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Readers comment on“Why I Became a Homeopath” by Dr. Richard Moskowitz, “Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura” by Dr. VitanGosain, “Irregular Menses and Excessive Bleeding” by Vatsala Sperling, and more.

Dear team of Homeopathy for Everyone,

Thank you very much for being a wonderful companion for all homeopaths in the world.Happy anniversary!

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Dr. Ileana Rindasu


From:  How Some of the Old Masters Converted to Homeopathy -Katja Schütt

How Some Of The Old Masters Converted To Homeopathy

This is a wonderful collection of stories about the masters.  They are informative and deeply inspiring. Thank you Katja for bringing these to us!

Alan V. Schmukler


From: Why I Became a Homeopath – Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Why I Became a Homeopath

Loved reading your journey ??Thanks for sharing

Gina Tyler

This is wonderful Richard. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Very inspirational and a wonderful act of truth-telling! -Amy

Amy Lansky

The homoeopathic world has no shortage of gurus who offer solutions to the perplexed. On the other hand, Richard Moskowitz shows us that it’s okay sometimes to be perplexed and that faced with honesty and with compassion, such feelings can grow into real healing wisdom. Richard’s candid account is one of the finest I have come across in the modern homoeopathic literature.

Kevin Morris

That was a stunning article.

Madeleine Innocent


From: Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura – Dr. VitanGosain

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Very interesting, very good!

Elaine Lewis


Our son was diagnosed with ITP at 10yrs old. We believe brought on by vaccine damage that started at 14months. If not for homeopathy I do not know where he’d be today. He had zero platelets for months on end. He was refractory to all allopathic treatments. Via a journey of 58t carcinosin, ferrum, MMR clearing, and finally the AIDS nosode to heal his bone marrow (ITP is a disease of production as well as destruction) he has almost a normal platelet count. But the initial treatment with carcinosin took him from zero to 15,000 (enough to be out of immediate danger) within hours. At 19 now, he is healthy and has his life back. We are forever grateful!!!



From:  Irregular Menses and Excessive Bleeding – Vatsala Sperling – PDHom, CCH, RSHom(NA),

Irregular Menses and Excessive Bleeding

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful case! Wow I have learned a lot.

Elke Wisseborn



Cancer Is Not a Disease in Itself but the Outcome of Some Kind of Internal Disturbance – Dr. Suhail Sheikh

Cancer Is Not a Disease in Itself but the Outcome of Some Kind of Internal Disturbance

When I gained my terminal diagnosis in January 1999, I was offered four options, the last of which was ‘Do nothing. You might not live as long but your quality of life will be better.’ I was also told that I would be seriously ill, if not actually dead in six to nine months. Around nine months later I met my doctor in a discount store and he asked me, ‘What is your secret?’ Some years later I learned that he died of cancer. When after a scan, he had told me a ‘shadow’ had been found, I told him that although I would accept an operation, I would refuse chemotherapy or radiation treatment, his reply surprised me. ‘I would too’.

To me your interesting account lacks one specific observation on cancer that I find important. Since we know that the vital force will always make the best attempt at creating equilibrium, then the tumour represents evidence of just that. In my case many years of stress and unhappiness at work was followed by the end of a relationship. In the lead up to my cancer, severe headaches and rheumatoid arthritis meant that I was usually in pain, but the pain left me at the time I estimated my tumour began, which is interesting to say the least. On one important point though, I beg to differ with your account. Whilst you say that cancer is not a disease, my book’s title is borrowed from a comment by my homoeopath. She told me that people make such a big thing of cancer, but ‘it’s only a disease’. That simple fact should be liberating because as the great sixteenth century physician Paracelsus, stated, there is no disease horrible enough that God hasn’t provided the remedies to cure.

I met a GP who had used conventional treatment but also the daily practice of qigong in order to recover from her cancer. She told me she once went on a course for doctors in which they were asked to imagine a large old house room by room. The attic room was labelled ‘CANCER’ They were then asked to draw the contents of that room. Most drew monsters, but she drew a calm, peaceful room. I agreed with her, for the around three years up to the time I knew for certain I would recover was a wonderful time of self discovery thanks to the efforts of Ann Saunders, British homoeopath who had recovered herself from cancer, Dr TsewangTamdin, one of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s doctors and Dr Bisong Guo, Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and former Red Guard. Another strange piece of information I learned was that while all three of the practitioners who helped me could appreciate the efforts of each other, most practitioners of modern pharmaceutical medicine have little or no regard for other healing paradigms.

Really, that speaks volumes.

Kevin Morris


From: Questions Patients Ask: 16 – Elaine Lewis

Questions Patients Ask: 16

Very helpful Q and A, Elaine. Thank you!

Linda S.


From: Homeopathic Management of Pneumonia – NavinPawaskar,.M Vamsi Krishna Reddy, B Manasa

I learned a lot from this information rich article, which illustrated how one must use various means to reach the simillimum.  This is in-depth prescribing.

Martin Earl



Malignant Jaundice in a Boy Of  – Dr. Azizur Rahman

Malignant Jaundice in a Boy of 10 Years

It’s great to have such good and honest homeopaths who share their experiences so openly. Here this doctor has stated the importance of bringing Homeopathy to the masses.



From:  Abdominal Pain in a Boy of 13 – Dr. Hetal Vasa

Abdominal Pain in a Boy of 13

A good case. I enjoyed reading the process.

Ann Brabant -Registered homeopath  – New  Zealand


From: Causticum: A New Approach to an Old Truth – Karl Heinz Jansen and Dirk Thomas Quak

Causticum: A New Approach to an Old Truth

Congratulations to Karl Heinz Jansen and Dirk Thomas Quak for undertaking this complex task. If we want predictable results, we must know about the substances our remedies are made from. Causticum has always held a mystery.

Martin Earl


Very useful. I appreciate your sharing this info. It will be helpful for the community of practitioners.

Thanks again,

GS Samrao

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