Feedback for December 2013

Feedback from December 2013 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

(From Tidbits – Elaine Lewis)

The details provided by you in Tid Bits Part 10 are enjoyable and required by all Homeopathy professionals. May god bless you and people assisting you in this good cause Dr. Bhatia.


From: A case of ADHD – Vijaya Patil

Thanks for an excellent case!

Shirley Reischman


(From: Discovering Life: Homeopathic Portraits –An In depth Modern M.M.)

A great book for homeopathic practitioners and students. Luc De Schepper presents clear images of different remedies, taking the reader to the essence of it.. On his path to the core of the remedy, he sticks to the information found in classical provings, no nonsense about dream provings or intuitive proving.
Marc van Wijk


(From: My Experience in Management of Pathological Cases: Dr. Sujit Chatterjee)

The case and the detailed description is amazing- Hats off to Dr Chatterjee, for being so forthcoming & honest about his experiences….

Sacheen Khirid


Nice cartoon, as always, Alan. It says so much!!

Katja Schuett


Good one (cartoon) Alan !!! and it’s truly not Allopathy but “All” “over” “pathy” ….:-)

Vamsi Suldha


Absolute excellence in homeopathy is the other name of Dr. Sankaran. I have read the article and appreciate the intellect and philosophical approach with which the case has been narrated and the kind of questions put to reach the exact remedy. Hats off to Dr. Sankaran.

Dr. Shiv Dua


After reading your editorial I am interested to know more about the Sensation method and the Synergy in Homoeopathy.

Dr. Chakrapani Pampati


Dear Sir.

What a pleasure to receive the Hpathy Ezine. This last issue for 2013 gave us enough to keep pondering on various aspects of homeopathy. Dr Manish Bhatia’s lectures on Organon are easy to comprehend and a boon for us. I will try to get his book too. His way of lecturing is appealing.  Another article was “Evolution of Plants”. This is something new for me and it was a good introduction on the subject. Dr Luc’s new Materia Medica, is a good addition! Routine items in this issue are as usual interesting. Congratulations and keep the flame burning.

Dr. Wequar Ali Khan

Miami Florida


The December issue was GREAT!!  Keep them coming!

Joy M. Wilson, DHom, MHom, CCH
Executive Director – The Texas Institute for Homeopathy


Dear Editor,

We wish you and the entire team of Hpathy a very Happy New Year 2014.

Best regards
R. Amin & B.Chakraborty


Thank you for the December issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone.

Happy New Year 2014!

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


Thanks sir, for giving knowledge about things which I don’t know.

Poonam Kataria


This is amazingly comprehensive

C F Smith – BVSc


Dear Editor,

I have received the December issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.  The articles devoted to the Sensation Method are very interesting.

Best wishes,



Dear Editor,

I enjoyed the articles and tips.

MV Rao


Dear Editor,

Thank you for your continued information.  Because of this insane time of year, I have not had a chance to go through all the articles, but have particularly appreciated “The Pathology Factor in Remedy Selection”.   I was wondering if at some point in the future you would give us some articles on Vertigo.  I know this is a complex issue with many factors to be considered, but any insights as well as remedy suggestions would be appreciated.

Gratefully yours,

Rosalba Mastrangeli


Editor’s Note:

Thanks for your suggestion Rosalba.  It’s a very broad subject, but here is a general article you can start with.

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