatrics

Additionaly,your regular features ,”Tips and Secrets” and Quiz keeps their level of interest and information.




Dear Editor,
Autopathic Detoxification is a fantastic article. Now one question is arising. In the Organon of Medicine , Hahnemann logically established that not Allopathy not Isopathy but Homeopathy is best. If Autopathy can cure so convincingly, then what is the need of so many medicine? What is the need for long medical homeopathic course? A lay person can do it.
I am not kidding! I am telling it seriously.
Hahnemann’s one hundred medicine was not sufficient. That is the reason the number of medicine has increased to four to five thousands. The number is increasing everyday with proving or without proving.
If a single medicine can restore health , preserve health and promote health , then that medicine is most welcome. The sourse may be saliva or anything from human body.
Dr M E Hossain


Dear editor,
I would like to compare, and interpret some of the Dr. Todd Rowe interview subjects:
Page 2, paragraph 6; He said, ” I also began to see the phenomena of suppression, perceiving that when you treat symptom without treating the whole person, that the symptom may resolve but they as a whole can get worse “. Page 9, paragraph 15; ” we have several constitutional clinics but will need to add an acute care clinic as well. patients who have been successfully treated in acute care clinic will be more likely to go on to get constitution care “.  Is opposing meaning not appeared? If constitutional remedies cover all problems that the patient has, why we should use remedies for acute disease separately just? Yes, if we have some remedies beside the constitutional as complementary, it’s acceptable according to what we have learnt. Nonetheless, I’m very interested in Dr. Todd Rowe homeopathic education and training process, ” level “, ” stage ” or ” category. He also explained the best meaning and differences between
homeopathic practitioner and physician ” practitioner is not trained in the capacity to diagnose, but physician is “.
Online—education program perhaps can be one of the best way to have and take the homeopathy journey processing.
I believe that repeating can help to learn with high experience level, so it is not pushing to give exhaust position. Anyway, its depend on how do you look at.
Best regards.

Jafar Vakil


Remember to check the comments feed regularly to see the feedback that gets posted as comments to specific articles:

You can also look at the end of individual articles to see the comments posted about them. Most comments posted on individual articles are not included here.

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  • dear sir,
    i’ve read article in times of india about the scientist of IIT mumbai have reaveled that 200 c potency of aurum mettallicum & cupram metallicum contains nanoparticals of copper & gold on electron microscope,and some other test use for it. i think it is unrefutable answer to british medical association & lancet journal who critisize homoeopathy before six month. please explain what do you think about this subject ?(referance TIMES OF INDIA e-paper of 16/12/2010 )
    with regards,
    patil satish

  • Sir,
    The interview of Dr. Robin Murphy by Dr. Elaine Lewis in your December issue was really very informative and revealed many aspects that were not recognized by all. Dr. Elaine was incisive in her inimitable style. I have always enjoyed her “Quiz” and the articles that she writes in “lay-man-friendly” language.

  • Very iteresting nice articlestackling important subjects. E ZINE is always very comprehensive and complete in itself. best regards. g0-alan.

  • congratulation very nise issue-Dec-10.
    I am from Surat -Gujarat-INDIA. We are publishe here one Magazine name SURAT HOMEOPATHIC ARSENAL. i wolud like to publish few article from your e-magazine with your kind permission. so please reply me procedure for same. thanking you once again for serving beautifully to homoeopathic Freternity.

  • I really appreciate the informative articles, the plant doctor, and especially the crosswords.

    Thank you


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