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From: ADHD with Bipolar Disorder in a Man of 31 -Dr. Rajiv Peres

What a fine case!  Attention to detail and accurate analysis are demonstrated throughout. Thank you, Dr. Peres.

Martin Earl

From:  Editorial: The UK’s Relentless Campaign Against Homeopathy  – Alan V. Schmukler

Hello Dear Friends & Colleagues
I myself cured 11 people with safe gentle and curative homeopathic remedies during covid19 pandemic. So have our dear colleagues in more than 70 countries , including India, Iran, Italy, Spain, Swiss, Netherland, Germany , Brazil, Argentina, the USA, Canada and….  Why should the British government let its NHS ruin hope and happiness in the UK in such deadly covid19 pandemic ?!!  I suggest to make a petition to support English people against this cruel attack against Divine Homeopathy. In Brazil Nosode called “Croninum” has been made against covid19 costing only 3.8 USD.

Viva Homeopathy , Viva Humanity Viva the Earth and its people

All my best Wishes and Regards,
Dr. Sadeghi

May true wisdom dawn upon the people in power in the government of U.K. May they develop right thinking and correct understanding about Homoeopathy.


This is terrible. The UK used to be in the know about homeopathy, and haven’t I heard that the queen uses it? I certainly do – here in California – and I marvel daily at the TV ads for prescription drugs. Half the allotted time for the ad is taken up with possible side-effects, etc. Homeopathy has NONE! Doesn’t that tell us something?


Very sad for our fellow homoeopaths practicing Homoeopathy but also very brave on their part that they are shining the torch of truth and wisdom against the attacks of the untruth. May They have the courage to practice homoeopathy relentlessly and one day God willing, the truth will win.!!!

Dr Neha Kakkar

From:  Dr. Peter Gold interviewed by Gill Graham about the American Institute of Homeopathy’s Covid-19 data collection project.

What a worthwhile project, thank you for bringing it to everyone’s attention. I agree that it should have a more far reaching audience, hopefully soon. Will the project expand to consider “long covid” symptoms for those who didn’t find homeopathy when first diagnosed? A really interesting article, well done.

Gwynne Grayson

From:  COVID -19 Morbidity and Mortality Related to Medical Treatment – Dr. Ronald Whitmont

Thank you for this well documented article. This is an important perspective on the pandemic, especially in the U.S. Immune systems compromised by incessant allopathic drugging will not respond properly to this virus.  Adding novel and untested vaccines to the equation may create a perfect storm.

Martin Earl

From: QUIZ: Tidbits 77: How Much Do You Know? – Elaine Lewis

Dear Elaine,
The test of homeopathy is a very good drill for quick practitioners. Please refer to q. 20 and 21 for earache. Two other remedies namely plantago and mullien oil could be used.

Dr. C.S. Gupta

From: Phosphoricum Acidum in Treatment of COVID-19 Patients Part 2 – by Mirjana Zivanov

Wonderful. It’s a great achievement. Well done Dr Mirjana!

Fiaz Chaudhary

From: Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

Tips & Secrets – February 2021

“Tips and Secrets” is such an interesting column. Thank you for sharing these tips with us.

Linda S.

From: Smooth, Shiny and Iridescent: An Underused Remedy  – by Jonathan Stallick

Nicely done.  The use of the patient’s language as metaphor for a remedy, along with physical symptoms was a good balance to arrive at the simillimum.


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