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Re: The Plant Doctor

This is a wonderful column and our entire family is a keen observer of your column. We use this for our roof garden. Keep it going!

RK Vajpeyi

Re: Dr. Amit Singh Pal’s exceptional case of joint pain

Dr. Amit ,

I am very thankful to you for sharing your knowledge in excellent manner and with details.

Best regards. God bess you

Mohammed Illyas

Dear Katja,

Thanks for this article of Process Sanchez Ortega, and giving some of the recognition he deserves. And also thanks for opening up for other mostly unknown but great Homeopaths of the world.


Re: Elaine’s “Tidbits”

Thank you Elaine, for your wonderful passion for human beings health and well-being. I appreciate the way you write about the ever expanding control the pharmaceutical companies are having on doctors and their patients globally.

Nandita Jackson

Dear Editor,

I am always impressed with the Tips and Secrets and lot of things become clear. And also, altogether innovative suggestions. A very good effort keep it up.

Doctor Cal Tolsom Lal

Dear Sir,

Dr.Yekkirala is a model for everybody. An engineer turned out to be a physician. His article on platinum is amazing. Can we expect some more from him in future?

S. Kalyanasundarem

(Re: Iman Navab article on over succussing remedies .)

Nice article…may explain why some clients do better with remedies dry, and others in water succussed.

Kim Kalina

Re: Homeopathy Crossword Puzzle

Thank you! I really enjoy these and as a student and am having fun looking everything up ;~)



As an environmental scientist that studies homeopathy in my spare time, I see the potential for plants but even more so applying the principles to environmental stressors and problems. I’m working on a Master’s of Science Degree in Environmental Practice and would somehow like to incorporate this idea into my studies. So the plant doctoring is very relevant to me. I haven’t read it yet but had to relay my appreciation and anticipation. 🙂


Jane A. MacIntosh

Re:  Dr. Santanu Maity on Calc Hypophos and Kali.iod in painful knee :

Excellent presentation. You are a true Homeopath and a true Master!

Thank you

Roberto Comacho

Re: Healing Patient with Chronic Pain

Respected Dr. Sadeghi,

Due to simple language every article of yours is practical knowledge. This all comes due to your deeper understanding. I am hopeful of reading cases with miasmatic prescription and articles on miasms.

R.M.  Awasarker

Re: String theory and Homeopathy

This one is a fantastic article!

Gitesh  Kalyankar

Dear Sir

Your Feb 2014 Newsletter is very informative on important subjects.

Best regards

Sincerely yours

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

Greetings Drs Moodie and Waris,

Please hang in there. I plan on writing back with my results as per getting an avocado tree to set fruit and how the drought plays out this summer. Since I last submitted my question we have received 12 inches of rain in a single “pineapple express” storm over a three day weekend. It does not end the drought but did come at a very good time to help recharge the top soils and help plants in imminent stress. I think that is one of the pitfalls of any agro-homeopathic outcome studies….variables keep changing! And of course, we are having a very mild winter which is conducive to blossom formation on the avocado, so if fruit gets set I will never know for sure if it was the remedies or the good weather or both.

Plus, the world needs agro-homeopathy now more than ever with climate change, bee colony collapse disorder, increasing insect populations, etc. etc. I plan on slogging along, it seems to be destiny of a sort, even if an uphill battle. I think we need to reach out to everyone in the agricultural community, even at the risk of co-option

Thank you very much for the February issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone.

Dr. Doina Pavlovschi



Thank you for the superior February issue.  Of particular interest were the articles on anxiety, depression, joint pain, arthritis, insomnia, and many others. I would be most grateful for the Miasmatic Materia medica of Syphilinum in some future issue.  I visited a naturopath/homeopath recently who hooked me up to a Biofeedback machine.  According to the computerized results, no specific conditions were found, however, it suggested the following remedies:  Thuja and Syphilinum.  I know Thuja is primarily for warts, which I’ve never had.   Thank you for this invaluable service.

Rosalba M.

Dear Editor,

To me this ezine serves as a very good source of information and helps me in updating my knowledge and experience. Hope it does the same to others as well.

N.P. Tiwari

Re: Obituary for Dr. Surya Pada Dey

Very sad to hear the news of the death of our revered Sir. I had the fortune of getting acquainted with his method of treatment, which was purely Hahnemannian. I still remember what he wrote on a booklet on Carcinosin that he gifted me,”Remain faithful to Hahnemannian homoeopathy” I pray to almighty for the departed soul of our ”acharya’.’

S. Mukherjee


Re: Dagmar Scholz Gout Case

Thank you, Dagmar!

Sheila Gray

Re: Patricia Hatherly – Cough in a breast fed toddler.

Very interesting case, thank you, Patricia!

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

Re: Mirjana Zivanov’s vertigo case

Congratulations Dr. Mirjana! This is an amazing neurological case! The life of this pour elderly lady has been truly changed by the constitutional remedy! Great long-term managed case! Keep it up!


Re: Dr Zumin Dehmeri’s case of UTI

Kudos for Dr.Zubin for his beautiful selection of this wonderful remedy.

S. Kalyanasundarem

Re: Maria Jevtic Psoraisis Case

Great article Maria and great case. Well done!

Cathy Hutton

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