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Feedback From December 2019


Readers comment on the December 2019 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. There are comments on Dr. Ravi Singh’s interview about hair transmission, reversal of multiple sclerosis, the treatment of epidemics by Jeremy Sherr and much more.

From: Urinary Retention in a Man of 85 – Swapna Honavar

Very good madam congrats for nice effort. I am also not a Dr. but doing  homeopathy since last 25 years with our NGO getting very good results in our rural areas with qualified homeopathy Dr.  Keep sharing regularly.
Anil Agarwal

Vatsala Sperling

Excellent, really very helpful. Homeopathy will be remembered in SOS situtaions.
D. Venkateswara Rao

From:  Dr. Ravi Singh is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler. (Dr. Singh discusses his use of hair transmission of remedies)

Thanks Alan for publishing the interview. Dr Ravi has a big following on Facebook and he is taking homeopathy to a new level of sophistication. I particularly liked Dr Ravi’s understanding of the footnote to Aph. 11.
Dr Ashok RajGuru

Thanks Alan and Ravi for discussion of such an off the track subject. The discussion is very interesting and gives a clear understanding of the subject to anyone. I personally agree with this method and feel that it is a good way to overcome the issue with posology of homeopathy. There are many things happening in nature and our body which today’s science is unable to describe with the available technology, so let’s try this one if it works.
Jayant Sumant

Fortunately, I was trained by Dr. Sanhi himself in his visit to Lugano Switzerland in 1990. My wife Lucia was visited by Sanhi and I attended as translator. After 3 hours I exclaimed, “What is this?” He said Classical Homeopathy, my friend! I want to learn this. He said: I will teach you. I’ve been practising With Sanhi’s méthod for these 30 years and I highly recommend this approach. If you are interested in knowing more get in touch: [email protected]
Guillermo Sanz

Hello Dr. Sahni,
re: “We check the transmission set regularly both manually and through our in-house ERP (software system).” Would you kindly expand what is ERP and if available for practitioners.  Has anyone experimented with imaging technology sensitive enough to visualize subtle energy between hair alone, hair with correct homeopathic medicine and hair with incorrect homeopathic medicine? It might make for interesting study.
Thank you.
Dr. Nick M.

Dr. Ravi Singh Replies:

ERP- Software system is a patient management system. Many such systems are available online like Practo, Lybrate, but we are using our own. Till date, I have never experimented with imaging technology. Symptomatic matching for remedy selection is used in our clinics.
Thank you so much, Dr. Singh and Alan Schmukler, for sharing this. Hair transmission is really a fascinating way to use homeopathy.
Linda Santini

From: Medicine of the TAO – Mo Morrish
I fully agree – let nature take its own path. The best way to help ourselves is to
get rid of unnatural thoughts, emotions and actions (including eating wrong food, at the wrong time and at the wrong place). Homeopathy helps the body’s immunity to its natural path by which the body is cured.
Vish Patel

From: Reversal of Multiple Sclerosis in a Woman of 53 – Domenic Stanghini

Well done!  This is very much like a case I had a few years ago of seemingly sudden onset M.S., with symptoms appearing after a prolonged stint in the dentist’s chair. My patient was totally paralyzed in the lower extremities, but after a few months she was walking again — and now walks and drives freely. I agree that you have to stick with the remedy so long as there is improvement in the patient’s energy. In my case it was Nux-vomica 200c, repeated weekly. The idea of adding Arnica to help with physiotherapy is intriguing.  One word of caution: M.S. patients have to be mindful of their energy stores: overdoing can lead to relapses.
Dale Moss

Bravo Dr! You explained well the steps in treating, as well as our common mistakes.
Dr. Beulah Thilagavathy

I cured 2 severe cases of MS over a 2 week period. Complete remission with Thuya 10m, one dose.
Dr. Charles Catanese

Why did you not give the psychological and general symptoms in the main body of the case? I would have liked to work out the case myself but you didn’t give these symptoms, e.g. cowardice, sensation of heat etc,. until the repertorisation.
Karina Kelly

From: On the Treatment of Epidemics – Jeremy Sherr

Every homeopath should do Jeremy’s course! It is absolutely fantastic… essential for understanding epidemics, and so much more.
Jan Clare

From: The Plant Doctor  – Radko Tichavsky

Hi Radko,
I find your work fascinating, is your book published/going to be published in English? I’m a Naturopath, homoeopath & am studying horticulture so would live to learn more about your work.
Dympna Gray

Radko Tichavsky Replies:

Hi Dympha,
Thank you for your kind appreciation, this year we published the Italian translation, and in 2020 we will be publish the Portuguese and English versions.
Saludos Radko

From: A Case of Tear Gas Poisoning (in Hong Kong)  – Arden Wong

Well presented case Arden. Easy to read with logical repertorizing and most importantly a good outcome for the lady. A great teaching case. Good work!
Sarah Penrose

From:   Folliculinum – Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad

Nicely woven article but the question is about proving of Folliculinum. There is too much of interpretation on your side from repertory, which is a quite dangerous method to study materia medica. Do you have any resources about proving of this remedy?
Dr. Dharmesh Bhadja

Thank you, Dr. Gaikwad, for this interesting and helpful article on Folliculinum. I have read and appreciated other articles by you, too, and am looking forward to reading your books.
Linda S

Nice case and description of folliculinum. Thanks Dr. Gaurang.
Vatsala Sperling

Congratulations Dr Manish. We enjoy reading your great Journal every month without break. Please carry it on.
With best wishes
Gobinder S Samrao – California

Hi Dr Manish Ji with Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year
Swami Nithyananda

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
Thank you for doing a great job with the magazine and your other contributions.
Enjoy the Holiday season and best wishes for a very joyous and prosperous New Year!
Take care,
Sulakshana Plumley  – Pittsburgh, USA

Your journals are very informative. Thanks for the efforts.
Dr. Shalini

Thanks Manish Sir
Dr. Nighat Arshad

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
Thank you for a superb homeopathic e-zine. Just what we need here in the UK!
Ken Green HD. ND.

From: Are you Suffering From Leaky Gut? – Allyson McQuinn

It would be nicer if this article was complemented with a leaky gut case. I appreciate the offered solutions but they are not as individualized as homeopathy. Also, how much of the cure is supposed to be on purely homeopathy, and how much of it is actually sleep, supplement, diet change etc.

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