Feedback from July 2022

Letters to the Editor – Feedback from July 2022. Readers comment on Petr Hoffman interview, post -Covid case using Polarity Analysis, Elaine Lewis’s Wasp Sting article and much more.

From:  Interview with homeopath Petr Hoffman
Great sharing Petr. I wish homeopaths could practice homeopathy with firm basics like this and not make too many theories in an effort to make things easy. Things are not difficult if you understand them well!
Dr. Manish Bhatia

Great interview. So nice to see good classical homeopathy being taught. My husband and I (Tony Robinson) studied with Vithoulkas for 4 years running. What an amazing time we had. We now follow the teachings of Paul Herscu, whom George referred to as one of his best students. We follow his cycles and segments approach which when done correctly will give you the totality of the case leading to the correct remedy. Hopefully we will meet you one day, maybe in Allonisos!
Monica and Tony Robinson

Great interview, thank you!
Sarah Penrose

From:  Editorial – Another Kind of Drug Ad – Alan V. Schmukler

Editorial – July 2022 – Another Kind of Drug Ad

As a retired nurse, I forgot the “fun” we had in the medical profession listening to these TV ads i.e. “talkasfastasyoucantosayallthesideeffectsanddon’tforget DEATHmentionedinthereatsomepoint” and turn up the “relaxing” music when you read that side effect list! 😉

Reply – Alan V. Schmukler:

Hi Diane – Yes it’s unreal the way they gloss over the horrendous side effects.

From: Post-COVID Fatigue and Headache Resolved with Polarity Analysis -Karen Allen

Post-COVID Fatigue and Headache Resolved with Polarity Analysis

Thank you Karen. That was a very clear and succinct explanation of Heiner Frei’s Polarity Analysis.  Polarity simplifies some cases that would otherwise become needlessly complex.
Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Sudden Blindness in a Woman of Nineteen -Petr Hoffman

Sudden Blindness in a Woman of Nineteen

What a great case, thank you!
Helen Swan RSHom

Nice case. One rubric that explains the case appropriately is ORDEAL.
Joydip Sarkar

From: “Causticum” – from Absolute Materia Medica by Drs. P. I. Tarkas and Ajit Kulkarni.

“Causticum” – from Absolute Materia Medica

Tremendous and very exhaustive effort and dedication of these two doctors in presenting a picture of Causticum. I’d suggest a short briefing on the trios: what are they used for, etc.
Guillermo Sanz

From: Re-Connecting with Oneself – Wiet van Helmond

Re-Connecting with Oneself

Hello Wiet,
I studied with Alize in the Hague.: This is a monoclinic structure according to Peter Turminello. Do you refer to the structures in crystals when using the crystal remedies? Warm regards Leila.
Leila Joffe

Thank you for posting this interesting and helpful article. I know exactly the feeling of emptiness you described.
Linda S.

From: Tidbits 92: Wasp Sting! -Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 92: Wasp Sting! (Another Picture Case)

Pam is a smart lady to have both Apis and Silicea on hand! She sure ended that problem quickly. Thanks for the interesting article, Elaine!

Love Elaine’s articles gets to the point quickly.

From: Founder of the Institution – Dr. Yudhvir Singh -by  R. K. Manchanda

Founder of the Institution – Dr. Yudhvir Singh

Amazing as usual Dr Manchanda sir👏👏🌷
Dr Rohit Bhandari

Thank you Dr. Manchanda for sharing what an extraordinary man Dr. Yudhvir Singh was. Such a life of passion for service deserves to be acknowledged. Such rare individuals make life better for everyone.
Alan V. Schmukler

From: Frequent Burning Urination in a Man of 62-by Vipul Shastri

Frequent Burning Urination in a Man of 62

I have read articles on similar subjects, but none were as clear or as relevant as yours. I look forward to reading your next article/ book.
Dr. Avani Patel

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