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Feedback from May 2015 Issue

Readers share their thoughts on the June 2015 Ezine

From: It is Dangerous to Step IntoThe World – A Case of Oryctolagus (rabbit) by Andrea Szekely

A wonderfully presented case, showiing not only the vibrancy of the case taking but the intuitive way the remedy was discovered. Great information on a Lac I was not familiar with – thank you!

Rhoda Ui Chonaire


A very beautiful case, wonderfully presented. Thank you, Andrea!

Doug Brown

From: How I became a homeopath by William Henry Holcombe

Alan told me I had to read this and he was right! I’m so glad I did; thanks Alan!

Elaine Lewis

From: Eight Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child by Alan V. Schmukler

When I saw the title of this article, I couldn’t believe it! You couldn’t actually be promoting vaccines! Then I read your piece…. if someone can read these points and still want to vaccinate, then something is definitely wrong. Good job.


From: Tidbits 27–The High Blood Pressure Snow Job! By Elaine Lewis

Another great Tidbits column! You get right to the problem in plain language and tell people how to solve it. Kudos!

Alan V. Schmukler

From:   Seizures Like Lightning by Tricia Feijo

Oh, Tricia, praise the Lord for sharing this information with us. And praises to Him who did not only gave us the raw materials, but also revealed them to Hahnemann.
Praises to Him for healing your husband!

Maria Sanchez

From: A Case of Depression by Dr. Jean-Claude Leeuwerck

Some homeopaths would have made this case much more complicated and it is to the author’s credit that he kept it simple and solved it so elegantly. It is a sign of skillful practice.

Martin Earl

 From: A Case of Repeated Miscarriages Treated Homoeopathically by Dr. Tilottama Galande

Very nice case and very good explanation of rubrics. Thank you

Ravi Awasarkar.

From: Tips & Secrets by Alan V. Schmukler

Dear Dr,
Your selections of tips are great assets, particularly for busy practitioners. It saves time of practitioners and patients in writing a long history of symptoms running into several pages

Dr. Shekhar

From: On The Future of Medicine and Medicine of the Future by Ashok Rajguru.

Very good and attacking article. Now we have to stack those who malign homeopathy.

I don’t agree with the stand point taken here. We can argue that Homeopathy cannot be proven by RCT alone. But to argue that RCT is biased is entirely something else.

Rehan Anis

From: Interview with Rix Pyke

This was a wonderful interview with an extraordinary, very creative and dedicated homeopath. Her perspective on the mental health system is right on. The system itself is sick and its faults need to be exposed and corrected. I enjoyed this completely.

Martin Earl

From: Constitutional Medicine – Constitution and Temperament –by David Little

This is like a liberal arts course in homeopathy. It gives perspective on the historical development of medical ideas and then connects all the dots and shows how ideas were derived/developed. It has a wonderful, easy to understand progression that brings the reader along in a logical manner. It seems that nothing is left out. Just as a question would form in my mind, it was answered. It’s just very well written, very accurate and very complete. Thank you!

Martin Earl

From: Llamas – A Homoeopathic Challenge by David Chapman

This account of David Chapman and Lynne Milsom caring for Llamas in British Columbia warmed my heart. They truly found their “higher calling” in life. It is heartening to learn that in a world of great indifference and cruelty there are people who can open their hearts to helpless animals. That fact that they use a holisitc approach to healing is ever more extraordinary.

Martin Earl

Thanks again. There are some wonderful articles in this issue of May. I really like it. Your interest in Homeopathy can be seen through this magazine. God bless you.

Munawar Jehangir

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