Feedback from Dec 2014 Issue


Letters to the Editor – Feedback from the December 2014 issue

From: Interview with Dr. Medha Durge – (her trip to Liberia)

Hello Dr Durge, thank you for sharing your experiences. Speaking for several homeopaths I know, it wasn’t, and isn’t, the lack of desire to help in this Ebola situation but the inability to gain access to those affected. It seems the doors to Ebola treatments have been closed. Even when remedies have been delivered into affected countries, they have not been distributed to those in need.

Fran Sheffield

From: A Review of Outbreaks of Necrotising Fasciitis and indications for Homoeopathic Medicines – by Jacqueline Smith

Brilliant article, Jacqueline. So well researched and beautifully classical.


From:  Towards an Integration of Miasm with Epigenetics – Mo Morrish

Hello Mo Morrish – I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed your refreshing article. I find the miasma fascinating and very pertinent to the way we practice as homeopaths in the 21st century, particularly now that the emergent field of epigenetics has brought their profile more to the forefront.

Sue Smith

Dear Mo, congratulations on this article, which brings the issue of our much loved but somewhat dated language of homeopathy into consciousness in a 21st century environment.

Andrea Szekely

I am so glad to see this article addressing miasma in the same breathe as epigenetics.

Tanya Marquette

I am always interested in the theory of miasmic influences on imbalances. Thanks

Gina Tyler

From: Tidbits – by Elaine Lewis

I love it! You shoot straight from the hip and get right to the point. These are the facts everyone should know

Alan V. Schmukler

From: The Plant Doctors – with Radko Tichavsky & Mark Moodie

Thank you Plant Doctors! Thank you for shairing this special knowledge. This is a wonderful column and a one of its kind. I hope one day agro homeopathy will replace chemical agriculture before the planet is ruined by pesticides and herbicides.

Martin Earl

I am absolutely enjoying reading various articles on homeopathic wisdom and all the factual cases narrated by different experts. Hpathy is a great platform equally for established practitioners as well as for a novice in homeopathy.

Best regards,

Kuldeep Gadhvi – Surat, India

From:  General Patterning and Homeopathic Facial Analysis – by Louise Barton

This is an important article and should be read especially by recent homeopaths who often think they can solve all cases with mentals.  There is a tendency to flights of fancy and projection while prescribing. Not everyone who likes butterflies needs butterfly 200c!  HFA is based on empirical learning, which is what homeopathy was supposed to be about.

Alan V. Schmukler

Happy new year to you, Dr. B and all who give us the gift of Hpathy every month. I live in Miami and I see the huge cruise ships sail every day for some exotic destination with large numbers of tourists. Each one has boarded with his own idea of a vacation and will come back re rejuvenated. For me my cruise which rejuvenates me is “boarding” the Hpathy cruise liner every month. It takes me through an adventurous journey in the land of Homeopathy with its myriad “islands” in the form of articles, on various topics, cases, interviews , cartoons, crossword, and researches.  It is a continuous travel through time each month.

December 2014 was no different. I enjoyed reading especially the article on the History of homeopathy in Cuba which has done a lot of work on finding new medicines for epidemics. The recent warming of relations between USA and Cuba may augur well for Homeopathy. That article on Miasms was extremely fascinating, though controversial, but it holds some water. May be someday science will embrace homeopathy as it does the conventional medicine.

best wishes

Dr Wequar -Miami Florida.

From: Homeopathy Crossword

Hpathy is a feast!  I enjoy your homeopathy crosswords puzzles every month, and learn a lot from them too.

Martin Earl

From: A Case of Allergic Rhinitis – by Dr. Atul Patwardhan

Fantastic case, thank you

Anne Sash

Everything seems so simple and beautiful and unattainable. Thank you


From:     A Brief History of Homeopathy in Cuba –by Dr. Myrna Quintero

Thank you Dr. Quintero for this brief history of homeopathy in Cuba. Homeopaths in the U.S. hunger for knowledge about our brother and sister homeopaths in Cuba. We would like to hear more about how you practice and the cases you work through.

Martin Earl

From: Case of Ms. LS age 12 years. – Dr. Riddhi Joshi Jain

Dear Dr. Riddhi

Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful case. I’m working on mammal remedies You mentioned a proving of hyena which I don’t find elsewhere. Can you provide me the proving. It will be great help for me.

Dr. G. Kalathia

From:  A Shot of Deceit: CBC Marketplace, Homeopathy, and Vaccination by Beth Landau-Halpern

The press should be investigating all the deaths from vaccines and prescription drugs. Homeopathy is so successful that it is seen as a financial threat to Pharma and Allopathy. Thank you for sharinging your experience!

Martin Earl

From:  An Unjustified Prescription Justified – by Ingefleur Spreij

An excellent case management illustrating the classical homeopathic approach – the author’s literary style has added flavor to case presentation( a rare gift for medical profession).

Ranbir Sidhu

From: “I Felt My Balance Slipping Away” A Case of Phosphorus by  Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

Thank you so much for sharing this case!


From: Retching, Vomiting and Emotional Issues-  by Ellen Kire

This is a nice case, very well done. It demonstrates a firm grasp of HFA

Alan V. Schmukler

From : A Case of Chromosomal Translocation Causing Repeated Abortion – by Dr. Arup Bhattacharya

An excellent case, so well tracked and well managed.  It demonstrates the highest level of skill.

Martin Earl

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