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Letters to the Editor from our readers – Feedback from May 2020

Letters to the Editor from our readers



When I started my Homeopathy journey in 2009 in İstanbul with the ECH programme I found a fantastic journal on the web called It was not easy to find reliable sources and then I found Homeopathy 4 everyone. Now it is an honour to share a case here. has a large number of followers in Turkey. I would like to thank everyone who works for especially Alan Schmukler with my most sincere feeling. I would like to thank to all the homeopathy community for its passion, devotion and freedom!
Elif Alın – Vice President of the Istanbul Homeopathy Association

From:  A COVID 19 Positive Case Treated with Classical Homeopathy – Maria Peppa


Hello, thank you very much for sharing this case.

Where is the report of swab for Covid19 positive?
Bhaskar Sarkar

The swab test report is available but is not presented here as it contains the personal details of the patient. If you are interested we can send you the de identifies pdf of report.
Dr. Seema Mahesh

Well done Dr. Mahesh. You have earned tremendous blessings from the patient who was relieved from covid 19.

In the USA, paracetamol is known by the generic name Acetaminophen or the trade name Tylenol.  It’s not something homeopaths would usually give, except as an antidote, so it’s good you took over the care of the patient before it had more potential for irreversible ill effects.

From: A Cry for Unity in Homeopathy – Maria Chorianopoulou

Thank you for your exquisite clarity in defending classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy.  I am so grateful and proud to be taught by IACH.

Thank you for all you do Dear Maria!
Dorothy Daniels

A significantly illuminating thought and proposal!! Congratulations Maria on daring to write the truth so fearlessly!! More power to you and us!!
Dr. Rosy Sethia

Article très réaliste, percutant et plein de bon sens. En effet, l’heure n’est plus à des élucubrations les unes plus fantaisistes que les autres, qui ne font que de nous affaiblir la crédibilité devant les patients et les scientifiques. Merci Dr. Chorianopoulou de nous ramener devant cette évidence et surtout de garder cet espoir pour du meilleur. Je souscris totalement à votre proposition. L’homéopathie est hahnemanienne ou n’est pas du tout.
Dr. Georgiana Racle

From a place of integrity, a powerful affirmation for a person who is brave enough to share their ideas, even if they might be unpopular at first. It helps when we all encourage each other to be our honest, authentic selves.
Thank you Maria

Dr Ziad Salloum
The need of the hour is to save homoeopathy from the so called homoeopaths. The Organon of Medicine, Materia Medical Pura and Chronic Diseases, their peculiar nature and their homoepathic cure are the bench marks and Gold Standards in Homoeopathy. Let us teach and practice in Hahnemann’s way, but not the individual’ way. United we stand, divided we fall. Let Hahnemann’s teachings guide us all for practice of homoeopathy in it’s pristine purity. Long live the principles.
Srinivasulu Gadugu

Dearest Maria, I appreciate your timely intervention by writing this bold article against the rubbish, which has been circulated across the globe. I sincerely hope that this article gains momentum through sharing and dissemination. So as to expose people behind this charlatanism….!!!
Dr Kamal Jalodia

From:  Singly and Sequentially – Ann Sorrell

I agree with you entirely. I believe the hardest thing for a person practicing any healing art is to know when to wait. We all want to rush to the suffering person’s aid (only fools rush in…). We must train ourselves to resist that urge. In a true emergency the symptoms are strong and clear. Otherwise we must learn to wait until the portrait develops before we prescribe a first or a subsequent homeopathic remedy on the totality. Sometimes waiting for the totality to emerge takes humility and patience…
Manon Larose

From: A Case of Infertility in a Woman of 30 – Dr. Seema Mahesh

Beautifully done.
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

This is one of the best homeopathy papers I’ve read. Please keep it up.
Dr Bh Md Shafiqur Rahman Gibon


You are really good at what you do. Keep up the great work.
Ziad Salloum

From:  Myocardial Infarction in a Man of 89 – Adjuvant Homeopathic Treatment  –  Tamara Kozymenko

It is a very useful article worth making a note of. I am 89 years old with chronic angina and prostatitis. I am on allopathic drugs and have improved my health considerably with support of homeopathy remedies. I am convinced that
integrative medicine works wonder.
H.S. Thandi  –  AHCP

From:   Two cases of febrile respiratory infection with high covid-19 probability – Dr. Vassilios Zinas

Very nicely done!
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

A clear ‘mind symptom’ gives the breakthrough in both the cases!
Joydip Sarkar

Classical prescription based on perfect history and anamnesis.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee

From:   Impulse Control Disorder – Cure with a Rare Remedy -Dr. Atul Jaggi

Very nice and classical case presentation by dear Atul sir thank you for this very good learning case…
Akash Jadhav

Thank you for sharing the case Dr. Atul Jaggi!
Dr. James George

I read your case and it was exceptionally well-written. I particularly liked the fact that it was an objective and clear presentation pointing out the benefit of small remedies when they are indicated.

I would like to thank you for both an educative and informative case.
Ilyas Akhundzada ilyas

A very good case, thank you, for the learning opportunity. I have a question – according to Prof Vithoulkas’ teachings, we would usually give a single dose and wait and see the reaction. Starting with Staphysagria, you have repeated the chosen remedy, twice a day for a few days and then waited to see the reaction. I’m sure there has been a logical thought process behind it… am keen to know what it was. Where Derris p is concerned, you have given 200 bd for 3 days then 1M bd for 3 days…here too, I’d like to understand the reasoning for it.

The reason to repeat Staphysagria was because the indignation was very old and very deep in her Psyche.   The reason to give Derris in 2 potencies was just to be sure that at least one potency would be active, and we may not miss the correct remedy just because of a bad preparation. As Derris was not available in India and we ordered it from Ainsworth, we were not sure!   The important rule of repetition is that the moment we see an effect, we stop the repetition.
Dr. Atul Jaggi

Thanks so much!! Good to know because after attending Prof GV’s e-learning course, I have tended to become over-cautious where repetition of potencies is concerned. I get what you’re saying, thanks again! So yes, while starting, if needed, we can give a few doses of the potency, but once the action is visible, no more dosing.
Dr Firuzi Mehta

Dear Atul,
Congratulations, that’s a really good case presentation and showing how homeopathy could work. I admired your patience with the client and your trust in process.  It’s not easy to wait and observe, cases like these.
Sema Ilhan

From:   Deficit Disorder in a Boy of 13 –  Ana Cristina Pombo

Great case. Thank you!
Kriste Sanders

From: A Case of Multiple Sclerosis with Relapse  –  Daniel Rusev

Dear Daniel,
A nice prescription and (preliminary) outcome on Borax. I would ask, in future, that more specific information be provided so that the reader may for themselves correlate and confirm with the source MM.

I would also mention Borax is not known to have produced itching leucorrhœa (rather for acrid), and is especially known to produce papules/pimples (Blüthen – refer CD122-124,410), not vesicles (Blattern/Blasen) though it does produce those also (to a lesser degree [e.g. on the tongue, CD153]). The eruptions produced by Borax are painful, erosive, aphthous (Schwämmchen; see CD150) – i.e. not, as you say, “From Materia Medica we know that Borax is the main remedy for leucorrhoea and herpes.”  (See below article for rest of comment)
George Dimitriadis

Dear George,
Yes, you are right, this case needs long-term follow-up. And it has. Unfortunately, I can’t think up symptoms that the patient doesn’t have and I put them in the Repertory as they are in the patient. I haven’t adapted them according to MM. In Boekicke’s, Boenninghausen’s and Boreg’s MM is very well written that Borax is a well-shown remedy for herpes and white flow from vagina, etc.  When it comes to a serious illness such as MS, it is unlikely to be cured with aspirin or placebo, as you wrote. Only this would happen with the right homeopathic medicine. If you know the Health Levels well, you will find that when a person has not had a fever for a long time, and then starts again and along with it there are frequent acute conditions, the patient has risen to group B. The rest of what you have written is pure speculation and your interpretations of my case, which refer to your imagination. Which unfortunately often happens and happens in Homeopathy, even by many world famous Homeopaths.

Dear Daniel,
That’s really great success and giving much hope about MS cases. Clients’ health levels improvement is actually more than expectations, so I think we could expect and study more.. thank you for sharing.
Sema Ilhan

From:  A Case of Social Anxiety and Lack of Confidence – Dr Dimple Kirpalani

Being an engineer by profession with passing interest in homeopathy my diary note is, medo boastful inflated frog, an high ego ambition is his weakness. has fear of opinion of others. better by bending back not forward. red soles. actions are wide ranged high capacity to get high heat generated in body not like merc and nat carb who whistle out in narrow range temperature conditions. ayurveds call it pitta dosha.argt nit is pitta simple sulphur double pitta makes orifices red medo triple pitta allows heat to go to soles then only, go to doctor. Bengali homeopaths habit is to capture some peculiar point that my note says burning is felt in heart region sleeps on abdomen.
Er. SS Hari IDSE (Retd)

From: Avian Mycobacterium – An integrated perspective and its scope in treatment of COVID 19 disease. by Drs. Jayesh Shah, Munjal Thakar

I found your article very interesting, will try it also in a case of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis I shared with Dr J. Shah
Hanna Schnyder-Etienne

Could Tuberculinum taken weekly as a prophylactic by non-infected individuals be preventative though this Co-Vid pandemic – does Tuberculinum present any danger in prophylactic use and what dose would be most effective – 30C, 200C? Clinically, we employed Tuberculinum 200C in a 6 month old infant 18 years ago (female child, Italian, Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry, light blonde hair, hazel eyes, pink skin tone, slightly stout) – birth was complicated by meconium in womb, symptoms developed of Kawasaki SYNDROME (different from Kawasaki DISEASE) – complications of Kawasaki Syndrome involved apparent and severe allergic reactions, primarily to indoor environment involving materials common to homes such as carpeting, paint, MDF board (medium density fiberboard commonly used for shelving and recognized to emit formaldehyde-related compounds), etc. Related reactions included chronic respiratory difficulties with congestion and wheezing, chronic sinus-eustachian congestion, chronic ear infection, chronic 103°F fever, chronic red, dry and broken skin resembling dry and broken earth of a scorched desert clay, dry and broken lips, and left eye drooping. Various remedies including Belladonna 30C and 200C (primarily to control fever), Ant Tart and Hep Sulph 30C were employed over time. Tuberculinum 200C was eventually determined and on administration 3 people (physician and parents) observed the child demonstrate visibly profound effects over a period of 15 minutes as if the child changed from red to green in front of them – immediate reactions included skin color change (decrease of redness), skin texture began to smooth and appear slightly moister, fever decreased, and wheezing subsided – over several weeks chronic conditions of fever and congestion began to subside, skin and sinus related conditions continued to improve – three more doses were administered over the next several weeks, another dose administered 1 year later – acute symptoms involving ear infections, eustachian congestion, and mild skin conditions continued for several years and were addressed with various other remedies at each incident, but the pronounced and immediate effects of Tuberculinum appeared to manifest extreme improvements – physician initially hesitated with administration of Tuberculinum due to cautions indicated in various Materia Medica but the results were fascinating – returning to the original question, could weekly prophylactic administration of Tuberculinum in non-infected individuals safely offer preventative measures, and at what dose?
W.F. Clement

Here we are proposing Tuberculinum Aviare not bovinum.   Yes, We only understood that Anshutz has mentioned that he saw no bad effects of giving Tuberculinum Aviare repeated over months in these cases, if you read the article carefully. Thanks for sharing this inspiring result with tuberculinum. I think it must be tuberculinum bovinum and not aviare. As we can learn from your experience that repeating the remedy tuberculinum did so much good for this child.
Dr Jayesh Shah

Munjal Thakar Dr.Munjal Thakar:

Yes, I agree with Dr.Jayesh Shah as to the Anshutz experience in repeating Avaire for months. Nevertheless, I am personally of the view that if you can procure Aviare (as Clarke names it to avoid confusion with more common Tub. Bovinum) in LM potency, it would eliminate any possibility of aggravation especially if it is to used in babies. Besides, if at all an aggravation happens while using LM potency, it is very effectively controlled by withdrawing the drug for a few days.

Very nice work. Though i am an ophthalmologist, I won’t understand the intricacies that well , but your theories and thought processes are very logical. Having known you and your passion in research for last 35 years, I would believe it to be true. All the best and congratulations.
Dr. Vatsal Shyamlal Parikh

From:  Perspectives in the Homeopathic approach to Covid-19

Dear Dr Sankaran, Thanks for the detailed information about the treatment and prevention of Covid 19. After your suggestion, I have prescribed CAMPHOR 200 to my patients and friends (nearly 80) and all of them are well and happy. In three positive cases of Covid 19, CAMPHOR 200 helped a lot and all the three recovered within a week.

I read your article with full attention, noting the success of each case . I am really pleased that you answered honestly replying to all those, who criticised the remedy. I know that you are honest and dedicated homoeopath.
With best wishes
Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma

Thank you for this. It is so helpful to have a very experienced homeopath writing so succinctly and with such clarity on a very prevalent issue which is causing people so much anxiety and concern.
Jane Barkes

Dear Doctor,Thanks for your excellent article. I am a retired scientist and not a doctor but use homeopathy for all our family members. I received a mail from Dr.Krishnamurthy which I give below. Kindly excuse me for my non professional intrusion. SINGLE-DOSE TREATMENT FOR CORANA VIRUS-COVID-19:

An Open Letter to the prime ministers, chancellors and Health Ministers in all the countries where corona is spreading.
Santharam A

Homoeopathy is recognized by the governments of various countries as one of the genuine and acceptable medical systems. In India alone, there are about one hundred and fifty government homoeopathy colleges.

“Before the First World War, there were in the United States 56 purely homoeopathic general hospitals with 35 to 1,400 beds each, nine hospitals for women (inclusive of midwifery) with 30 to 100s bed each, besides nine children’s hospitals with purely homoeopathic treatment. The Hahnemann College in Philadelphia with hospitals attached and its extensive polyclinic was, in the year 1922, the most important homoeopathic educational institution in the world. Even in those days, its buildings were valued at several million dollars. For practical training, the Hahnemann College offered advantages, which were scarcely to be equalled at that time in any European University. The large number of cases in the hospitals and polyclinics (more than 50,000 patients and 6,000 accident cases were treated every year) afforded the professors abundant material for their clinical instruction. The college possessed a special institution for midwifery, directly attached to it, and allowing the students many opportunities for observing obstetrical cases. In addition, numerous confinements were attended to amongst the poor people in the town and these also served for instruction.” [See Richard Haehl, SAMUEL HAHNEMANN; HIS LIFE AND WORKS.]
Dr. V. Krishnamoorthy

From: Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) – a Homeopathic Perspective – by Ajit Kulkarni

Very good article by Doctor Kulkarni. His reference of Tuberculinum is very much prudent in the coming Covid19 management, when all Homoeopath will get such cases in their own clinic. Covid19 has come to stay for years now.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee

From: Homeopathy in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Opportunities, Challenges and the Road Ahead – by R. K. Manchanda, Meeta Gupta

Very well explained the whole scenario of COVID pandemic and Homeopathy at one glance making the way ahead of different strategies that can be applied during these testing times
Dr Amrit Kalsi

From:  Addressing the Use of Prophylaxis  – by Janet Robinson Banerjea

Janet, thanks for a good review of homoeoprophylaxis. I also agree that a Nosode is necessary to fight Covid19. Thank you again for your article.
Dr Santimoy Mukherjee

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