Feedback February 2011

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Feedback February 2011

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I have a pleasant morning today to receive your most valuable New Year’s Gift in the form of your Newsletter for the month of Jan 2011.  It is the best possible gift I have got with many valuable articles of immense knowledge. Thanks a lot for the great services you are providing to all homoeopathy lovers and practitioners. God bless you.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


I find your monthly publication very interesting and useful. It’s a highlight when it hits my inbox and I look forward to the new articles each month. I did used to particularly enjoy the Quiz section by Elaine Lewis, until recently, when Elaine’s comments to and about the participants began to become more & more rude.

For example from the Nov quiz: (& reading back over the last few months there are many more examples) Mom, I thought you were never going to do another “completely different” quiz ever again! Remember what happened last time? Yes, Shana, it was a veritable Magnet for Lunatics! But, what else can we do? We lost all our cases when we had to wipe our hard drive clean!
Remember the virus that wouldn’t go away?

I note that Elaine has said this month, that only one person had responded to the last quiz & I would suggest that being insulted is going to be a contributing factor for the lack of participation. After reading the comment above I felt quite insulted even though Elaine made a comment about my last contribution seeming to be from a ‘normal’
person. I certainly haven’t felt that I want to risk being publicly ridiculed by participating since then.

The quizzes & examples therein are extremely useful and an excellent way of illustrating the practical use of remedies. It is a great shame to detract from Elaine’s obviously extensive knowledge and experience by
upsetting readers with snide comments. I presume the idea is to educate and feel that a less condescending tone to those that have made mistakes may inspire others to participate & gain value from her knowledge.

I hope you can find a positive way to express my thoughts to Elaine.

Helen Sebastian-Pace

Elaine responds:

Helen, I was just kidding!  I wasn’t really insulting or being rude to Eva in the above example you gave.  Eva had answered the questions in a funny/provocative way, so I responded in kind, feigning shock and horror.  But, no, I wasn’t insulting Eva, Eva and I are great friends; in fact, Eva, I’ve discovered, is my twin, separated at birth!  But wait, so is Maryam from Pakistan! Shocked Anyway, the point being, that it is safe for you to come back to the Quiz.  I will no longer pretend to insult–even Eva!  And I promise not to refer to you anymore as “normal”!  So, come back, we can’t afford to lose our gifted quiz participants!

Elaine Lewis


Dear Dr.Alan,

I hope you are fine and remember our chat on Homeo-nano-quantum phenomenon before. I have told you before that Homeo principles can well be explained through quantum mechanics of Nanotechnology in one of our chats, while I was doing my masters in Nanomedicine in India.

I am now doing my doctorate in Nanomedicines and Nanotoxicology as well. Though I am unable to stay with periodical chats with you due to my tight schedules here, I believe, you remember me and my dad working for the growth and development of homeopathy and homeopathy alone to do just service.

Now, coming to the point, as notified in the Hpathy website, certain Homeo drugs of certain specific potency [ say 200C], has already been detected by me and actually I am involved in it, though its not my area of research as of now.

But, Dr. Alan, I would like to share you some disgusting things regrading these issues. We, here in India are developing number of nanomedicines for cancer, tissue engineering and so on… well, Nano undoubtedly is working well too…
But the technology we adopt here is expensive… very very expensive…
and we are facing a lot and lot of toxicity issues even in proven medicines… its not just because of the allopathic drugs we use but the process of making nanomedicines itself sometimes involves highly toxic chemicals.
But we cannot avoid that for many reasons.
Now, coming to homeo, for the only reason, working mechanism of many homeopathic remedies is still unclear, and its still only highly philosophical, homeo has not yet reached all the world like allopathy. I agree with you here.
But the very pleasant thing is, homeo mediciines are very cheap now for the same reason and still its used by INTELLIGENT people.

Say, if I, you and some more nanomedicine scientists like me explore the mechanism of homeo drugs, and reproduce the mechanism, cost of an ArsenicumAlb-30 2 drams would go 2000 Indian rupees. Now we are buying it for just 20 Indian rupees!!!

Like allopathic pharmaceutical companies, that sell a drug for sinfully high prices now [ for the only reason, the mechanism of working is very clear] and earning millions of dollars, there is a potential danger many homeo companies will also start its root for business and just business if its proven to be a nanomedicine…

The entire dream of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, the whom I admire as “nobel of nobel laureates” will go waste… There will be NO service, and a poor can NEVER access homeo if its proven through Nanotechnology…
Atleast for these reasons, i think its not a good idea to bring homeo under the Nano umbrella.
I am first a human,social servicer and ONLY then a scientist…
Hope you are too.
Lets not welcome banners like IITB…NANO…Homeo…Vote cast etc… as it may welcome business in future for sure

Looking forward your open hearted reply.

With best regards,
Giridharan L M

Greetings Giridharan,

It’s good to hear from you again and I’m glad you’re studying nano-toxicology also. The nano field has some definite downsides, as products were rushed into production without safety considerations. It’s important for someone knowledgeable to inform the public.1

Homeopathy has reached all over the world, from Europe and South American to Cuba, Africa and the farthest reaches of Nepal. It’s true that it lacks acceptance by allopaths, but the mystery of its action is not the main reason. Allopaths have no problem accepting hundreds of drugs whose action is unknown. Allopaths are largely informed by the pharmaceutical industry which only promotes medicines that bring it wealth. The influence of Pharma starts in medical school and continues throughout a doctor’s career via continuing medical education courses. Public acceptance of allopathic drugs is created through constant advertising propaganda on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

If the exact mechanism of homeopathy were discovered tomorrow (in fact it may have been already) homeopathy would still not be accepted by the medical establishment.  The pharmaceutical industry controls perception of what is scientific and will not permit alternative views.

I understand your concern that the price of homeopathic remedies might leap by 100% if they were manufactured by nano technology. In this regard, I think you need not worry. The rules for making homeopathic remedies were established by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann 200 years ago and are enforced by various Pharmacopeias around the world. While the equipment used in manufacturing may vary somewhat, the rules remain the same. Even if nano particles proved to be the basis for homeopathy, the rules would still dictate that the remedies be made as before.  Aside from that, no one would buy remedies for such inflated prices!

Thank you for your passion, good luck in your studies, and please stay in touch.

Alan Schmukler

Chief Editor, Homeopathy for Everyone


I am still going through all of the wonderful information in the Dec newsletter, but I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying it so far.  The Robin Murphy interview is fascinating.  I appreciate the effort that was put into the conversation and your willingness to “print” it all.  I also love the homeopathy goes Hollywood articles.  As a student we played with movie remedies often, it was not only fun, it gave a face to one or two facets of the remedies.
Thank you for all of your hard work,
Carol Hamilton


Extremely useful contents ! Keep up the great job !

Best wishes,



Thank you for your publication.
I especially was drawn to the article on dog bites and vaccinated dogs for rabies as well as those treated with anti-rabies vaccine.

Keep up the good work.

Mary Ann Kirby


Dear Editor,
Your articles and information are very useful. Although I do have exhaustive knowledge of homeopathy, but for day to day health problems it is very useful. Since last two years we have not gone to allopath.
Dinesh Agarwal


I particularly loved the two interviews by Alan Schmukler.  Could I just say that I would have preferred to hear on podcast or see via video footage the interviews, not just laziness on my part I am a visual learner and these technologies help tremendously. I’m sure i’m not the only visual learner who may like this kind of thing.

Regards and keep up the good work, I love your newsletter.



Dear Team,

I always enjoy reading your newsletter and the information that you gather
from so many sources.  It is very informative and has helped me see different
angles to remedies and what they can do to help people get better.  I hope that
more and more people will start to read it.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes,
Kirsten Stolz
London, UK.


I really enjoyed Dr. Baileys report on Homeopathy for mental health. I have 3 special needs children ranging from age 8 to age 5 and all are receiving counseling. Two of them have been diagnosed with ADHD and one was on medication which I discontinued. Like most others I believe the whole body needs to be treated both inside and out and not just the symptoms as they vary from day to day. I have found out that a good diet and exercise and positive reinforcement for good behaviors has a much better outcome then using traditional Western medicine. Dr. Baileys lecture was excellent and I will utilize the information that he provided.
Have a great day.


I would like to see more articles about homeopathy and cancer, neurology, and cardiology.

Thank you


The article about Healing by Daniel Benhor

Yes I believe in Healing .I am a Healer too  and work daily with it .It is true it can helps lot of people with different kind of problems. When you are depressed use healing !!  I have been working with it for many many years and it always suprise me how good it is.  It is a miracle!! Gun/Sweden


Thanks for sending me regularly, the Hpathy magazine. Excellent efforts from yours side. All the contents of the magazine I found interesting & excellent,
I congratulate you for creating new ideas & concepts.
May God Bless You,.

Homeopathic Dr. Moin  A. Syed.



It is needless to state that the articles appearing in ezine continue to keep up the quality and utility etc generating interest in the subject or the system of medicine to the general public and informative and useful to those in the field.

Congrats and wishes for to you to keep up the standard for years!.

I have a humble suggestion to make for the cause of the system of medicine. Someone in the field should take initiative to start sincerely record the successes and failures of the cases treated and publish such data to assess the real utility of the system of homeopathy in health management.

A system of self imposed or association imposed quality audit seems to go a long way to popularise and make the system a credible choice as an acceptable system of health management.

All the best!




Thank you so much. I always find so many useful articles and information.
Adele Mcveigh.


The articles in January Issue are useful. Particularly the clinical cases  related to treatment of depression by Dr. J.Ullman are very enlightening and prove efficacy of homoeopathic treatment in such mental ailments. I wish an article on treating very high fever cases were  available in your esteemed journal! As is known, sometimes fever goes beyond 103 deg to 105 deg plus and lowering of temperature is of utmost importance.



Articles in Jan issue is ordinary.  discussion and information about day to day health problems, how homoeopathy can help to cure faster than allopathy . highlighting with case studies can motivate the readers more.  more & more confidence building about homoeopathy and its treatment is most important, especially scientific world is making anti-propaganda about homoeopathy. all of us should put efforts to prove how homoeopathy is very effective in curing any disease benignly.

Poojya guru – swamy Shivanandaji who was a great doctor turns great saint says –  there is no disease which can not be cured, it is only the man who can not be cured, because god has not created any disease , it has man who is the root cause of  diseases, so it is he , who should put efforts to get cured through nature.

however, more interesting more educative articles are very important to keep your magzine more alive.



Just I want to reply to your email message. I am from Mexico where we speak Spanish and I am going to try my best to handle this message in English, so sorry if I make some mistakes. The January issue of your e-magazine is the first one I have received and still I am reading it. So far, to my surprise, the interview to Dr. Dan Benor has been very interested to me and I am trying his technique and also the EFT. I have been using homeopathy medicine maybe from 6 years ago to nowadays with very good results. Some treatments from allopathic medicine just were getting nowhere, so I stopped using them and replaced them from homeopathy (colds, the flu, and hyper acid in the stomach; for my wife sciatica; and for one friend of mine a problem with gout, just to quote some ailments). Besides, homeopathic elements are much cheaper than allopathic drugs. Before, I used to go to a homeopathic Dr., but now I just check the book of “Homeopathic Materia Medica” from Dr. Leon Vannier, and the internet to get the best homeopathic element that is indicated to a specific problem. I am learning how to use these elements for me because I am the one who knows better how I am felling. At night before getting to sleep I review a specific part of the book. Checking the internet I found some homeopathic sites in Spanish and also the site in English. All of them are very useful but your site is a very complete and wonderful one.

Just I want to add that I am a semi retired industrial engineer, 59 years old. One of my brothers is a general allopathic doctor and my daughter is studying here in Mexico City the 4th year of general and homeopathic medicine. She needs to study a total of 5 years in the school and in some hospitals (general hospitals, no homeopathic ones). Later she needs to do one year of residence in a general hospital and one more year to service as a general doctor (no homeopathic) to cover, usually in a small town in rural Mexico, what is called social service. After that, she can go for an examination to get a diploma and a license to be a general and homeopathic doctor. Later she can apply, as all the recent general doctors, for a national examination to be admitted in a hospital to study one of the many allopathic specialties from 2 to as many as 5 more years (cardiology, gynecology, pediatrics, etc.), in that case may be she will say good bye to homeopathy. But at this moment she says that she wants to be a homeopathic doctor, who knows. I read Dr. Bhatia’s article “Homeopathy for Students”, a very good and inspired article, and I hope my daughter reads it too. By the way, what he says in his article is almost the same here in Mexico. Finally I will comment that I am thinking to take the online Homeopathy Course, I guess, directed by Dr. Bathia.

Thanks a lot and with my best regards to all of you. Enrique Barreto.


This Ezine is very excellent for us as Homeo practioners. We learn more from Tips and Dr Kaviraj and other aothors like Dr Robert etc. Thank Homeopathy $ Everyone.Dr Rahman


This issue *of Homeopathy for Everyone* about mental health has a tremendous
knowledge , the cases and reviews.

Thanks to all the contributors
Kuldip Randhawa


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this months articles,I especially like the little snip


Hello, dear editor! I want to congratulate you for the article “What would Sherlock do…..if he was a homeopath?”   by Joe Rozencwajg.  It was very interesting and maybe you will continue with parallels between Homeopathy and TCM. It is a field that many doctors want to learn about, I think.
And, of course, the Tips and Secrets were useful, as always.  With regards, Liliana Plaesu


Hi Manish!

Thanks very much for the January issue, and thanks for the note to offer feedback.

First, I’m very happy, of course, with the theme… and I want to thank you personally for giving the topic (Mental Health and Homeopathy) greater impetus and sway with an inspirational effort to develop this important area!!  Thank you, also, for another mention of the Homeopathy and Mental Health Care book, and for the line-up of contributors to that January issue consistent and expanding on the topics in the book.  I really appreciate your work on this… and I feel you value the work with an uncommon authenticity.

My favorite articles where those by Jane Cicchetti on the Archetypes, yours, and Dr. Schaltz’s …and I appreciated the ones on Depression and the one on the BioResonator.  My current pet interest is in line with Jane’s work.


Remember to check the comments feed regularly to see the feedback that gets posted as comments to specific articles:

You can also look at the end of individual articles to see the comments posted about them. Most comments posted on individual articles are not included here.

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