Feedback from March 2020


Feedback from March 2020

From:  Coronavirus Covid-19 – Analysis of symptoms from confirmed cases with an assessment of possible homeopathic remedies for treatment and prophylaxis – Dr. Manish Bhatia

I agree that the absent symptoms of a case don’t eliminate a remedy because of the presence of those symptoms in the provings.  However, the speed of onset in an epidemic is a characteristic of the disease unlike in sporadic cases where it can be idiosyncratic. Hence, I don’t find anything wrong in eliminating rapid acting remedies for a slowly progressing disease, especially if it is an epidemic.
Venkatesh K N

Thanks. this is so brilliantly comprehensive. I wish I could forward it to all my friends and family.
Shauna Mahlo

Many thanks to Dr Manish Bhatia for the well-reasoned and cogent analysis, based on available facts. His readiness to reconsider the conclusions he has drawn, as and when fresh data arrives is laudable. Incidentally, how this virus is causing different symptoms in different geographies and among people of different genetic stocks is both interesting and intriguing.
Ravindra Joshi

Dr Bhatia’s article is thought provoking and true to the findings. Bryonia alb is a serious contender for the post of “Genus epidemicus”. My own view is that if we consider the evolution of the disease from nominal rhinitis to the most serious pneumonitis then Phosphorus must be considered as a true prophylactic.

Thanks to Dr M Bhatia.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee.

Thank you for this… very useful! I was experiencing symptoms from Friday: dry cough, boring headache through left eye, the “sweet” taste and rattle of the beginnings of a chest infection, needing to be still. I drank thyme tea every hour. Saturday afternoon it worsened, (add fearful of the symptoms) and intuitively I took Bryonia from my remedy kit alternating with Helios stress blend (ars, aconite, arg nit. ) I woke this morning and feel as though I have made a miraculous recovery, apart from extreme exhaustion. So when I read your article, it was very reassuring.

From: Homeopathy for Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection  – Rajan Sankaran, Aditya Kasariyans

This depends on the symptoms presented. Camphora has brought out in its proving: (Hahnemann, Jahr)  –  great coldness and sensitiveness to cold air –     – General coldness of the body – shivering with tittering teeth –  weakness of the highest degree – Pulse weak, nearly imperceptible –  Mood: great anxiety
Hans Weitbrecht

I am using a combination of Ars CH30 and China CH30. 1 dose per week. I understand that Camph may be used in some individual cases, but I doubt that it could be used as genus epidemicus because the main keynote is not present in the cases presented, which is coldness, with intolerance to remain covered.
Christiano Gondim Moreira

Very good analysis of the symptoms. Treatment and recovery of the patient is also proof of the selection of the remedy. Let’s try Camphora 1m. Thanks to Dr R Sankaran.and Dr Kasariyans.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee.

I want to translate this great article for my country doctors. Yes, it’s now very important.
Gazi Saiful Islam

Camphora patients throw away the clothing in spite of chill. That is a strong characteristic symptom. Corona patients are seen falling to the ground ( dead ?) fully clothed against the severe cold climate as seen in some videos of China streets. Hence I have some doubts regarding suitability of camphora as the prophylactic. Mercurious Cyanatus could be the real genus epidemicus since it covers the totality better.
Venkatesh K N

Hi dear Dr.Banerjea, very well done. Of course productive coughs may be present in about 11% of covid19 positive cases. According to Dr. Paul Herscu the best remedy in epidemics is the constitutional remedy in most cases. I believe the only solution besides is proper nutrition, enough sleep, 30-60 minutes of daily physical exercise and 10 minutes of meditation or prayer.  Also, Homeoprophylaxis like what was done in Cuba for epidemic of Leptospirosis in 2007.
Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

From: Preventing COVID19 – How Homeopathy Can Help – by Isaac Golden


Your piece gave me hope that there will be a homeopathic remedy made from this virus, hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I can put together the combination remedies. Thank you for the history of Cuban homeopaths. Most Interesting! Please send more articles and information as you get it.

I have published a lot re the Cuban experience – along with Dr Bracho who led the interventions. Homeopathic Links published many. There is a free online article – looks at use of HP in millions of people
Isaac Golden

We find in Robin Murphy’s Materia Medica that Oscillococcinum: -meets all the physical/gross symptoms adequately (basically the triad: pyrexia, dry painful cough, dyspnoea) -has been mentioned in the materia medica specifically as a preventive and is for all influenzas (imaterial of strain etc) has the important mental peculiarity of fear.
Dr Mass R. Usuf

Dr Usuf
Oscillo is definitely a similar remedy, as is Arsen Alb, as is Bry, as is Camphor etc. I am just saying that at this early stage I am more comfortable relying on the Cuban approach which in a way covers more bases. Remember, if the complex was proven, it may have a symptom picture similar to Oscillo.
Isaac Golden

I hear that many of my patients have decided to give themselves my ‘Jill’s Flu Mix 10M’ as a preventive dose – this consists of Influenzinum Triple Nosode, Bacillinum and Oscillococcinum, all 10M, and is a standard choice in my First Aid Kit Remedies list.

In Australia it is not – it would be regarded as advertising a prohibited product if a practitioner mentions it – but word of mouth is very powerful as well thank God – we would not want to have to reply on the media for a full and honest discussion
Isaac golden

Extremely sad affairs here in Australia. Thanks for the info.

I wonder if some of these remedies can be gotten in America now that practically the whole country has shut down. Do you think it would be just as effective to make a combination of Arsenicum, Gelsemium, Bryonia, and Antimonium Tart? Possibly with the addition of Oscillo? Or would the HP only be effective with the other remedies included?
Razel Lerman

HP like homeopathy in general relies on the principle of Similars, so there are many possible preventative remedies. I have just offered a suggestion of one I believe would be very appropriate right now in the situation we are facing
Isaac Golden

A most interesting article. Myself and my family could not live without homeopathy. We have relied on it for nearly 3 decades. Long may it reign. And shame on the people who damn it down. Carry on the great work and articles. Thank you.
Kim D.

Since the virus causes swelling of kidney and later its failure, Apis and Apocynum may also be considered. As medicine prepared from animal poisons can go deep into the living organisms, that group of may be considered for HP.
K.C. Nandanan

What would be the protocol? Would you triple dose weekly, and for how long?
Julia Mohrs

It will totally depend on the circumstances in each country/region Julia. I would only dose weekly in a high risk situation, and not for too many doses, then spread apart
Isaac Golden

Unfortunately, none of the above is homeopathy. It doesn’t satisfy the rules of homeopathy. Combining remedies is not logical. No remedy looks at all alike. So it’s not logical. Illness is an individual reaction and therefore needs individual remedy. Giving nosodes randomly with the hope it may have an effect is also illogical. The Cuba experiment did not use homeopathy. It’s was isopathy. It seems you have always confused the two. You cannot treat prophylactically with homeopathy. Without symptoms what to give??  It’s nonsensical.
Andrew Ward

Appropriate HP selects remedies using the Principle of Similars and administers remedies according to the principle of Minimum Dose – sounds like homeopathy to me Andrew – or did Hahnemann get it wrong in 1798 when the selected Belladonna based on Similars to prevent Scarlet Fever – a lack of logic (according to you) that I greatly admire. Isopathy gives potencies of the patients own diseased tissues – clearly HP does not do that.
Isaac Golden

Andrew, it is well known that the sum of the total may be greater than the individual parts. Rest assured, combinations do work, and sometimes better than the single remedy. The energies of the individual remedies, combined, do produce a different final frequency, but the individual frequencies are still there in the mixture. Combinations therefore, can cover a wider range of individuals, and if you only need one of the remedies in the mix, it will still work just as well. The unnecessary frequencies will by-pass you just as tuning in on your radio only allows you one specific frequency and you are by-passed by the millions of others out there. There is no danger in combination remedies.
Jill Turland

Thank you for this information. Yes, we are dealing with a massive campaign against natural therapies. Let’s keep showing up, being authentic and that’s how people find the help they seek – one practitioner, one patient at a time.

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  • Dr /Sir,
    I am not a Dr I am only a hobbist and taking interest in reading and treatment by homeopathy to my near and dears .
    Sir I am 67 year male ,day before yesterday I suffer from intestinal blockeg since about 3pm no gas was passing at all
    I a dose of Carbo Veg 200 after some time Bell 200 at least 4-5 times , no relief then took some churan ,Pudeen Hara etc but no relief at all a pulsating pain around the naval area was continued at about 10pm tried to sleep but could not get a sound sleep at about 2am went to allopathic Dr and took an injection and got the relief .Now may I know any remady can be prescribed in this condition please

    • R, you really need to have your case taken by a homeopath. Why do I say that? Because there are too many remedies listed under:
      1. Intestines: obstruction; and 2. Intestines: impaction of bowels. Opium, Plumbum and Alumina are the main remedies; but, there are others too. Also, your five doses of Belladonna 200C? That was an over-dose. One dose of a 200C ought to do something if it’s the right remedy. You might want to read my article, “Dosing In Acute Cases”:

      In hearing your case, the homeopath will want to know if this is a chronic problem or it just happened this one time. He will want to know if there was a cause (e.g., something you ate); he will want to know what your pain feels like–the sensation– and where it’s located. He will want to know the all-important modalities (things that make you feel better or worse). He will want to know the concomitants–anything that’s accompanying your chief complaint. For instance, it could be thirst for cold drinks, or irritability, or fever, etc. After hearing all this information, the homeopath will be able to tell you what your remedy is.

    • please try this combination – Ars Alb + carbo veg + china + lycopodium, all in 200 potency . 4 times per day min 1/2 hr before food. there are many more remedies like Asafoetida, ornithogalum, Robinia etc. myself and my mother 92 years old getting fantastic relief since few years. not only that i have advised many , all of them 99% reported wonderful results. but you need to take minimum 2 to 3 ltrs boiled and cool water. as soon as you get up take one big glass hot water, sip slowly to aid digestion. if you are taking coffee, tea, stop until complete recovery. of course many factors to be considered – your lifestyle, food habits [ veg /non veg], physical activities, stress /tension, age , family history, etc etc many more. for intestine obstruction -plumbum metalicum will work wonderfully. since how long you have , whether undergone ABDOMEN ULTRASOUND SCANNING, any other tests undergone, any chronic disease you have . many many details needed for permanent cure.

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