Feedback from Aug 2015

Feedback from Homeopathy for Everyone, August 2015

From: The Story of the Prague College of Classical Homeopathy – Petr Zacharias

Hi Petroleum Your diligence and commitment to homeopathy is reflected immensely in your posted cured cases. There is a lot to learn from your differential disagnosis of the remedies. Keep it up.

Ram Saini

From: Case Report – Rattlesnake Bite! Homeopathy Cured Two Foals – Will Falconer DVM

Great cases! Veterinary homeopathy truly extends the boundaries of this wonderful medicine, because vets are allowed to treat cases that human practitioners wouldn’t dare touch. Thank you for sending these!

Wendy Jensen DVM

From: Cartoon – “The Skeptics”

Good one Alan! Here’s another thing they say in response to “Homeopathy works on babies and animals”: “They’re responding to the CARE, not the remedy!” which is so stupid because the “care” is never-ending!

Elaine Lewis

From: Suppression – Unsuppression – Retracing – Dr. Cyrus Thomas

Wonderfully written about the healing mystery of homeopathy.

Salma Afroz


From: Adrenal Fatigue – Dr. Danny Thomas

An excellent and timely discussion. Adrenal fatigue seems quite common but is not acknowledged by allopaths unless it progresses to Addison’s disease.

Martin Earl

From: The history of Johann Martin Honigberger – Dr. Ileana Rindasu

This was a lovely story and I was moved by it. Dr. Ileana Rindasu traces the history of Johann Martin Honigberger and places a memorial plaque on the grave of the man who brought homeopathy to India.

Alan V. Schmukler


From: Tidbits 30 What’s Wrong with Wheat? – Elaine Lewis

Your article on wheat allergy is very nice. I would like to know if VIT- C can cure all type of food and fruit allergy.

Dr. CS Gupta



From : Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

The Tips & Secrets column covers so many different areas, from homeopathy tips and medical news items to the politics of medicine. Great stuff!




From: A Letter to the Allopathic Doctors of Dayton, Ohio

A very funny and uplifting article. Dr. Henry Wigand really socks it to the allopaths for their closed mindedness. That was back in the 1850’s, and it seems nothing has changed! He makes excellent arguments which are just as relevant today.

Martin Earl


From: A Ustilago Case – Dr. Gabriel Blass

An very nice case with astute comparative analysis of the remedies leading to the simillimum. It’s a lesson in how all cases should be handled.



From: A case of Calcified Bursitis – Dr. Tejas Shah

Very nicely taken case, well presented and a crystal clear explanation. I am also closely associated with The Other Song and have been practicing the Synergy approach. Almost all cases that have shown marked results are when the Synergy is seen in the cases. Keep up the good work Dr.Tejas




From: A Case of Poisonous Paranois – Vatsala Sperling

Giving only three doses to a patient, Dr. Vatsala has cured the patient. Your article with this Lachesis is really wonderful and praiseworthy.




From: Book Review of : The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 9th edition- by Ashok RajGuru

A rich and nicely textured review. The art of review is very much alive in the hands of Ashok RajGuru

Alan V. Schmukler


A well written review, familiarizing the readers with the significance of another reference tool. Thank you!




From: I want to be one of them. – Dr. Prabal Howal

It’s a beautiful case Dr Prabal and a nice explanation of the Liliflorae Family. I’m eager to see all your cases in the future. Thank you for sharing this.

Dr. Rupalimane


From: Diabetes with Albuminaria – Dr. Anaswara Dev

Excellent case study Dr.! A true story which highlights the ideology of homoeopathy, ‘treating the patient not the disease’. A good mix of yoga and counseling to strengthen one’s inner self, and finally a healing touch with simillimum!

P.M. Nambiar


From: Book Review of “The Matrix Method with Tetractys Model” by Drs. Mirjana Zivanov, Stojan Primovic and Andreas Kelemen -by Professor Vladimir Holodkov.

The book by Dr Mirjana is very interesting and useful. It gives us a chance to find the simillimum quickly and easily.


This is an amazing new theory, connecting the classical homeopathic principles with contemporary scientific research. Congratulations to Dr Mirjana for opening a new direction in development of homeopathy.



From: Dr. Joe Rozencwajg’s review of David Little’s 6 volume Homoeopathic Compendium.

Nice Review Hpathy – It seems that David Little’s Homoeopathic Compendium covers all homoeopathic related topics.


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