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Re: Interview with Dr. Mary Grace Warner

Interview with Dr. Mary Grace Warner

Nice Interview Alan,
Certainly the mainstay of good integrative homeopathic cardiology is the constitutional remedy first… and other supportive remedies – allopathic or homeopathic second…Dr. Grace gives a very clear perception of where intervention helps and what helps in each individual case!

Leela D’Souza Francisco

I’m an old retired surgeon (78) and homeopath, now involved in treating unusual kids as a volunteer. This interview gave relief and great satisfaction to me, and was evidence proved that to use a method does not mean, necessarily flush the other. It supports, in addition, that enlightened professionals can reach the same conclusions by our different routes. We are not the best neither the only ones. After all, everyone has their own track or groove. Thank you Dr Mary Grace for his lucid and well grounded interview.

Dr. Edson F Sampaio

This issue is very interesting and full of information, especially the interview. I learned of a new remedy Promethium muriaticum. Wonderful remedy for heart complaints.

Dr Rita Chakraborty

Thank you for this wonderful article. It bolsters my faith in this healing art and science within this arena of cardiac health. I’ve had the pleasure of recently seeing these results in action in my practice. Recently a nurse in Texas who no longer suffers a congenital hole in her heart where she’s been dismissed by the Allopath now with 2 thumbs up. She is back to swimming several times a week. As an adult patient, we harnessed the growth forces in Gemmotherapy in conjunction with “sequential therapy” and the nosodes of the genetic miasms in order to address the tonic disease on her behalf. Also, here is a testimonial from a father of a child who was also cured of a congenital heart issue using the principles of homeopathy which also makes my heart so very glad:

Allyson McQuinn

From: The Tetractys of Simillimum by Dr. MIrjana Zivanov

The Tetractys of Simillimum

Very interesting concept based on the ancient Pythagorean symbol of Tetractys. Looking forward to introduction of the Matrix method of case taking. Sounds very interesting. Congratulations!


From – Homeopathy Crossword Puzzle by Alan V. Schmukler

Crossword February 2015

Slowly I am getting better at these!


From: No Cancer Risk from Power Lines, Says the New York Times – Big Score for Industry Scientists – by Louis Slesin

No Cancer Risk from Power Lines, Says the New York Times Big Score for Industry Scientists

We are all indebted to Dr. Louis Slesin who has worked tirelessly for 35 years to expose the dangers of EMF from power lines, radar and now cell phones, opposing the well financed propaganda of the electrical power companies and other vested interests. His journal Microwave news, is the authoritative source for the real facts on these matters.  Thank you Dr. Louis Slesin.

Alan V. Schmukler

Such a splendid informative article is only possible from a man like you. It is really new to me to know that there is a link between power lines and leukemia. I hope to hear from you again if anything comes new in this matter.

Santanu Maity

From – Ask the Plant Doctors –Mark Moodie, RadkoTichavsky, Pawan Snghania.

February 2015 Ask the Plant Doctor

Thank you for your considerable input into my Sago Palm disease. I will begin experimenting and attempt to find a remedy that produces positive results. As those results develop I will most certainly report back to you.  Mark, I have been using the search feature at and enjoy reading up on all of the return queries. Thanks for making this feature available to everyone! I am further intrigued with Radko’s ideas on constitutional remedies for plants.

Hugh Holborn

From – Recurrent Basal Cell Carcinoma and Marijuana Addiction by Miroslawa Witalis

Recurrent Basal Cell Carcinoma and Marijuana Addiction

Thank you Dr. Witalis.  This case took a deep understanding of homeopathy and extraordinary skill. It’s is a lesson to all.

Martin Earl

From: Ayurveda and Homoeopathy Conceptual Understanding and Co-Relations- Dr. Ajit Kulkarni.

Ayurveda and Homoeopathy Conceptual Understanding and Co-Relations

A fantastic comparison between homeopathy and Ayurveda. Thanks DR. Kulkarni.

Vatsala Sperling

From Tips & Secrets – by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips and Secrets Feb 2015

It really freshens our memory. These are very useful tips in our busy daily  practice. Thanks a lot!

Dr. Daljeet Kishore

From Tidbits by Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 24–Organo-Phobia (Fear of Reading The Organon!)

I love this column! Elaine writes in plain language and gets to the point. Everyone should read her Tidbits columns. Her messages in this column will keep students from committing basic errors and remind some practicing homeopaths when they’ve ventured off the track.

Alan V.  Schmukler

From: The ZEN method- An Approach to damages from HPV vaccine (cervical cancer – by Torako Yui

The ZEN method An Approach to damages from HPV vaccine (cervical cancer vaccine)

Even though there are some positive results using ZEN method of mixing different medicines and applying them simultaneously, the ZEN method remains ALLOPATHIC PROCEDURE and is purely experimental. I have been able to treat each of those cases successfully using Hahnemann’s method — the single remedy at the time.

Hans Weitbrecht

From: Ask the Holistic Vet Column

Ask the Holistic Vet – Dr. Deva Khalsa – February 2015

Dear Dr. Khalsa,

These brief consults are so important to either ease our minds or point us in the right direction. Your sharing of your esoteric knowledge and experience is truly a gift to us all.  Thank you.

Martin Earl

From – Homeopathy, Aids and its Miasmatic Identity by Richard Pitt

Homeopathy, Aids and its Miasmatic Identity

Excellent and most thorough! Yes, we’ve had good success by treating 8 genetic miasms under the Heilkunst system of medicine, having also made the primary connection between Syphilinum and HIV as diseases promoting tendencies to insidious self-destructive nature….

Allyson McQuinn

The Travelling Homoeopaths Collective by Marcus Christo

The Travelling Homoeopaths Collective

The Travelling Homoeopaths Collective is a marvelous grass roots program whose members not only treat people, but act as ambassadors of good will for homeopathy. It’s a wonderful way for people to be introduced to homeopathy. Kudos for Marcus Christo and everyone involved in the Collective.

Alan V. Schmukler

From  – Research into Homeopathy by Robert Medhurst

Further Research into Homeopathy – Part 26

Thanks for sharing the knowledge and research.

Dr Shaikh Shamsur Rahman.

From: The Difference Between Homeopathy & Nanotechnology by Christina Munns

I find that you have explained well the difference between nanotechnology and homeopathy. But Nanotechnology has been used by the Homeopaths to defend the argument that there is no molecule or trace of the original drug used to make the Homeopathic remedy.

Davinder Marjara

From Cartoons  –  Immunity for Vacccine Mfrs.  by A. Schmuker

The Difference Between Homeopathy & Nanotechnology

Right, immunity from law suits, that’s about it!

Elaine Lewis

From Cartoons – Australia Hides Vaccine Injury Data

Ha Ha Haaaaaa funny great cartoon!

Gina Tyler

From – A Case of Chronic Migraine  by Dr. Pankil Dhruv

A Case of Chronic Migraine

Very nice case, especially the approach of analysis of the dream and fitting with the case.

Dr. M.S.H. Lasker

From – Rochester’s Homeopathic Hospitals

Rochester’s Homeopathic Hospitals

Thank you Mr. Dickson for this wonderful trip through homeopathy’s history.  It’s well researched and written. It’s important for homeopaths to connect with that period when homeopathy in the U.S. was a larger part of the health care system.

Martin Earl

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