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From: Interview with Dr. Nvneet Bidani

Thanks for nicely quoting the peril of modern vaccination. Your experience regarding the child characteristics of the four miasms is very educative and would enrich the present concepts of the miasms. May Almighty bless you.

Dr. Lt. Col.Md Azizur Rahman, psc, G,(Retd), MBA, MDS, MSC, DHMS

From:  Tidbits – How to pick rubrics in a homeopathic case – by Elaine Lewis

Great case, Elaine, and I can hear myself saying the same things (‘no wonder I couldn’t find the rubric!’). I enjoy your writing.

Renita Hermann

Great article Elaine! Thank you so much. The rubric selection procedure was very very helpful. Like the movie “Inside Elaine’s head”


From: The Constitutional Similar: A New Gateway to the Simillimum in Psoric Diseases – Dr.  Frederic Schmitt

Dear Dr.,
This article is exceedingly useful and gives the right direction to homeopaths.
The exact similimum can be found in 5% or a little more cases only.

Dr. CS Gupta

From:  Discovering Life: Homeopathic portraits – An In-Depth Modern Materia Medica by Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD – reviewed by Henry Stephenson, DVM

Yes..Dr. Luc’s portraits are so wonderfully useful. I am biased since Dr. Luc was my Homeopath (and also helped my now adult children) and eventually a mentor. His systemic insights connect the body and mind in a unique way that probes the depth and needs of the vital force. I have adapted his perspective on cyber delusions and it has allowed me as a Psychotherapist and Homeopath to access one’s temperament and grievance, matching it to a needed simillumum. I use his Portraits on a regular basis and it forms a basis to many of my writings and experiences. I agree wholeheartedly with this review!!

Kenneth Silvestri

I loved this article. ,My favorite subject in homeopathics is miasms. Thank you.

GinaTyler DHOM

From:  Homeopathic Facial Analysis – Methodology – by Louise barton

Homeopathic Facial Analysis – Methodology

Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) produces consistent results of more than 80 per cent that was shown across numerous chronic diseases including depression, anxiety, asthma, arthritis, migraines, IBS, psoriasis and other illnesses.

Pooja Mishra

From:  Mother Tinctures in Diabetic Cases An Individualistic Approach – by Dr.Amit Karkare

Nice paper, Dr. Amit. Do think about writing a book exclusively describing the materia medica and chief indications for all mother tinctures known in homeopathy. A couple of books of this nature are available but the information given there is quite meager. Thank you.

Vatsala Sperling

From:  A Case of Altitude Sickness by Allyson McQuinn

A Case of Altitude Sickness

Thanks for writing this essential topic on Coca in addressing the altitude sickness of the new comers in high mountain area. I faced Similar situation in Georgia(ex Russia) as an UN Military Observer & was evacuated to the plain

Dr. Lt. Col.Md Azizur Rahman (Retd)

From:  Sleep Apnea – Homeopathic Treatment and Medicines – Dr. Amit Karkare

Yes, sometimes we can be stumped with a paucity of good symptoms, but if we have a good look, there may be just enough for a good prescription.
You had ‘a three-legged stool’, and just as Hering said, it was enough. Beautiful case – thanks for sharing!

Eva Pick, DipHom

From:  How I Came to Homeopathy – by John Board

How I Came to Homeopathy

Strong will power, strong faith on Homeopathy , surely miracles can happen. John Board has proved that not only institutional qualification can make an excellent homeopath. Practical exposure, dedication and devotion also can make an expert homeopath.

CS Venkatesh

Kudos to Dr.John Board for his real adventure in homeopathy. God bless you. Live long.


From:  Understanding the Concept of Allergy in Homoeopathy – Dr. Atul Rajgurav

Understanding the Concept of Allergy in Homoeopathy

Understanding the concept of allergy in homeopathy has been nicely correlated with the miasmatic theory.  Thanks for your good effort.

Dr. Lt.col.Md Azizur Rahman (Retd)

From:  Tips & Secrets by Alan V. Schmukler

Wonderful tips…little pearls of wisdom. Thank you Alan!


From: Two Cases of Cervical Cancer – Dr. Pranali Kamat

Thanks for presenting two cases of malignant disease. The followups of the cases prove that homeopathy is effective mode of treatment in some chronic and complicated cases. Had the medical investigation profiles of the cases been added it would be more scientific.

Md Azmal Hossain

From: Chronic Remedy Revealed In Acute Condition – Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

Chronic Remedy Revealed In Acute Condition

Thank you for sharing this interesting case Tsevtana. The process is described clearly and is a great description of how an acute episode can lead to the chronic remedy.

Susan Terry

From: A Case of Endometriosis and Secondary Infertility – Dr. Zaklina Dodig-Soklic

A Case Of Endometriosis and Secondary Infertility

It is rally a nice case. The homeopathic world must appreciate the case. Most of the doctors belong to the conventional medical field will also cherish the matter. Thanks for your en devour.

Md Azmal Hossain

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