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From: Tinkering: Computer Techs and Allopathic Doctors –Alan V. Schmukler

Alan, great editorial,  riveting. So true what you said and well-written! I went to and sent my letter to my representatives and donated to Homeopathy Choice. I hope everybody else will do the same!

Elaine Lewis

Wow Alan your editorial needs to be tweeted all over the World . It is brilliant!! The number of patients and people I know who have been damaged for life from a routine colonoscopy!!

Rochelle Marsden

Very good article, Dr. Alan. In any field, when possibility for a filthy commerce enters, medical ethics cannot sustain, and modern medicine is no exception to that. Most people are stuck with “technology advancements”, when what every patient actually needs is “stuff that works”. It has become a fashion nowadays and I know a few patients in India itself (I say India itself, because, India always supports Homoeopathy and is legalized long back, and many here follow homoeo) stating that “this multispeciality hospital”, “that senior doctor”, “these therapies, tests and facilities” in “fully air conditioned environment”, since they think its quite prestigious for their “financial status”. 🙂


Thank you Dr. Schumkler for your very insightful editorial. What you have written conforms exactly to my daily experience as a Homeopath, working with members of a spiritual community North of Kolkata, India. The sheer quantity of antibiotics prescribed for medical conditions that do not even require antibiotics amounts to malpractice…And this is just antibiotics. Parents who refuse to give them are told that they will be the cause of death for their children. One parent of a child with a scraped knee after a scooter accident was told exactly this. Being my patient she came to me for advice, I told her that for this serious problem my mother would have given me a lollipop. A few applications of Calendula cream and no problems! And now so often people run to hospital for every little ache, pain and sniffle. It is more or less an addiction…. Addiction kills many people slowly or quickly. I am not a USA citizen. If I was I would certainly write to my local representative as you have requested.

Joanne Alves

From: Prophylaxis Against Deficiency of the “Sun” Vitamin D – Dr.Joachim-F. Grätz

Prophylaxis Against Deficiency of the “Sun” Vitamin D

This article on “Vitamin” D is really a breath of fresh air. Doctors and other well-meaning people have been pushing Vitamin B tests and supplementation for so many years. When I went on “The Marshall Protocol,” I learned that Cell-Wall-Deficient (CWD) bacteria LOVE Vitamin D. (The Marshall Protocol Knowledge Base has more information.) The M.P. is based on science which says that if our 25-D blood test shows we’re low, it’s because the CWD bacteria have stolen it. (The description of CWD bacteria is awfully close to Dr. Hahnemann’s description of an inherited miasm.) The MPKB further explains that CWD bacteria gobble up the Vit D and use it to become stronger and to multiply and, in agreement with Dr. Grätz, they say it’s actually a hormone, not a vitamin. So thank you for this warning about “Vitamin” D, Dr. Grätz!

Linda S.

To avoid increased Calcium in the blood when taking highish doses of Vit D3 you should always take Vit D2 (Mk7) as this stops it happening!! They now make supplements which contain both Vitamins in 1 pill/capsule.

Rochelle  Marsden

From: Cryptogenic Fibrosing Alveolitis in a Man of 62 –Keith Souter

Cryptogenic Fibrosing Alveolitis in a Man of 62

A nice example of how a serious progressive case should be managed. Well done.

William Healey

From: David Bohm and the Implicate Order of Homeopathy

David Bohm and the Implicate Order of Homeopathy

A lovely series of articles Doug!

Paul Theriault

What a wonderful way to view homoeopathy.


This is a really interesting article. And it’s so true that when Person A expects Person B to be “the enemy,” that’s usually what he/she turns out to be. Person A has created his own reality. I’ve, unfortunately, met many people like that in my lifetime. You’d think humankind would have figured this out by now. Thank you for writing and sharing this article.

Linda S.

From:  A Lightbulb Moment in the Treatment of Language Delay in Infants – Elizabeth Adalian

Nice topic and nicely worked out by Dr. Elizabeth Adalian. Also it gave me a thought of how to reach the core cause of a disease. Well done doctor.

Dr. Syed Hasnat Bukhari

From: Multiple Ailments in a Woman of 68 – A Life Transformed – Kathrine Dehn

Multiple Ailments in a Woman of 68 – A Life Transformed

I guess when someone tells you they’ve never been well since the measles, you should believe them! Great case, thank you for sharing.

Elaine Lewis


Great case, Kathrine. Thanks for sharing.

Vitor Menescal

From:  Homeopathy TIPS and secrets from the Masters.  – Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy TIPS from the Masters

Dear Alan,
Thanks for your great monthly feature, “Homeopathy Tips from the Masters”! As always, it was very interesting and informative.

Robert Signore, DO, DiHom

From:  Atopic  eczema and depression in a woman of 24 –Petr Zacharias

Atopic Eczema And Depression

Great case, Peter! Very good explanation of the way of thinking that led you to the correct remedy. Congratulations!

Dana Campean

Excellent use of repertory and differential diagnosis and good grading of totality of symptoms. Good work Dr. Petr Zacharias.

Dr. Syed Hasnat Bukhari

From:  Cerebral Atrophy, Lumber Degeneration, Annular Tear, and Cervical Spondylosis in a Man of 37 –Kavita Chandak

Cerebral Atrophy, Lumber Degeneration, Annular Tear, and Cervical Spondylosis in a Man of 37

Difficult case but it was well managed by Dr. Kavita R. Chandak and the real success was patient satisfaction.

Dr. Syed Hasnat Bukhari

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