Letters to the Editor- Feedback from December 2022

Readers comment on the December 2022 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

FDA Sets Stage to Ban Homeopathic Remedies – Alan V. Schmukler

FDA Sets Stage to Ban Homeopathic Remedies – Editorial Dec 22

This makes me very angry. I have used homeopathy for well over 26 years. Studying, interacting with like minded people and sharing my knowledge, teaching my daughters. I have used it to help my mother, my daughters and my husband. It is my go to front line first aid. I have used it myself with the help of well trained practitioners. Who are they to make my medical decisions about what is right for me???

They being the FDA. What’s next? What is next to be banned or regulated out of existence??? Vitamins?? Herbs? Bach remedies? Chinese medicine?

I am scared by this over reach into my private medical decisions. If this goes ahead, I will be an outlaw as will many others. We need to stand up and push back..hard!

Rebecca Harzewski

Alan, this is an unmitigated horror! How much money does Big Pharma need?!

Elaine Lewis

From:  Tine Gabriel interview –  by Katja Schütt.

Tine Gabriel – Interviewed by Katja Schütt  


A very interesting, insightful and detailed interview. I believe in the power of Yoga and Meditation. Holistic healing is the need of the hour and Ms Tina is doing wonderful work. All the best and more power to her.

Dr Shivani Lakhtakia

I Iiked the interview…the insights, the free sharing.  “Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu” – May all living beings in this world live in peace and harmony. Amazing!

Sonali Bhonsle

From:  A Spongia Tosta Case – Suzanne DaCosta

A Spongia Tosta Case

A lovely case. Thank you so much for citing me!!!

Paul Theriault

 From:   TIDBITS 96:  Tickbite! –  by Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 96: Tick Bite!

Your articles are always educational and fun to read, Elaine! Thank you!

Linda S.

From:  LM or Q Potencies – The Fifty Millesimal Potencies – by Joachim-F Grätz

LM or Q Potencies – The Fifty Millesimal Potencies

Excellent discussion with information on LM’s not offered by other authors.  A learning experience!

Martin Earl

From:  Homoeopathic Management of Crest Syndrome: A Case Study     Drs. Vishal Deshpande / Srikanth Jammalamadaka

Homoeopathic Management of Crest Syndrome: A Case Study

Allopathy would have nothing to offer in such a case, except perhaps to add side effects with toxic drugs. Thank you Drs. Deshpande and Srikanth.

Jennie Rose

From:  Ganglion Cyst in a Woman of 30 – Diderik Finne

Ganglion Cyst in a Woman of 30

A very astute analysis was needed to find the remedy in this case.  Thank you for sharing it!

Martin Earl

From: Homeopathy in Obstetric Disorders –Drs.  Anand Suresh Kabra / Archana Mundra

Homeopathy in Obstetric Disorders

The case examples were excellent and demonstrated the range and power of homeopathy in obstetric cases. I appreciate your offering these to the community.


From:  Book Review of :The Success of Homeopathy before Psychiatry Lost Its Mind by Jerry M. Kantor – reviewed by Lia Bello.

Sane Asylums: The Success of Homeopathy Before Psychiatry Lost Its Mind

An excellent review of what appears to be a highly interesting and informative book.  Can’t wait to get a copy!

Martin Earl

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