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Letters and feedback from December 2017

To All the Hard Workers of Hpathy,

Respected Sir/Madam,

It has been a great journey to be with My stint with has been for 5yrs.  It has been a valuable source of knowledge for me. I am thoroughly enjoying all the articles in this journal.

In special, I adore Elaine Lewis articles and her quiz. Her articles are an eye opener to me at many times. Her quiz really probes our brain cells. And her explanation to the quiz is amazing and quite informative.   I also enjoy Alan’s prompt and timely cartoons and his crosswords.

Your published clinical cases and articles are worth a read. I am a regular reader( though occasionally have missed some of them), look forward for the journal.  Wishing All the very best to Manish Bhatia and his team for this wonderful journal and may reach greater horizons of success.

14th years of successful journey and many more to come……


Vamsi Sudha

To the entire team at Hpathy,

Given the scenario that Homeopathy faces in Australia today, like most Homeopaths I feel really frustrated at times. At times like this, as I have a place for reference and for reading positivism makes me grateful. Every time I see the email for a new issue of Hpathy I go through it simply because it anchors me down and gives me a reason to deal with my patients more efficiently. Keep up the good work – all of you. You bring a lot of awareness and a lot of light to many in the fraternity.

Regards and good wishes.

Dimple Kirpalani

From:  EU Medical Establishment Launches Jihad Against Homeopathy – Brandon Turbeville

EU Medical Establishment Launches Jihad Against Homeopathy

Thank you for reprinting this here at Hpathy. It is imperative that we, more than ever, find the courage to speak the truth loudly and clearly. If we don’t push back against the forces of oppression, homeopathy may be crushed. Homeopathy must stand on the real and powerful evidence of case studies, and must reject the notion that RCTs are the so-called gold standard of evidence. RCTs are an allopathic creation designed to deceive “scientific” minds into believing that allopathic drugs have more value than they do. To employ the same methods of statistical deception in an attempt to prove the value of homeopathics is to legitimize a methodology that lacks credibility and holistic value. And the idea that homeopathy is dangerous because it delays life-saving treatment is ludicrous. The reverse is much more likely to be true. Homeopathic treatment has saved untold numbers from the ever present dangers of allopathic treatment.

Larry Malerba D.O.

From: Tidbits 53: Richard Moskowitz Returns To Defend Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate – Elaine Lewis

I really like the way you started with that mother’s statement and then interspersed your and Dr. Moskowit’z comments. It was done respectfully and intelligently. That’s the only way to teach. And I love your passion about whatever you write.


From: La Curación (The Healing)  – Luis Detinis

La Curación (The Healing)

Kudos to Katja Schütt for translating this work by Dr. Luis Detinis. It would be wonderful to have access to more like this in English. Understanding health and sickness, the role of Homeopathy, and the role of the Homeopath, on this deep level is a lifelong endeavour.  Thank you for sharing.

Marilyn Freedman

It’s a wonderful thing that you do. Congratulations!

Misha Norland

Editor’s note:   Misha Norland is the founder of The School of Homeopathy, UK, and a founding member of The Society of Homeopaths.

From Editorial:  Fighting for Homeopathy on the NHS  – Alan Schmukler

Fighting for Homeopathy on the NHS

Nice reporting, Alan!

Elaine Lewis

Thanks Elaine. I hope people are paying attention. It would be a shame if they woke up one morning and both homeopathy and socialized medicine was gone in the UK.


Congratulations to ‘Hpathy’ “Directors, The Chief Editor, The Editorial Team and all Hpathy Authors, Contributors and the counselors, advisors, office staff” on the completion of 15 years of publication of e-magazine ‘’.

I too, as a reader, am grateful and thankful to all these people who work tirelessly to create and maintain the world’s NO. 1 Homeopathy Portal –!!

I salute the entire ‘Hpathy-Team’ and ‘Hpathy-Family’ for their tireless work, endless efforts and zeal to bring/restore health of this planet (Human beings, animals and plant world).


ML Singh, Bareilly, Up, India

From:  Dr. Louis Detinis interviewed by Katja Schütt

Dr. Luis Detinis is interviewed by Katja Schütt

Thank you Katja.  A wonderful interview with a highly evolved soul.

Alan V. Schmukler

Congratulations on completing the 14 years of publication. Great service to the people and homeopathy. Best wishes for the coming years.

Dear Dr Rajashekarreddy Kalluri

Congratulations to one and all associated with the publication of monthly journal of homeopathy 4 all completing 14 years.

Ashok kumar

Hello Alan & Hpathy Team,

I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for this wonderful publication.

It adds so much value to my study of homeopathy and reignites my passion every time I read it!  Keep up the excellent work – wishing you all the very best,


I still miss getting your most interesting catalog every month. I had a collection and then shared them with folks near and far. Trying to convert them into believing in homeopathy. So please continue to mail me mine.



Dear Lalrukh,

I’m very glad you enjoy the journal. Please go to and make sure you’ve entered your name and email.  Then you’ll receive the journal each month.

Alan V. Schmukler

Dear team

Herewith I want to express my congratulations to you on your 14th birthday! I always read the magazine and often go to your website, if i have a difficult case, to see whether you have some more info.I wish you will be able to keep up the very GOOD and IMPORTANT work and may you reach the 100th year (and beyond!)

Kind regards

Angelique Royers  – Homeopathic practitioner  – Switzerland

Grateful every time I see this in the inbox! Congratulations!

Jerri Russell

Dear all,

Warm greetings to you. It’s with immense pleasure and gratitude I say a hearty congratulations to the entire Hpathy Team and the contributing authors for  completion of 14 years of such wonderful and valuable articles for budding homeopaths like me. Well done. Each month I look forward to the ezine. I feel so indebted to all you teachers for enlightening and equipping our minds with your treasure of experience and benevolent hearts.

God Bless you and your mission.


Congratulations on 14th Anniversary. We pray for the prosperity and progress of Hpathy

Dr .B L Soni

Hi. Dear Dr.Manish Bhathia

Congratulations on the 14th year of the Hpathy journal.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Sadeghi

Hpathy is a wonderful e magazine which is very well presented and has maintained its standard and improved over the years. We congratulate the Hpathy  team for a job well done and for achieving 14 successful years of publication

Thank you

Nighat Arshad

Hi Hpathy team

Thanks so much for all your great work through the year and keeping us all in a positive mood.

With best wishes,

Dr. Clare Middle – BVMS CVAc CVHom –Bibra Lake, Washington

Congratulations to one and all associated with the publication of Homeopathy for Everyone in completing 14 years.

Ashok kumar


Congrats to hpathy for continuous service.

With best wishes

Arasu BT   –

New year greetings and heartiest congratulations to the entire team for a wonderful magazine.  A great service indeed!  I wish and pray Homeopathy for Everyone will grow even more.

Dr. Venkatesh cs

Congratulations! Good efforts. Keep up with the good services. Huge thanks to the team and Drs.

Dr. Manisha Buch

Dear Hpathy team,

Congratulations for your 14 years of dedicated work.

Yours truly.

Eugenio Aguilar

Heartiest Congratulation for completing 14 years of Hpathy  to team of Hpathy.  The most valued magzine.  Also congratulation for a Happy New Year.

Dr.  Aslam Sherwani

Thank you very much for your 14 years of effort to help make us better physicians.


Alexandra Armenaka


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