Feedback from December 2015

Readers comment on the Dec 2015 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

From: Homeopathy Crosswords Puzzles – by Alan V. Schmukler

I never enjoyed crossword puzzles before, but how could I not enjoy these homeopathy crossword puzzles? I’m learning a lot!

Martin Earl

From: Tidbits – by Elaine Lewis

An eminently practical, down to earth, easy to understand explanation of some important basics.

Alan V. Schmukler

From: My Experience with Vaccinations by Lucy De Pieri

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Elaine Lewis

From: A Case of Rickets by Shyamji Rai

Great Achievement!

Dr. Robin

From: Unleashing Love by Dr. Ronit Aboutboul.

So good, Dr.Ronit, that they both found you! It’s interesting to see the human-animal interaction and how unresolved conflicts affect them both. Nicely written and well treated!

Katja Schuett

From: Spreading Homeopathy – Animal Volunteering Project with Save a Gato

Thank you all for the fantastic job you do and the interesting article !

Katja Schuett

From: A Cuprum Aceticum Case by Maja Letic

A wonderful case and a fascinating personal story. You handled the case and the personal situation very well.


From: Dec 2015 Cartoon “The Sucklings” by Alan V. Schmukler

Another excellent cartoon. That’s exactly the dynamic nowadays.

Martin Earl

From: Cannabis and Traumatic Brain Injury by Heather Welch -Smith

A wonderful case with good results. Thanks for sharing it Heather!


From: A Chronic Case of Aconitum Napellus by Carmel Karty

Thank you for this excellent case Ms. Karty. You found your way through all its complexities.

Martin Earl

From: Homeopathic Research Update by Robert Medhurst

Thank you for this column! It gives me ammunition every time I respond to critics online.


From: Ask the Holistic Vet by Dr. Deva Khalsa

I’ve been reading this column for months. It’s an absolute gift! Thank you.


From: Spreading Veterinary Homeopathy – Save a Gato by Dr. Ronit Aboutboul

Dr. Aboutboul, you’re an angel with a heart of gold. Thank you for that wonderful work.


From: The Plant Doctor by Radko TIchavsky

I hope everyone recognizes how brilliant Radko Tichavksy is. The answers he gives could not come from anyone else. If farmers could learn these concepts we could feed the world without poisoning our crops.


A Case of Vomiting by Tricia Feijo

It is really amazing to see how Homeopathy acts so wonderfully in such acute cases.

Dr. Robin

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