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Letters to the editor. Readers comment on the April 2021 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone.

From: In Conversation with Dr. Rajesh Shah – Developer of a COVID-19 Nosode

What a brilliant insight into COVID nosode. I wish all the best to Dr Shah sir for his work and hope that the nosode will be available soon for everyone.
Dr. Abhishek Choudhary

A new revolution is again taking place. Government should consider homoeopathic medicine as the best choice for all difficult situations. Thank you Dr. Shah for a great Work. Now I hope the covid nosode is available for us. Thanks for such a gift for us.
Dr Sneha M Wagh – Aurangabad

Thank you for this interview. Looking forward to hearing responses from all the homeopathic bodies mentioned. Are we going to get behind this scientific research fellow homeopaths? If not, why not?
Helen Tye Talkin PhD RSHom

From: Dr. César Alberto Caballero González interviewed by Katja Schuett

Thank you for this excellent interview Katja.   Dr. Caballero Gonzalez has such a broad perspective on holistic healing.  Would that we had more doctors that skilled and dedicated.
Alan V. Schmukler

Fantastic interview! Thank you Katja, thank you Dr Caballero González! It is so interesting to hear about both the past and the present practice of homeopathy in Cuba. When I was teaching art history, I had a wonderful student who was from Cuba and had been in medical school there. It’s tragic that when Cuba became a colony of the USA they closed the homeopathic pharmacies and burned the books. No doubt they would have also done this in Mexico had they been able to take even more territory in the 19th century. Are Dr Caballero González’s books going to be translated into English?
Helen Tye Talkin PhD RSHom

From: Leukemia in a Woman of 55. Dr. Amit Jain

An excellent example of the power of homeopathy in very serious chronic ailments. Nice work.
Martin Earl

From:  Treating the 2020 viral flu – not going to use the C word here!  – Rix Pyke

Treating the 2020 viral flu – not going to use the C word here!

Love your sense of humor! Do tell me how and why you predicted that all acute cases would stop after Easter Holidays. Well mine did and I’ve got a theory but I’d like to hear yours.

I have found Anas Barbariae useful for Covid19.
Terry Mitchell

From: Tidbits 79: Covid Vaccines, part-2  – Elaine Lewis

Thank you, Elaine for this hard hitting, well documented article on the vaccines. This information is currently being censored in the major press and even on Facebook.
Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Epilepsy In A Man Of 17  – Dr. Rajesh Patel

Thank you for this very nicely managed case.  It shows what homeopathy can accomplish in the hands of a highly skilled practitioner.
Martin Earl

From:  A Case Of Tinea Faciei In A Woman Of 21  – Indra Gaurav Saxena

Tinea Faciei in a Woman of 21

Well explained. Thanks for sharing

Very awesome case with great explanation .
Thank you
Dr Lokesh Patidar

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  • Why do some homeopaths give the name of the remedy at the beginning of the case they are presenting in the “Clinical Cases” Section? Surely most readers would rather try and work out the remedy themselves from the information given?

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