Feedback from March 2016

Readers comment on the March 2016 issue of the journal.

Feedback from March 2016

From: Interview with Steven Cartwright – by Alan V. Schmukler

Thank you for this thoughtful interview and for your research Mr. Cartwright. Homeopathy will benefit in many ways from your work. I hope solvatochromic dyes will become part of every homeopath’s lexicon.

Martin Earl

From:  My Path in Medicine from MD to Homeopath – by Dr. Maria Berger

I love, nay envy, her style of writing and command over English language. We can expect great things from her when she becomes an experienced and committed homeopath. Good luck Maria!!

Gobinder Samrao

From:  Jumping to a Symphony of Insects – Jiuan Heng

We done Jiuan. Thank you for sharing the case. Denial and break from rational talk are used so effectively as signposts toward the remedy. Patient’s answers to the rapid-fire one word questions ( Divya’s style) bring out the patient’s state so well.

Vatsala Sperling

From: Hahnamenn’s views on vaccination – A Reply to Peter Fisher – By Rudi Verspoor.

Thank you for setting the record straight Mr.Verspoor.  Peter Fisher’s comments were off the mark. They also contradicted the understanding of most homeopaths. Fisher wants us to behave and just stick to homeopathy. Not his best hour.

Martin Earl

Dr. Fisher is kind of “funny”. Doesnt he know that already 150 girls in the USA died from hpv-vaccine?

Manfred Sanvoss

From:  A Case of Lyme by Roopali Gupta

Irrespective of the conventional diagnosis, the remedies helped address the presenting complaints and worked by way of systematically removing layers of discomfort, till you got to argentum nitricum. Well done.

Vatsala Sperling

From:  A Diamond Case – Adamas by Paresh Vasani

This method is so interesting, and surprising,.. Thank you.

Roberto Comacho

From:   A Case of Psoriasis by Petr Hoffman

Thank you for this case Mr. Hoffman. Really solid work.  Your systematic method will provide reliable results.

Martin Earl

From:  Tidbits: Let’s Look at Lachesis by Elaine Lewis

Thank you for that excellent article!  – Becky

I will never forget Lachesis. Excellent article. Thank you.  – Roberto Comacho

From : Tips & Secrets by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips and secrets are very informative and interesting. It has forced me to SAVE all previous ones since January 2011 to date.

Aslam Sherwani

Tips given by you are very useful in practice for a busy practitioner. Our knowledge of tips makes us quick and efficient in prescribing.

Dr. C.S. Gupta

From:  Distance healing of diabetes with homeopathy and radiesthesia – by Sergey Pugach.

Very intriguing. I wonder if a person suffering alzheimer’s disease can be helped by that method. Thank you Dr. Pugach.

Roberto Comacho

From:   A Case of Psoriasis by Petr Hoffman

You presented this case in such a clear way that I enjoyed it very much. It is very helpful for a beginner like me.

From:  A cured case of Hepatitis C by Dr. Muhammad Afzal

Thank you for sharing the detail of treatment and heartiest congratulations on great success. Please keep sharing your cases in future as well.

Best Regards,
Hussain Kaisrani

Congratulation to Dr Afzal on getting positive success in this case. The selection of Chelidonnium and Carduus Marianus Q is wonderful selection.

Aslam Sherwani

From: Cancer of Salivary Gland – by Dr. Pooriya Jeste-Subhedar

Very good case and also your depth of knowledge and understanding.

Dr. B. Mukadam


From:  A Case of Psoriasis by Dr. Shraddha Samant

Kudos to Dr. Shraddha Samant for her article and her selection of the appropriate medicine in this case!

Dr. S. Kalyanasundaram

From:  A Case of Spina Bifida by Dr. Dr. Shyamji L. Rai

Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Shamin

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