Feedback from May 2022

Feedback from May 2022 – Letters to the Editor

Dear Manish & Hpathy team,

Many thanks for the Pioneer of Homoeopathy award. This is a great privilege for me and I am truly honored. I will do my best to continue in the same path and tradition.

Warm wishes and all good things


Jeremy Sherr

From: Interview with Prof. George Vithoulkas on the microbiome – Dr. Manish Bhatia

The Role of Microbiome in Chronic Diseases – Prof. George Vithoulkas – Interviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Excellent observations as to what is happening to our lack of health in these days. I am delighted I have found “common sense” science spoken here in this interview. Thank you for your many years of work in the real medicine world of helping us to heal holistically.
Dr. Patryce Smith

Wow! That is some mind awakening material. I believe Dr. Vithoulkas has given us a much better understanding of the mind/body connection with his explanation of a “new organ, namely, the microbiota. Thank you.
Wallace J. Quinlan. D.C.

Great article! Thank you!
Laurie Teal

What an inspiring, stimulating, and insightful interview! A huge stream of my thanks and compliments fly out spontaneously to both Dr George Vithoullkas and Dr Manish Bhatia. Microbiome as a new organ, pivotal to human health at all the three levels – cognitive, emotional and physical – is indeed a novel concept; and not just novel but also a very useful and usable concept. ( For me, personally, it is also a very thrilling concept.) May we all be able to wrap our heads around it and heal our patients and ourselves in its light. Amen! Tathastu!
Ravindra Joshi

Many many thanks Sir and appreciate for such a wonderful interview and gist of the interview connection between brain and gut. There is predisposition behind a reaction. Predisposition is according to Master Hahnemann the ancient infecting agent (Miasm i.e true chronic disease).”The fact that this extremely ancient infecting agent has gradually passed, in some hundreds of generations, through many millions of human organisms and has thus attained an incredible development… ——§ 81,Organon of medicine, by Dr. S. Hahnemann.”. So all the reaction of an organism due to inherited true chronic diseases through genes.
Dr. Prabir Das

From:  Editorial: Throwing (red) light on Parkinson’s. – Alan V. Schmukler

Editorial – May 2022 – Throwing (Red) Light on Parkinson’s

I am 70 and lost my sense of smell 3 to 4 years ago. I can still smell some essential oils. Mom has Alzheimer’s Disease and Dad had Parkinson Disease. Recalling names is getting more difficult and just the worry of wondering if the right word will come to mind when conversing on any subject sometimes worries me. Any suggestion of how to start with the infrared lights would be helpful. Thank you very much.

Hi Carol,
There are a number of LED appliances listed as therapeutic red light on You want one that has a wavelength of either 660 nanometers or 660 & 800 nanometers. (They don’t have to be infrared, as just red light at 660 nm should work.) I personally don’t think you need to place these on your head, just shine the light onto your face and head in a darkened room. I have to say that this does not constitute medical advice.
Alan V. Schmukler


From: Clinical Experiences with the LM-Scale – Alexander V. Martiushev

Clinical Experiences with the LM-Scale

Dear Dr. Alexander V. Martiushev,
Thank you for this article on the wonderful LM potencies. I wish more homeopaths knew how to use them. They seem to work more deeply and also more gently at the same time. As a patient, I find the LM’s incredibly powerful. It’s difficult to find a homeopath who not only works with LM’s, but can also pick the appropriate remedy and know how to dose properly. I have to be careful with them though. I have a sensitive system and they can aggravate badly, just like the C potencies, if I’m not careful.\

From: Message #1 from the International Hahnemann Center Torgau (IHZT) in Meissen -Siegfried Letzel

In 2005 I visited Meissen. Go with me to the ‘Freiheit’ and enter the yard of the school, through the main gate. On the left side you will see a door. Above this this door you will read: Aude Sapere. But….. enter this door, and in front of you you will find another door. Enter this door too and you are in the garden of the school. Go to the right side and see the wall of big stones. There you will find the big stone which once was the main stone above the door of the school Hahnemann visited. You can read the message (very old) ‘Aude Sapere’. It is still there and my wife Joyce found this stone. Even Helge Landmann did not know the stone still existed. I told him. I took pictures of the stone.
Arjen Pasma

Dear Arien,
I love to read that you have been to Meissen, at St Afra school and that you met with Helge Landmann. Thank you for telling us about the engravings. You are very right! Meissen is such a beautiful town. It would be nice if we could share our pictures here. But it seems that the feature is not available in the comments section. Will we meet in Meissen once the exhibition has opened the doors? I’d like to meet you and to show you around!

Hello Mr. Siegfried!
Nice to hear from the latest developments on our Master!  I would love to meet you all in Meissen next April 10th with a group of Enthusiastic Homoeopathic community!!
Dr. Ravindran
Chennai, India

From: Covid-19 Delta Variant in a Man of 58 – Kathrine Dehn

Covid-19 Delta variant in a Man of 58

Excellent teaching!  Choice of successful Rx very nicely explained. It will be interesting to see whether China comes top in a repertorisation or not.
Simon King

From: Could Homeopathy Become an Alternative Therapy in Dengue Fever? -10 Case Studies. 

Could Homeopathy Become an Alternative Therapy in Dengue Fever? An example of 10 Case Studies

Thank you Seema Mahesh, Mallapa Mahesh, George Vithoulkas for having done some of the finest, most substantial research in homeopathy, establishing homeopathy’s credentials as a scientific and fact based therapy.
Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Cartoon:  The 5 G Transmitter – Alan V. Schlmukler

Alan, let me ask you, is the danger still there if you buy a 4G phone instead of a 5G?
Elaine Lewis

Reply by Alan V. Schmukler

Good question. 5G is not just 4G raised to one level. It operates at a much higher frequency (up to 100 billion cycles a second) and it uses millimeter wave radiation which requires that its transmitters be placed much closer to the people who are using it. It will require transmitters within a couple hundred feet of every home. If you’re holding a 5g cell phone (or standing next to someone who is), the beam will automatically be directed at your phone – and thus your body.

However, both 4G and 5G are dangerous. Watch this brief video:

Personally I use land lines and a cell phone ONLY for emergencies and then only on speaker phone.

From: Recurrent Miscarriages and Problems with Conception -by Petr Zacharias

This was a beautifully analyzed and skillfully managed case, such as is rarely seen these days.   Thank you Mr. Zacharias.
Martin Earl

From:  56-Year-Old Female with Prurigo Nodularis – by Dr. Mitchell Fleisher

Thank you for this interesting case Dr. Fleisher. That was a very astute analysis using periodic table. Probably would not have been solved by classical methods.
Martin Earl

From: Revisiting: What Remedy Is Bobby Rydell?  – by Elaine Lewis

Revisiting: What Remedy Is Bobby Rydell? (Another Famous Person Quiz)

I sure enjoyed watching the Temptations sing “My Girl.” I miss those days of good music. So fun to watch the videos of Bobby Rydell, too. Yes, he sure was light on his feet and had a good sense of rhythm, unlike those goofy Tarentula-h guys in the garage. Thanks for always enlightening us, and with humor, Elaine!
Linda S

Elaine Lewis Replies:
The garage is where they belong! They should never be allowed out! Idiots!

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