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Letters to the editor with comments about’s free library of book, polarity therapy, vaccine damage addressed with Moderna 1M, and much more.

From: Editorial – A Crucial Battle – Alan V Schmukler

Editorial – A Crucial Battle – November 2021

Mr Schmukler, I could not agree more with your editorial! At 68 now, I consider having been sleeping those last 40 years or so, while not worrying about this slow but sly industries’ installations and actions. Big Pharma, Big Tech, “Big Agro”, etc. Just think about our “friend” Kill Bill” who now owns the biggest proportion of farming lands in the US… This is not normal and you probably are aware of the dangers pending… I feel very concerned about the future of my 2 children and 3 grand-children Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. (n.b. I am a french speaking retired homeopath in Quebec province… My English writing may not be top…)
Christian Calvé

Alan V. Schmukler Replies
Hi Christian,
Your English is perfect as is you’re awareness of the current world situation. If we can educate even a portion of the population there will be more people to push back against the current evils.

Yay RFK, Jr.! I tried reading section 704 but was put to sleep by it every time! I assume it was saying “You can’t object to our technology based on what it’s doing to your health. Sorry!” Oy vey!
Elane Lewis

Alan V. Schmukler Replies
Yes, that’s it in a nutshell… You can’t object to our technology based on what it’s doing to your health because the FCC has decided that it can’t harm you (even though all the evidence proves otherwise).

From:  An Interview with Lauren Fox – by Karen Allen
I never learned about this Polarity Analysis method to facilitate the selection of the indicated remedy. I feel this is that piece of the homeopathic puzzle I have been looking for, for years without any success. Thank you for sharing this. I’m studying Polarity Analysis voraciously, Karen. This was the most important thing I stumbled upon in years. It is a true blessing.
Ismar Pereira Filho

Karen Allen
Thanks Ismar – glad to hear of your interest in this approach! We have much to be grateful for in the work of Boenninghausen and refinements by Heiner Frei! You can learn more from all of the materials at Heiner’s website at  The software used in this approach offers a free trial at  Details about the 3 month Polarity Analysis online training/clinic is at
Warm regards to you in Brazil!

November 22, 2021 at 9:56 pm
I use Polarity Analysis and it works. I found remedies and results that are often surprising. Strongly recommended!
Ernst Schwer

Karen Allen
Thanks, Ernst, for sharing your use of this approach. Agreed completely, the results are often surprising, and even uncanny in the way that the remedies which come forward are often well matched to the pathology even when the rubrics selected have not specified it at all. We are fortunate to have this tool to help us as we help our clients!
Be well,

From: Alumina – by P I Tarkas  and Ajit Kulkarni


Excellent article very useful for practitioners, thank you Dr.
S. Jayachandran

From:  Ayahuasca – by Len Marlow


Very interesting article and remedy. Thank you. I want to ask what about Rainbow and what do you mean Purple? They are proving remedies? Sounds pretty good.

I have had 3 patients, over 30-years, (all female) who developed a heart arrhythmia after smoking Ayahuasca. It is serious stuff herbally with many not making a connection after its use to health issues that developed.
Elena Upton, D.Hom

From Soul of Remedies – Gelsemium – by Rajan Sankaran

The Soul of Remedies – Gelsemium sempervirens

This concept-soul of remedies- is not conducive to the science of homeopathy. We have the more sensible concepts “characteristic symptoms” , keynotes, peculiars and modalities. These describe remedies amply. Soul of a remedy doesn’t add anything new to our existing knowledge.
Hence it is superfluous and may be misleading the newcomers.
Because it attributes an absoluteness to a remedy independent of the spectrum of remedies which are closely related to one another and can only be prescribed ( arrived at) by differentiating from other remedies. Which is never uniform but again differ from person to person.
Hence “eigenstate” alone is a proper word for a remedy totality. It is conducive to the understanding and ultimate establishment of the Plausibile mechanism. Whereas the concept “soul of remedies” can sabotage the further advancement of the science of homeopathy. Newcomers Beware. Please be wary of such new concepts inconsistent with Hahnemann’s vocabulary.

From: Tidbits 85: Case-2: Vaccine Damage Treated with Moderna 1M – by Elain Lewis

Tidbits 85: Case-2: Vaccine Damage Treated with Moderna 1M

Hi, I think it’s great that someone got their hands on these vaccines and created remedies from them. My concern is I read that pfizer has different batches of vaccines that are not the same vaccine given thoughout the year. I dont know about the others, but pfizer has also asked the FDA to ban from the public the list of ingredients in their vaccines for the next 55 years. The inserts pharmacists receive are intentionally left blank.

Do you know if the people who got batches of these vaccines, took a look at what they are made of?
Thank you

Elaine Lewis replies
Wow. So we can’t know what’s in the Pfizer vaccine! Unbelievable. Actually, you should direct your question to Homeopathy Plus. Go to their website:

Please allow me two comments that are very important in my eyes.

1) First to the video:
Stirring in homeopathy should be much longer and more intense, with a vortex (not as slow as a cup of coffee to distribute the milk). This is the only way to really efficiently transfer the power of the remedy to the smallest parts of the glass of water.

2) And then on vaccine nosodes in general:
This approach does not always work, unfortunately. If it did, homeopathy would be quite simple: we would no longer need lengthy medical histories and repertorizations; just the conventional medicine remedy in high potency, and the case would be solved. This was already described in a booklet by Tinus Smits from the Netherlands, after which some colleagues work here in Europe. Partly with success, partly without. And never as profoundly as one would wish.

This nosode therapy is not always crowned with success. This was already explained by Henry C. Allen, “It is folly, then, to expect to treat symptoms with its nosode, and the folly is the more apparent when we realize that the character of this nosode is essentially changed in the process of potentizing. The only way, therefore, to use a nosode is to prove it on the healthy like any other drag, and note its symptoms in the regalar way.”

And also – I have often enough experienced in my practice that vaccine-damaged children have received the vaccine nosode, but their epilepsy or autism have not changed. Certainly, acute reactions and relief occur after such an administration. But no one can say whether long-term damage may occur or not. Only with a homeopathic chronic, anti-miasmatic treatment did real movement come into such cases.

It is certainly worth a try to proceed with nosodes, but the certainty that really no damage occurs, there is not so! Unfortunately.

I am writing this so that therapists around the world will be aware of this and not be lulled into a false sense of security. I have been treating a variety of vaccine injuries for over 30 years. (see the website [but only in German])
Still, a great paper. Thanks for that.

Elaine Lewis
Dr. Gratz, I agree that the stirring of the cup in the video was inadequate and I believe I wrote that in the “comments” section on youtube, but I couldn’t persuade the author. Here’s what I wrote and her reply:

11 years ago, the only difference I would have with the video is the “gentle” stirring. I believe the Organon said to stir vigorously. See footnote a. of aph. 248. He says, “stir vigorously”.

Yes you are correct, he says stir vigorously. However, I have found stirring vigorously to have the same effect as succussions, so we stir gently.  Thank you for the comment though!


Next, you are calling these vaccine remedies “nosodes”. They’re not. Nosodes are made out of diseased tissue or discharges. I would certainly agree with you that Nosodes will not cure every case of illness. In fact, I wrote an article about when to give a nosode called “Nosodes! When Do We Need Them?”:

Making a remedy out of drugs to cancel out their side-effects is called “tautopathy” and I have found that very little else will work in that regard. Please see Dr. Bhatia’s article “Tautopathy–An Introduction”:
Thanks for commenting.

Congratulations Elaine, this is great hope you bring to us. Was there ever a follow-up with patients who took the Vaccine Remedies? Any adverse side effects at all or any takeaway points?

Elaine Lewis
Joselyn, I follow up with these people all the time. Mostly what I’m taking away from their cases is that they are not using the remedy as often as they should, that they are not redosing when needed; for example, one person I know from India who fainted 2 weeks after the AstraZeneca vaccine was taken to the hospital and I said, “Why didn’t you take your AstraZeneca 1M?” Well, he just didn’t think of it. So, I think people are becoming easily discouraged and not being aggressive enough. And people don’t know how to “plus” (raise the potency of) their remedy bottles! This is a big impediment towards moving their case forward! You know, you might not believe it, but, “illnesses”– for lack of a better word–are not passive entities, they fight back if you take a medicine that’s designed to get rid of them, which means that your remedy has to keep getting stronger and stronger. Surely, your initial potency that was once so effective will be too weak in short order; so, knowing about “plussing”, and even just knowing to put the remedy in water and succussing before each dose, is so essential to getting better. Other than that, I am not hearing that the vaccine in potency is causing adverse effects, only that the vaccine itself is the source of unrelenting trouble.

From: Introduction to Polarity Analysis: A Medley of Acute Covid cases – by Tim Shannon

Introduction to Polarity Analysis: A Medley of Acute Covid cases

Great Article. I see so many General and physical rubrics and RARELY see MIND rubrics?  Why is that? Are they not used?
Domenic Stanghini

Yay for modalities!! The veterinary homeopath in me is very happy!
Wendy Jensen

From: Some aspects of the Calcarea Carbonica Personality – by Dr. Banaras Khan Awan

Some aspects of the Calcarea Carbonica Personality

Thanks Dr. Khan for an enlightening essay on Calc. Carb. In the middle of the essay there are these lines seem to be the beginning of an illustration but incomplete – or am I missing something?
Sriram Natrajan

What Sri Sriram Natarajan expressed in his comment is also felt by me. Anyhow, the C.C mental makeup has been explained beautifully. I am immensely about the article. I am very grateful to him for his insightful article.
Bandi Veeeranjaneyulu

Thanks for giving an amazing picture of Calcarea carb. I am grateful for your efforts for Homeopathy in Pakistan as well.  May Allah bless you.
Wajiha Rustam

From:  Announcement of’s huge free library of books:    and highlighting the books on therapeutics:

What a wonderful gesture to forward the free collection of homeopathic therapeutics books. I am sure this will be very much appreciated by all the homeopaths around the world who subscribe to Hpathy. There is a wealth of information contained within these books!
Seasons greetings, Elizabeth Adalian.

Thank you so very much for this! What a perfectly beautiful thing to do!
Christmas Joy to all,
Lakshmi Selbie

From:  Alopecia in a girl of 10  – by Deeksha Sailakwal, Ravindra Kumawat

Alopecia Areata in a girl of 10

I am not clear on what is Rubrum 30 mentioned in the prescription and what is the difference between Sac. Lac. 30 TDS and Sac. Lac. 30 TDS 6 hourly.


Dr. Manish Bhatia:
Rubrum and Sac lac are both synonyms for placebo.

Well presented case with excellent result. Tank you. Thanks Dr. Manish sir, as I also was unaware of rubrum.
Dr. Wahid Pirzada

From: The Plant Doctor – by Radko Tichavsky

The Plant Doctor – November 2021

Wow! Thank you so much for imparting your knowledge about my humble olive tree. I shall do as instructed and let you know how she goes!

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