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Readers comment on the June 2021 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Comments on the Doug Brown interview, the Coronium cases, Edward Jenner and “Variolae Vaccinae”, Is There a New Miasm in the Making? and many more.

From: Doug Brown interviewed by Katja Schuett

Katja and Doug Brown, this interview was brilliant on many levels. Simply brilliant! Thank you both so much! I wrote down the following quote from the interview that I love…”symptoms and states of being are recognized as signposts on the road to integration of the self as it moves along a path of spiritual evolution”…Doug Brown.

Keep up the good work! It is an honor to know you both!
Barbara Grannell

Excellent interview. Simple, yet very deep.
Dr. Manish Bhatia

From:  Editorial – Censoring Homeopaths – Alan V. Schmukler

Editorial – Censoring Homeopaths

I see no point of your editorial listing examples that homeopathy works as publication is aimed at homeopaths. The point of discussion should be what homeopaths as a profession can do to bring this knowledge about homeopathic efficacy to the general public. That requires resources to employ professional advisers and lawyers to fight those battles for us – we won’t win it by saying even most illustrious examples of how homeopathy works to ourselves. The way to do it is via formation a central governing body, membership and pooling of resources. Society of Homeopaths tried to do it, but its membership dwindled and the profession has scattered, not everybody agreed with their strict rules and demands for professional conduct etc. The philosophical approaches in homeopathic community also play a part. I think homeopaths should go right down back to the core Hahnemann’s teaching
Hanna Smith

Reply by Alan V. Schmukler

Hi Hanna,
Actually, homeopaths are not the only ones who read the journal, and we’re often quoted in other sources. As to how to bring awareness of homeopathy to the general public, that would require an advertising campaign to rebrand homeopathy
and that seems to be beyond the community’s resources. The real issue is that Pharma is controlling the dialogue including having laws passed against homeopathy and constant negative and deceptive articles by shills for Pharma. It has nothing to do with how we practice – classical or noveau.

Love the idea of handing out Burnett’s booklet, maybe sending one to all the medics out there along with a Faculty training course info (here in the UK at least) or other homeopathic training information. I’ve a client who years ago told me the NHS could save a fortune if they trained every GP in basic homeopathy and gave every household a Helios homeopathy kit (other kits are of course available). Of course, she’s right (in my estimation) and loved the way she put it so beautifully.
Em Colley

Salute to all the wonderful work you are doing Sir.

Reply- Alan V. Schmukler

Thank you Haseena.  It is homeopaths like you who contribute cases and articles that enable us to publish high quality work.

From:  Edward Jenner and “Variolae Vaccinae” –  Alastair Yarrow

Edward Jenner and “Variolae Vaccinae”

By far the best unfurling of the history of vaccination and homeopathic parallels I have ever read – and in over 30 years of research and teaching. This is no mean feat! Thankyou sir. I will be copying and pasting to a safe place as I do not want it to go the way that much of our work has gone.
Lulu Langford

From: Dual Miasms: Nitric Acid as an Intercurrent Remedy in Homeopathy

Dual Miasms: Nitric Acid as an Intercurrent Remedy in Homeopathy

I have not even read half the article and I find it exceptional. Without discussing duality and trinity, the (discussion & understanding of) deepest levels of homeopathy or anything else cannot be complete. This is a truly wonderful and excellent article! I shall be devoting more time to read it with full concentration.
Deodatta Baxy

Very good expression of the original constituents of our duality (triality…?) being.
Guillermo Sanz

From:  Is There a New Miasm in the Making?  – Sue Smith

Is There A New Miasm in the Making?

Excellent article Sue. I will be recommending it to my students at the BIH to read!! Thanks
Rochelle Marsden

Excellent article. For many years I have believed that no one truly suffers from a mere miasm. Today, thanks to many reasons, we have overlapping and multi-miasmatic entities but even worse, thanks to generations of medication, chemicalisation and vaccination plus more recently, genetic altering, hormonal destruction and manipulation, consumption of mutated species in meat and dairy and so on, that we surely must have a number of new miasma. Or, perhaps we can put the entire latter catalogue into one new miasm. Food for thought.
Lulu Langford

Great article. While I am fairly new at studying homeopathy, I am not new to energy medicine. I have worked with trauma personally and professionally for 30 years. I truly believe at a cellular level that “good” and “bad”, “light and dark”, “positive and negative” must CO-EXIST together in understanding. I finished reading Herrick and Morrison’s book on Miasm a few months ago and asked myself the same question regarding a new miasm developing. I work as an Integrative Psychiatric NP for my “day job” and can tell you that aspects of life and death, trust or no trust in authority, trust in life vs no trust in life…SAFETY is huge! Then add in the nature of the politics, environmental changes, water, soil health, mass extinction….yup… got it!
Laurie Teal

From: Covid Sequelae Cases Treated with the Nosode Coronium – Dr. Simonne Marie luc Fayeton

Covid Sequelae Cases Treated with the Nosode Coronium

I am also so happy and excited with your excellent reports! Your work will do good for many others , I am sure! I am very grateful for the determination of Dr Angela,  Dr Carlos along with some other very dedicated doctors.
Flavia mattos vieira

I wonder how this nosode compares to the covid nosode called CV-19 which we have had available in USA for about a year now..? Interesting reports, thank you!
Rebekah Paparella

From: Recurrent Medulloblastoma in a Boy of 15 -Dr. Haseena C.P.

Recurrent Medulloblastoma in a Boy of 15

Thank you for sharing. I felt every emotion every step of the way. It is indeed gratifying to get to the end of such a case with a positive outcome – and to be patient in waiting!
Lulu Langford

Could you share before and after reports, totality for Silicea, Potency, Repetition Dr?
Darshan Shah

Haseena C P replies
We started with Conium mac 6 C. Later increased potency to 30. After complete amelioration of symptoms, went on to Silicea 6 X…In these six years we have been monitoring the case the potency of Silicea was increased as per the symptoms presented in each visit..In six years had to repeat Silicea once in six months or so. Now he is on Silicea 10M…Last dose given in 2020 Feb… Monitoring on placebo…He is leading a normal life, albeit the walking stick…Which cannot be avoided… permanent damage after repeated surgeries. Before and after reports..All are in hard copies at my hospital archives. Which is closed down and taken up as Covid centre now. Can post it later on.

Excellent Haseena. It’s the real healing touch. The touch of God through your hands. We are at times spellbound by the miracles of our healing art. It’s the power of Homoeopathy. May God bless you abundantly.
Jogi Varghese

From:  Inoperable, Incurable Canine Cancer – Ellen Lanham

Inoperable, Incurable Canine Cancer

Thank you for sharing how amazing autopathy is for healing cancer! There are many more cases on the website   in people, animals and plants that show how autopathy can be used to heal all types of acute and chronic ailments whether you are an experienced practitioner or not. The latest book, Autopathy Handbook by Jiri Cehovsky will give you all the info you need!
Ellen Kire

From:  Severe Constipation in a Child of 3 – Drs. Prajakta Vaidya & Preety Shah

Severe Constipation in a Child of 3

Fantastic case! Very well explained.
Chanda Shah

From:  Vitiligo in a Man of 76 – Lipika Chakraborty

Vitiligo in a Man of 76

Excellent work ma’am …always an idol
Tasnim dhuliyawala

From:  Cartoon – The Perfect Rubric!  – Alan V. Schmukler

The perfect Rubric!

Lovely rubric! Suggest sub-rubric: Aversion to being called “ginger,” complaints from eating melons.
Jack Tips

It could happen!
Elaine Lewis

From: QUIZ  – Headache, Worse Yelling and Cheering! – Elaine Lewis

I think she took Aconite. It’s for “worse from cold, dry winds,” although I think most people think of Aconite just for fright. I know I did, until just now when I cheated and looked online for “homeopathy, worse from cold, dry winds” and found it there, too.
Linda S.

Thanks for voting, Linda!
Elaine Lewis

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