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From: A Warning on FDA Hearings in the U.S.

Thank you very much, Alan, for your article regarding the FDA hearing. Was aware and had written my senators and congressman but your cartoon said it much better than I did so I sent that along to my legislators, too.

Georgianna McCool



From: Doing harm in homeopathy: seven good reasons why we should not experiment on animals –by Delny Britton

What this article is telling us is VERY important … experimenting on animals comes from a misunderstanding of what disease is and moves away from the reliance on human provings — which is the only reliable way to gather information. It is an ethical contradiction to think that we can somehow relieve our suffering by introducing the same suffering into animals.

Dr. Richard Pitcairn



From: A Commentary on the NHMRC Position on Homeopathy – Iman Navab

Thanks Iman. They NHMRC are an embarrassment to Australia.

Anne Sash



From: Tidbits 26–Women’s Problems and Homeopathy, Part-2- Elaine Lewis

Superb writing by Elaine, as usual for her. And I must specially mention about her realization of SEPIA. I will read it again and again. Thanks a lot!

Santimoy Mukherjee



From: Treating the Children of Bukavu for Scabies and Ringworm –Michelle Pickering.

A good mission in favour of our founder. Thanks Michelle

Dr. Mukesh


Thank you for your dedication and good work Michelle. Your service is a credit to our profession.

Alan V. Schmukler



From: A Case of Ulcerative Colitis – Shamin Sherwani

It is very important to consider “etiology” in this dramatic case. It worked very well but such factors are not often considered. Congratulations and thanks for letting us know it.

Antonio Morales



From: Crossword April 2015 – Alan V. Schmukler

I loved doing that crossword!




From: Cartoon – Cracking down on what? – Alan V. Schmukler

Brilliant! Well-put! Yes, they have some freakin’ nerve don’t they?

Elaine Lewis



From: Treating Alcoholism with Homeopathy – Judyth and Robert Ullman

Thank you Drs. Ullman for a wonderful example of how homeopathy, in the right hands, restores a life that would have been wasted.

Martin Earl



From: Why all the anger? – Dr. Jack Wolfson

A wonderfully refreshing response that put things in perspective. Kudo’s Dr. Wolfson.

Martin Earl



From: Adult Upper Respiratory Case – F. Joan Macdonald

Good solid professional work. Thank you Ms. Macdonald. It’s a pleasure to see a case worked out in a straightforward manner.

Martin Earl

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