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Readers comments on the interview with Radko Tichavsky, the life of Dr. Matilde Montoya Lafragua, The Journey of Homeopathy in Mexico and more.

From:  Interview with Radko Tichavsky – by Katja Schuett

Thank you Katja for this marvelous interview!  You asked just the right questions and Radko gave transcendent answers.

Alan V. Schmukler


From:  Bio of Dr. Matilde Montoya Lafragua, the first Mexican woman physician and homeopath.  – Katja Schuett

We are never completely aware of the importance of these people from the distant past and their influence on our life. We need more articles like this one. Thank you Katja.

Maja Letić


From: The Journey of Homeopathy In Mexico -An Extraordinary Story – Rafael Mejia.

Fascinating article. I was particularly interested by the late 1990’s work of Dr. Angel Salas Cuevas done through nuclear magnetic resonance tests; incredible: modern technology proving at last that Dr. Hahnemann was right 2 centuries ago!



From: The Theory of High Dilutions :  Dr. Hugo Arturo Aldana Quintero

This only reinforces my faith in Homeopathy. Unbiased research only can prove that Homeopathy is not placebo, a term frequently used by selfish allopaths /pharma companies, to wean away patients from homeopathic treatment.

SK  Jain

Relationship of remedies is the most important aspect to probe into the mechanism involved in homeopathy. This thermoluminescence no doubt shows that information is conserved irrespective of the dilution. But it doesn’t tell why those capable of causing a disease totality alone are capable of curing similar diseases totalities. But remedy relationship shows that all the remedies span a Hilbert space and every homeopathic cure or effect is an orthogonal vector rotation in that Hilbert space. This is a superior find associating homeopathy with quantum mechanics.



From: Abdominal Tumour Cured by Two Remedies — Bellis Perennis and Ceanothus Americanus  – Dr. James Compton Burnett


Firuzi Mehta

I am convinced when I read the successful treatment the great homeopaths had provided as early as the 19th century.

Hari Thandi


From:  Cartoon – I Sold My Soul – Alan V. Schmukler

How true! Thank you for this realistic cartoon Alan.

Vatsala Sperling

Love it. It’s going on my facebook timeline!!

Rochelle Marsden


From:  Cancer of the Tongue – Dr. T.F. Allen

Undoubtedly TF Allen was a great homeopathic doctor. The canvas of phosphorus is very big and what were the pin point symptoms by which he concluded that phosphorus was the only medicine to cure it?

Dr C S Gupta


Touching Base With Trauma – Reaching Across the Generations: A Three Dimensional Homeopathic Perspective –  Elizabeth Adalian

Excellent Article on Homeopathy for Abdominal Pain

Dr. Dipankar Bakshi

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