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From:  Anacardium – The Remedy That Defeated Multiple Sclerosis – Petra Cihlářová

Thank you Petra.  A marvelous case displaying highly developed skill in homeopathy.

Martin Earl


From:  How Many Hertz Can We Handle – Alan V. Schmukler

Nicely written, Alan, and a full issue with highly informative and educating articles, as always! EM fields and radiation inimical to living beings will increase those diseases which Hahnemann defined as not true chronic diseases but due to maintaining causes that require a change in regimen. For this mankind will have to learn heavy lessons, and pay a huge price until they do. Please let our readers also know what might help in protecting us. I would also appreciate to hear other’s experiences in dealing with frequencies inimical to health.

Katja Schuett


From:  Dr. Michal Yakir is interviewed by Vatsala Sperling.

An excellent example that bothanits without proper medical bakcground though learned some elements of homeopathy remain bothanists forever. The “bothanical grids” described above as well as other parahomeopathical dreams and illusions, have nothing to do with certain and clear Hahnemannian homeopathy.

Alexander Kotok


From: Tidbits 57  Everything You Know About Pet Care Is Wrong – Elaine Lewis

Great article Elaine! I hope pet owners will be benefited. By the way, Larry and Snoopy are adorable.

Dr. Salma Afroz


From:  Autopathy  – How to Be Happy   – Jiri Cehovsky

Dear Jiri,

Thank you for your article. This is very interesting. I think that intellectual thinking disconnected from the universal source leads to disease. In fact, I believe this is the fundamental reason humans experience disease. I wrote a book about it, called Forever Yin.  I will look at your method.

Maria Jevtic


From:  In Memoriam – Debra Sue Bruck – Marilyn Freedman


Thank you for writing this beautiful tribute to Debby. As you have said, she was an innovator, and in setting up Homeopathy World Community, started an initiative whereby homeopaths could share their expertise and experience. This was/is a valuable resource, and was responsible for introducing homeopaths to each other, from around the world. She was an inspirational lady, whom I can personally thank for motivating me on many occasions, particularly when I was newly qualified. I think she would be proud, in retrospect, of the way in which she educated and encouraged people and was possibly not aware of the great impact she had on her community,

Gill Graham

I first met Debby Bruck on Twitter in 2010. I could see in her a strong organised advocate of Homeopathy. She was my source of my inspiration. Inspired by her site, I started Google Knol which was later migrated to WordPress in Jan 2012. She was the first one whom I invited to write a guest article for my Science-based Homeopathy blog which she accepted after some time.

Nancy Malik


From:  Anxiety in a woman of 20  – Diderik Finne

A 1m remedy given once a day? This is contrary to everything I’ve learned. He higher the potency the less frequent. I am familiar with a 1m remedy being prescribed at most 1x a month. Was there a misprint? A 1 LM, perhaps, but a whole dropperful of this seems excessive, also.

John Wemmlinger

Great case! Brilliant the way you figured it out! I too am confused about the 1M once a day. Also, you didn’t mention succussing the bottle before each dose. And, you could have at least told her, “As you get better, take less and less often; if there’s a striking improvement, stop and wait; repeat at the first sign of relapse.” We wouldn’t want her proving Agaricus.

Elaine Lewis


From:  An Angry Lady with an Ulcer – Dr. Jean-Claude Leeuwerck

The best rubric for this patient should be: hatred to persons, unmoved by apologies. nit ac is the single medicine in 1st grade.

Kanj Kumar


Comments on Joseph Fernandez’s Repertory  – A new addition at Hpathy:

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Tthank you so much for sending me this.  I am sanguine that it will be a big help for all to assess symptoms better and thus treat far more effectively.

Best wishes

Sushanta Mukherjee.

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

If you believe in reincarnation, then, Dr Joseph is Dr Kent. I tried this concept with Kent’s Repertory but gave up owing to its vastness. However, one still needs to refer back to the material medica for the totality. Yet this method gives a better support in the selection of simillimum than any other technique known to me. I thank you immensely for publishing it and would not mind tendering a monetary gift to Dr Joseph. He must be rewarded!


Hameed Alwi

Joseph’s repertory is really fantastic. He has really worked hard on it. Thanks for sharing.

Himansu Charan Sadsanqi

Thank you for sharing with me this very useful repertory.  I have already started using it and find it very helpful.  The author deserves a lot of appreciation.

Many many thanks to him

Dr HabibKhan, EdD ​& EdM ​

Thank you so much for this! The information is priceless.


Karen Winegardner, OTA,LMT

I am simply overjoyed to receive Joseph’s Repertory. Thank you very much.


Thank you very much for sharing the valuable work of Mr. Joseph.  This is a valuable one for those who are interested in homeopathy, beginners and  practitioners  as well.

pasupathilingam p.s.

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