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From Turkey: Dear Hpathy Team,

I am a traditional complementary medicine physician working in a clinic in a teaching hospital in the Ministry of Health in Turkey. I practice homeopathy in my clinic and I also provide training in official homeopathy courses run by the ministry of health.

I follow your internet web page very closely because it was very useful for me in the field of homeopathy. You provide very useful and up-to-date information. Thank you very much for you and all your team.  I also proudly recommend it to the homeopathy students, who have attended the training of great masters such as Prof Vithoulkas, Dr Sankaran and Dr Sholten, and have taught you as a follow-up homeopath. In my country, homeopathy is a new and very popular discipline. We make a lot of effort and effort in this regard. Your valuable shares are very important to us.  Thank you very much for all your eff.orts.
Dr. Ali Saz

From Editorial:  Homeopathy – When the World Needs it Most – Alan V Schmukler

It makes me weep and moan — all homeopaths want to do is help with the only effective tool there is, and all we get for it is accusations of bad faith, and suppression of the real facts. At least Cuba is an exception.
Richard Laing

Complex and corrupt minds will never appreciate simple and pure truths. May true wisdom dawn upon humanity.

From: The Novel 2019 Coronavirus – By Ronald Whitmont MD

Although I respect Dr. Whitmont’s homeopathic knowledge, he is wrong to suggest that the hypertension drug classes ACE inhibitors and ARB’s increase the risk of being infected with COVID-19. The issue is far from settled, and there is research being done that points to ARB’s actually helping with this virus.
John Wemmlinger

Clear, detailed, logical and informative article, much praise from this MD Homeopath. Thanks for being such a clear eyed leader in our field….
Michele Galante, MD

From:  Some Observations on the Possible Genus Remedy of COVID-19 – Richard H. Pitcairn, VMD

I am a nurse and the few cases I have seen often have the extreme bloodshot eyes. Nux V. seems to also fit this symptom.

In my experience of Covid 19 I have seen two remedies emerging,  Phosphorous and Bryonia both used in 200 potencies. However as the virus symptoms are changing constantly during the critical time other remedies have been used. One patient on the point of being taken to hospital repeated phosphorous every 15 min until normal breathing resumed. She was breathing normally in half an hour. She has made full recovery but I treated her daily over a 3 week period. She has been my most serious patient.
Shaun Wyldeck-Estrada

Ars, Camphora, Nux ….so many but nothing to be sure. but one thing is sure that after symptoms develops, which may be different in different individual & localities, homeopathic  remedies work wonderfully as in other viral diseases. People in government must add this therapy for corona patients.
Dr MP Tiwari

Why are we in a hurry to declare a remedy as genus epidemicus, without even knowing the head and tail of the disease. We are told be unprejudiced. Let’s first draw a route map to know what’s to be cured in a case and then see which remedy would cure it.
Dr S.K. Vashisht

From: Eczema and Suppression – by  Jenny Marks

A really well analyzed and managed case.  Thank you for sharing!
Alan V. Schmukler

From: Coronavirus Genus Epidemicus Analysis -Dr. Manish Agarwala

This disease PQRS is destroy lungs, a main rubric, and this is not considered in this article.
Dr. Sitaram Kewat

Arsenic covers destruction up to necrosis and gangrene. Please review my entire research including materia medica and toxicology references. more evidence in the final conclusive part of my research.
Dr. Manish Agarwala

Dear Dr. Manish,
Your article is  a well-researched one and deserves to be considered as a “Research on COVID.. It is in the letter and spirit of Hahnemann which stood vindicated today and ever.

Best Regards
Dr. S. L. Patil Mumbai

Dr Manish,
Thanks for your painstaking research on Covid19.  I do admit that Arsenic, Bryonia, and Gelsemium will be the primary remedies for uncomplicated Covid19 patients. For the complicated cases many other remedies will be needed. e.g. Phos, Lycopodium, Lachesis, Merc Sol etc. Nosodes are a very good immunity booster. So we can think of Tuberculinum, Carcinosin, influenzinum as preventive remedies. Thank you again.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee

Dear Dr. Manish, you answered almost all questions related to different GE.Thank you very much for giving very clear picture of COVID19 and Arsenic Album, that will remove all the confusion related GE.
Dr. Mhapolin

From:  TIDBITS 70: Coronavirus–natural cures? Part-2 – Elaine ewis

Clear, concise, relevant, passionate. What else can I say about Elaine’s columns except that they’re always right to the point, no frills and offer timely and important information. Thank you Elaine, once again!
Alan V. Schmukler

May I make a suggestion for the present mental state of many people. Just finished taking Tungsten 200C. Jan Scholten lists: challenge, inescapable, helplessness, hide, cover, secretive, responsibility, courage. “Prove your power.” The only physical I know is numbness. It may have other gold series like swollen glands.
Eileen Klinck

Great article, thank you Elaine!

Great stuff as usual! From the article: Here writes homeopath Frank Wieland, MD, practicing during the pandemic in Chicago: “In a plant of 8,000 workers we had only one death. The patients were not drugged to death. Gelsemium was practically the only remedy used. We used no aspirin and no vaccines.”

This is stunning, statistically speaking! I have yet to hear anything comparably impressive in the many approaches being employed against the covid-19 virus.  I’ve had occasion to use a single dose of Ferr-phos 200c three times in the past month for one family member or another, when some small symptom popped up that felt like a precursor to a viral infection. I tend to use it with success when I get that vague “feel like I’m coming down with something” or “not feeling 100%” feeling.  p.s. the cut up lemon + honey in hot water sounds delicious and a potent vitamin C drink!

Thanks for the article, Elaine- down to earth and practical as ever. A small point: a few years ago when I first came across Oscillococcinum, I wasn’t particularly happy paying a high price for a proprietary product. I discovered that the remedy, Anas barb is the generic remedy. Although I shouldn’t be, I’m still horrified at the Wikipedia article about Oscillococcinum. Just a very small example of the slander we face.

Kevin Morris

Elaine Lewis

I know what you mean, Kevin! And, did you know Americans For Homeopathy Choice is fighting back against the FDA which is trying to destroy homeopathy again? Click here and register your protest with the FDA, even non-residents can do so:

Me siento feliz de tener a Elaine Louis de parte nuestra. Elaine es una Maestra Homeopatha por excelencia.
Roberto Camacho

Great article, with nice insights Elaine! The government is a lot against homeopathy in my country. I hope this will change some day.
Greetings from Greece.

Segkou M. Homeopathic Bsc Hons

From: Cartoon – Biblical Times! – Alan V. Schmukler

Were you thinking of the 10 plagues when you drew this? We added an eleventh one this year and so did many people!!
Rochelle Marsden

Dear Dr Bhatia and Hpathy team,

After reading Dr Manish Agarwala’s excellent and thorough analysis of the Genus Epidemicus for COVID19 I am prompted to offer the following snippet, which whilst supporting the conclusions that Ars Alb is the most likely Genus Epidemicus, also provides extra insight from a veterinary perspective.

This virus is considered to have arisen in an animal environment. There is a misinterpretation of the term ‘wet’.  In my understanding, ‘wet’ markets in China are not ones that have excess water or rain but blood.

It is a military term that has been appropriated to sanitise the horror and distress of keeping meat fresh by offering animals for sale in various states of extreme distress, often having had other useful body parts like hooves, fins and fur cut off before death.

I propose that whilst Dr Agarwala’s analysis is thorough and far more useful to you all than what I can offer, it also inadvertently covers the main mental rubric, which he underplays a lot, which is FEAR.

There are also themes of pain, torture, distress, grief, or even horror and shock in the environmental considerations.  Other themes arise from the absolute powerlessness and abuse of these creatures or the witnessing of violence and bloodletting.

In addition. and in support of my own observations, one of the main directives coming out of this pandemic has been to curb the feeling of fear or panic that may arise and this is an essential consideration.

Naturopaths and herbalists in Australia and elsewhere have focused on addressing fear and the feeling of isolation and lack of information.

These are disabling and immune suppressing emotions. Children are far less represented in this pandemic presumably also because they have little to no fear or knowledge of death.

Furthermore, pneumonia itself is a condition involving the seat of grief, the lungs and few things are more terrifying than not being able to breathe.

The concept of not being able to get things “off your chest” Speaking up, speaking out. Suppression and oppression albeit arising here in animals but clearly applicable to how we ourselves may come to feel in the face of a respiratory pandemic or inhumane acts of cruelty.

If I were faced with a diagnosis or symptoms of COVID19 I would probably reach for Ars Alb200 myself.  It is noteworthy that the majority of patients considered to be at risk in this country are the elderly who very often succumb to pneumonia regardless of COVID19 but who are also entering frequently into Arsenicum states.

With a bit more time and effort on my part, regarding the Genus Epidemicus of COVID19, I may find or consider themes of violence, fear and power coming through that could apply to other pneumonia remedies like the Ferrums, Lachesis and the Kalis, but as a veterinarian I am extremely unlikely to ever need to put these ideas into action.

Thank you for your excellent newsletter

I am proud and strengthened by our global community of homeopaths.
Dr Saranyu Pearson  Veterinarian Vet MFHom

It is for the first time that govt of Delhi, India has authorised Nehru Homeopathic College And Hospital, to take treatment. of patients suffering from covid19. This gives opportunity to homeopaths to see and study the actual progress of symptoms of this awful virus during treatment. It is hoped to find the genus for this virus for benefit of humanity.
C. S. Gupta

From:  Quadriplegia in a Man of 75  – Dr. Prachi Shah

Thank you for your article, very helpful!

From:  Revisiting: Kelly’s Mother’s Flu  – Elaine Lewis

Thank you, Elaine, for teaching us about Gelsemium. I always learn so much from your interesting, helpful articles here in the Hpathy ezine. And, as always, I so appreciate your humor!
Linda S

From: Cartoon – Change the Channel!  – Alan V. Schmukler

Hahahahah !! Good one ….representing the present condition.
Vamsi Sudha

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