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From: The Sacred Cows of Homeopathy – Dr. Manish Bhatia, Joerg Wichmann, Iain Marrs.

I started practicing homeopathy professionally in 1993. At the time I was teaching high school English. From 2001 till 2011 I taught Theory of Knowledge in the International Baccalaureate program at my high school. This class required me to read and study epistemology and teach it to high school kids. As I continued to study epistemology and practice homeopathy I found the process to be eye-opening. This article hits on a lot of the problems I identified in our community. Our biases/sacred cows are everywhere. We do ourselves no favors in ignoring them. Thank you, gentlemen, for boldly outlining some of the areas we desperately need to address.

Thanks Tim. The sacred cows is such a vast topic and often a hornet’s nest, most people prefer to just ignore it. I wish there was more discussion about the topics raised here.

Dr. Manish Bhatia


From: Editorial Why Are Western Doctors Pushing Vaccines?  – Alan V. Schmukler

Thank you for this, Alan. I truly see a raising awareness happening overall regarding the dangers inherent to the current vaccination realm. So it will be known, the awards made through the NVICP for vaccine-related injuries/deaths topped $4 billion USD in November, 2018. This can be found here:

And here is the HRSA’s most recent report:

This report is updated monthly. The numbers shared here are truly staggering for these “safe and effective” vaccines – and they are not going down. It is truly time that the public, if they are seeking immunisation, recognizes and embraces the nontoxic homeopathic means of this which has been in use since Hahnemann himself.

Cathy Lemmon

Excellent article, now please suggest from birth on what parents can do in liu of chemical vaccines at all ages so I can share as an offset to this story. Something proactive needs to fill this void. Also do you have any statistics on deaths from measles contrasted with death from vaccines?  Thank you, keep up the great work.

Laurie Enger

Hi Laurie,

Here are links to excellent articles on homeoprophylaxis. Regarding your second question, don’t have the stats, but they’re available on Google. I believe there have been no deaths from measles in the last 10 years but at least 100 from the vaccine.

Alan V. Schmukler

To change vaccine laws, requires changing and re-educating the gateway to administration – DOCTORS and most importantly, their staff.

They have no responsibility for injuries and suppress their knowledge to deal with their emotional conflict of inflicting harm on millions of children – and adults.

If they were financially responsible, they would not be willing to inject the amount of toxins in children.

In the meantime, parents should elect the 100% safe, non-toxic, non-injected alternative of homeoprophylaxis.

Kari –

Alan, great editorial! I’m pretty sure no one knows that doctors are getting a year-end bonus based on the number of vaccinated patients in their practice–a hefty sum of money–which wouldn’t endear anyone to a mother who would like to delay a vaccine, or spread them out, or forego a vaccine for a non-serious disease like chicken pox … If I were a doctor, I’d be furious that my coveted year-end bonus was being being jeopardized by “dabblers” in the medical arts. In fact, doctors are furious a lot–just try voicing an opinion, mentioning vitamin C, mentioning waiting, or something you read on the internet…and see what happens! They will never change as long as they’re being bribed.

Elaine Lewis


From: Dr. Massimo Mangialavori is interviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia.

Truly enlightening! The message shared in this interview is profound! Is Dr Mangialavori’s 3 year post graduate program available online for distant students and in the English language?



From: Are Homeopathic Associations in Decline? – Maria Chorianopoulou

I agree with you on this pathetic status of professional associations. However, there are some exceptions. They are silently and sincerely working for the classical homoeopathy. All those have to come together and prepare a Vision Document for development of Homoeopathy with a missionary zeal. The future is promising to all such like-minded associations. I appreciate your efforts and I am sure the classical homoeopathy will survive against all odds.

Srinivasulu Gadugu

Very apt article ma’am and I agree totally. I want to put forth about my fraternity Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association.  We stand only for professional Homoeopaths and I personally can say most Homoeopaths have a vision and practice of classical Homoeopathy. It’s a democratic setup and we look out to promote Homoeopathy in true sense. We are training young graduate doctors to not just practice homoeopathy but also get a livelihood in homoeopathy and to deal with difficult cases.  We encourage collaborations as well for this.

Dr. Rekha Srinivasan


From:   Blunderbussing (Combination Remedies) – Ann Sorrell

Dear Dr.

Classical homeopathy is very good but nowadays it is not considered as the only method to be used in all cases. Most of the qualified homeopaths after passing out from the colleges are generally using one remedy as well as combinations. It is believed that combinations are prepared after great research, for example Reckeweg combinations. Moreover, the patients do not cooperate in giving a full history of the case, hence combinations are used.

Dr C S Gupta


From:  Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea -Treated via Hair Transmission -Dr. Ravi Singh.

Thank you for sharing this case -homeopathy dispensed via hair transmission is such a difficult concept for most people including homeopaths -I have been in awe of how well it works. ??

Gina Tyler


From: The Global Proving of Himalayan Crystal Salt  – Dr Chetna N Shukla, Dr. Harry van der Zee

The article on Himalayan salt is very interesting.

Dr Gian Singh Aulakh


From:  Cartoon:  What Sea is That?  – Alan V. Schmukler

A wonderful comparison!

Aslam Sherwani

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  • 100% i Agree with Dr C S Gupta about combination medicines approach. Classical Homeopathy no doubt it is very good if every Practitioners meticulously follow the way how great Hahnemann was practicing. he was treating only one or two or maximum 3 patients per day. he was completely devoted , his only mission was to cure the disease through subjective & objective approach. About 200 years back environmental conditions, people lifestyle, beliefs , no much options for various approach for treatments . present era is completely different, most Homeopths wants to treat numerous patients in a day. General belief of people is Homeopathy treatments are slow in action , classical method success as per my practical knowledge is only may be 40%. But Homeopathy combination medicines which are also out come of extensive research is very effective as per my statistics.

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