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Readers comment on the March 2015 issue.

God bless you and your team and your family Dear Dr Bhatia. You are a great supporter of the homeopathic world family .Your new addition to the library (homeopathy books online) is like sunshine . Great! Thanks!

Dr Masood Soomro  – Karachi Pakistan

From: Tainted Evidence Based Medicine –by  Alan V. Schmukler

Excellent, useful information Alan, Thank you! I can use these specific facts for a book I’m writing!

Tricia Feijo

Thank you very much for Hpathy!

Prasert Wuthikhamphee – Thailand

From:  Homoeopathy Simplified – Using the Stages Template –by Dr. Shilpa Bhouraskar

Your stages approach had been a revelation to me. Before reading about it, I used to get furious with people that didn’t give me a plethora of symptoms involving mentals, emotionals, physicals.

Ismar Filho

From: The Future of Homeopathy by Dr. Luc De Schepper

It is so true that only real Hahnemannian homeopathy will be able to survive.

Marc Van Wijk

Hahnemann never specifically revoked the miasmatic theory; he just moved forward to dealing with potencies. Isn’t it hard to say where he stood with miasms or if he, in fact, still utilized them?

Marty B.

From: Tidbits -Women’s Problems and Homeopathy, Part-1 by Elaine Lewis

Great article as usual…. Thanks Elaine!

Maryam Talha

From:  Homeopath Crosswords by Alan V. Schmukler

This is an amazing way to remember and study homeopathy . Is there a way to know the result if I can’t finish them all?


Editor’s Note:  After clicking on on a word, if you don’t know the answer, click the “solve” button at the top.

From:  Ask the Holistic Vet by Dr. Deva Khalsa

What a gift this column is. Dr. Khalsa is a master clinician.

Martin Earl

From:  Secret Lanthanidea  by Carmen Sturza

Thank you for this article. We never stop learning !

Beverly Brown

From: Arthritis – by Santanu Maity

Dr. Maity deserves lot of praise for the excellent information. This will add more followers into the fold of Homeopathy as Allopathy does not offer anything to the patients except steroids.

Dr. S.K. Sharma

Inability to Write by Dr. Miroslawa Witalis

There is much to learn from Dr. Witalis’s cases. She is a master of her craft.

Alan V. Schmukler

A Case of Infertility with Psoriasis and Asthma by Maja Letić

An incredible achievement. Not possible without passion, hard work vigilance and devotion. Congratulation to the physician.

Banaras K. Awan

A Case of Chronic Back Pain by Joan Macdonald

A very nicely worked case. Thank you!

Martin Earl

An Acute Case of Pain in Hip and Thigh – by Alyssa Beck

Very nice case! Illustrations of our common polychrests are always instructive and no less valuable than cases of lesser known remedies. Kudos!

Douglas Falkner

From: A Cases of Urinary Tract Infection by Dr. Nilesh Maru

You show how important is to understand the case first, and then to draw a prescription.

  1. Partani

I appreciate your courage for keeping patience in case having 103 fever.


From : Cartoon:  “Trust Me” by Alan V. Schmukler

Good one Alan!

Maryam Talha

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