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Readers comment on the August issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From: Interview with Dr. Bill Gray

Excellent interview with Dr Bill Gray. It left me just curious if he could have attended any seminars of Dr Prafull Vijayakar of Predictive Homeopathy. Years ago when I met Dr. Whitmont, and asked him, he explained  how he uses a electrical circuit in a small wooden box to devise the simillimum of patients whom he never met and lived in far off places. He ended up saying that however sophisticated may be the device you use, ultimately it is just a crux to help your intuition and the device itself contributes nothing in the process.

V T Yekkirala

From:  Questions Patients Ask – by Elaine Lewis

Thank you so much, Elaine, for writing this article on how allopathic medicine is such a racket. I couldn’t agree more and avoid it as much as I possibly can. Over the years, I’ve found that what does work is homeopathy as well as Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Bach’s Flower Essences and simply eating more raw, organic vegetables and fruits.

Linda S.

From:  Tips & Secrets by Alan V. Schmukler

Wonderful tips and most reliable, easily adoptable. Wonderful links to enhance our knowledge about what is going on in the world of homoeopathy scene.

Thanks a lot sir

Dr. Venkatesh

From: Homeoprophylaxis: The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Brenda Goldstein

If there were such a thing as homeopathic prophylaxis, where then is the principle of “like cures like which is the foundation of homeopathy? The examples you refer to, for example, Hahnemann and Belladonna, has nothing to do with prophylaxis. This is about being ahead of an outbreak.  It’s not that one can simply take a remedy and believe that they are now protected against a disease, the principle of “like cures like” still applies. Before the various symptoms have appeared, one cannot provide the correct homeopathic remedy.
All serious homeopaths should know this!

Flemming Mathisen

Alan Schmukler replies:

What is called homeoprophylaxis has been shown to save lives and prevent much suffering. The argument is really about what to call it, which has to do with how it works. Some have argued that it creates a proving, thus stimulating an immune response. Isaac Golden developed a protocol for using it that was as effective as vaccination, but without the dangerous side effects. We can debate academically what it should be called, but we are past debating whether it works.

Dr. Santanu Maity adds:

HP is what world needs most today. But common people are not aware or not confident about it. Mass awareness programs are the only options to make people understand the fact and the science behind it. People want a clear explanation.

From:  Lac Caninum – Rajan Sankaran

The paper offers some interesting and useful insights. However, when the author attributes human thoughts to dogs, such as , ” ………but the dog knows that no matter how much it tries to please, it will never be equal to the human ” he stretches his imagination too far, or so I think. Barthel’s Synthetic Repertory has Lac-c under the rubric “Delusions – diminished – all is’. (Under this sub-rubric there are five other remedies and there is no emphasis on Lac-c, expressed as bold lettering or italicization. ) Now, sensing ‘all’ as diminished is a far cry from ‘one/he’ is diminished. The latter can be connected to a delusion of inferiority , but certainly not the former. So this particular delusion looks like an inexplicable delusion and not a sign of inferiority transferred from dog’s milk to man. Generation of creative hypotheses is a must if homeopathy is to grow, but such hypotheses must go hand in hand with supporting evidence and rigorous questioning.

Ravindra Joshi


Dear Sir,

Your presentation is excellent. I’ve heard your lectures and reads your books. I wish to send my daughter and son to you to learn homeopathy . Your writing is highly appreciated

Dr. Jashim Uddin M.D

From:  Cartoon – by Alan V. Schmukler

drink with Pharma

Well, that about sums it up!!!!

Elaine Lewis

From:  A Case of Brain Abscess – by Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar

This seemingly hopeless case is amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Marilyn Freedman


A great talent, presence of mind and a high end analytical experience. A general homeopath with simple knowledge never treats such a case. My heart beats for such a prescription. A great example of the Homeopathy system. Thanks for sharing Dr. Sarkar and for Hpathy in bringing it to us.

Nittur Guruprsad

From:  A Girl of 13 with a Sore Throat – by Diderik Finne  (Echinacea)

Nice case – thanks! Funny thing is, I was just wondering about using Echinacea in alternation with a Staph/Strep Combo, as I don’t like to keep giving it for too long. So this is just what was needed – confirmation, and a great wee bit of info on just how it works on the little beasties.

Much appreciated!

Eva Pick, DipHom


From:     The Treatment of Complex Trauma And the Long-term Impact of Parental Suicide   – by Judith Acosta

That was such a well explained case, your insights into the therapeutic process are very helpful. Seeing how LM ‘s work in the real world is really beneficial for a newbie homeopath as myself. Thank you for sharing this great case.

Donelle Talintyre


I liked reading your case. It is wonderfully explained and I agree with you regarding the LM potencies. I have the same opinion. Thank you for your sharing.

Ana Isabel Nato

From: New Campaign to Ban Pet Homeopathy in the UK – Brandon Turbeville

Thanks for sharing that Brandon.  Pharma knows that curing animals demonstrates that homeopathy is not placebo, so they want to stop animals from being cured with homeopathy. Marching in lock step are the Pharma surrogates and the just plain ignorant.

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Donald Trump’s Homeopathic Remedy  – by Jerr Kantor

Wrong remedy, you’ve successfully attributed hyped media propaganda to an imaginary persona. And you even embellished and falsified his character traits.
I read your all your references and quite bluntly Jerry I think you just took a cheap shot at a public figure and worse still you tried to hind behind homeopathy to do it.



Very interesting choice in Fluoric acid, you make a strong case for it. I didn’t know Trump had a fear of shaking hands! Incredibly, I have also written an article on what Donald Trump’s remedy could possibly be, perhaps people can compare and contrast:

Elaine Lewis


Hey everyone, lighten up, and don’t take this so seriously. It’s about having some fun, and speculating on his “presentation” in the media, as all of his antics are “trumped up” so to speak. It’s all hype for the big one.


From:  (The case of) Billy Robertson – by Renita Herrmann

Great case!

Marilyn Freedman

From: Exploring Rubrics and Keynotes in Clinical Practice – Dr. Pankil Dhruv

Good insight and an open mind is demonstrated by Dr. Dhruv to arrive at the lesser known remedies. Kudos to him as he has done a good job in case analysis as well as looking into what the general world has as features from nature of the  substance/creature, that he eventually uses as the remedy.


Philip Joseph

From:  To Paint the Lily – by Ann Sorrell (comments on vaccination)

Hi Ann.  This is a great article, thank you!

Carol Butterfield

Wow, what an eye opener. Thank you.


From:  Belladonna – Not Just an Acute Remedy – by Dr. Bhanu Sharma

Very good artical on Belladonna by Dr.Bhanu Sharma.The way in which you describe Belladonna is fantastic.Request you to post more important remedies.

Sanjay Khardikar

and ….

Yes it’s right what you said. But for the last few years of my experience I found Belladonna a very useful remedy but always as an acute remedy. Belladonna acts promptly. It starts its response within 2 to 3 hours. But it affects the physic superficially. To completely uproot the disease, complementary medicines like Calc carb, Mercurious sol and Sulphur are always needed.

Dr. Santanu Maity

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