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Feedback from April 2024

Letters from the readers and feedback from the April 2024 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

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Alan V. Schmukler
Editor in Chief – Homeopathy for Everyone

I hope everybody contributes!

Elaine Lewis

I have received so much excellent information from Hpathy and am so grateful that it exists. I would be happy to pay a subscription each year and with that thought in mind, I will make a yearly donation.

Mary Catherine Ptatschek

I have contributed to Hpathy and hope that you will stay afloat.  Good luck!!

Olga Dolder-Prozorovskaya

From: Editorial:  Don’t Mesh with Me!  – Alan V. Schmukler

Alan, a very informative, and yet horrifying editorial! Good job!

Elaine Lewis

From:  Homeopathic Success in Treating Sensory Processing Disorder – Usha Shah

If someone resonates with the milk of a Rhesus monkey, it makes me think he was vaccinated—and that the vaccine was made from the pus of a Rhesus monkey. Interesting article and thank you for sharing it.

Linda S.

From: A Simpleton’s Approach to Homeoprophylaxis  -by Joe Rozencwajg

Hello Joe.

There is a big difference between thirty+ years of research leading to a PhD and ‘a few dozen children and travelers.’ Could you please clarify your statement ‘Why start with 34C? For the simple reason that in New Zealand, we did not have access to potencies lower than 30C…’


Sarah Penrose  – New Zealand

Brilliant. I too have followed Dr Golden’s work from the beginning and while I have used his system for my children and patients, I have long felt we were too rigid in adhering to the flawed medical system of immunisation and that there must be a simpler way. Over the years I have altered how I follow these ideas with similar results (ie not one of my cases developed any of the illnesses) but it would be impossible, as your comments suggest, to gauge just who may or may not have developed the illnesses anyway. I do believe though, that a lower potency combined with a one-off dose of a very high potency is the way to go.

However, I did have the chance to prove homeoprophylaxis with more than one dis-ease, at the fore being TB. It has claimed the lives of a number of my own family in South Africa and my eldest child, covered with homeoprophylaxis, married her beautiful husband, both unaware he had advanced TB of the brain and bones until he collapsed on tour with his group (Soweto Gospel Choir). I of course sent treatment for him, to which he responded by walking out of the hospital having been given up for dead.

His pathology was clear even though months previously he was cachexic and aphagic, unable to walk or even use his arms. My daughter had been given Tuberculinum 1M twice in her life and once before flying back to South Africa. As my own mother had suffered with TB, I supposedly had no immunity to it according to medical tests; my grandmother and aunty both having passed from its effects, I did not play lightly with their lives.

She remains free of TB, as do we all. Unfortunately, despite his tests prior to his final panel doctor visit to obtain a visa, showing 100% lung, bone and brain clarity, he was administered an unknown injection which proved fatal within hours. We have been unable to obtain those records, but even autopsy showed he did not have TB lesions.

Other instances include my children being exposed to others displaying various so-called contagions, without experiencing any follow up health issues themselves. I have had numerous patients use homeoprophylaxis to travel, most recently to India, where all of my younger daughter’s travel buddies obtained every vaccination offered, yet due to my daughter’s obstinacy and vital health, all came back followers of homeopathy – it helped that they all visited integrative hospitals and saw homeopathy at work!

This same daughter wrote a paper on homeopathic treatment of TB which today medical scholars still claim is not effective yet there is a plethora of work out there proving it is. The university did not want to grade her paper as she was doing pre-med, so she went to the Dean to argue her case.

She received a high distinction and invitation to publish it. It was well written and I believe if embraced it could have changed the course of TB treatment in the west but sadly, when she took a break, the paper was taken down from the uni portal and she lost it forever (had not saved it). I am hoping she is able to find it as I believe it is important.

Thank you for reminding me there is always room to continue to grow and that what we are taught or believe, can be changed. I am all for simplicity!

Lulu Langford

From: Homeopathy in Australia – by Sarah Penrose

Good to have this “sorry saga” highlighted so clearly; so, thanks for doing this, Sarah!

Patricia Hatherly

I propose the governing body of homoeopathic committee should invite the homeopathic doctors to submit the cases of important nature with complete case history that is nature/disease name with patient name and his/her complete contact information along with case history along with medicine name, till complete recovery, as a proof that homeopathy also works like other medicines so that confidence should be developed to use the homoeopathic medicines as and when required.

Dr Iftikhar Ahmed

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