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Readers comment on the November 2016 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From: Tidbits – by Elaine Lewis

Elaine, Sorry to read about your knee problem. Glad you are out of it now. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your article was good and your analysis of comic characters ‘”also” makes your homeopathy interesting. Thanks once again.

Vamsi Sudha

From: From Similia to Synergy Generations in Homœopathic Practice –Rajan Sankaran

An excellent review of the evolution of thought in homeopathy.  I like the synergy concept that Dr. Sankaran embraces now.

Martin Earl

From: Toxic Overload – The Ever-Increasing Allergens Underpinning Disease – by Elizabeth Adalian.

Amazing article. I liked the information on the role of bowel nosodes. Looking forward to more articles from you Elizabeth.

Dr. Abhishek Choudhary

From: Tips & Secrets – by Alan V. Schmukler

Thank you Alan! Very useful!


Hpathy tips and secrets are very important to select remedies without loss of time. I hope Hpathy will keep publishing Tips & Secrets regularly.

H.C. Maler

From: A Case of Complex & Multiple Allergies – by Daniela Karsten

Nice case!

Dr. Archana Mule

Thanks for this case. It would have been hopeless for an allopath.


From:  Sebaceous Cyst Lasting 16 Years – by S. Arul Manickam

I don’t know how you did it! I agree that the concomitant of eye, burning sensation was a great clue, but there are nearly 300 remedies listed under “Eyes, burning”. I agree it’s peculiar that he laughs while telling his story; but, why not pick, “Laughs over serious matters” or any of the many other rubrics that might pertain to what he was doing?

Elaine Lewis

From: Conium – Remedy for Suppressed Sexual Emotions – by Hemesh Thakur

Nice cases sir!

Mukesh Patel

From:  A Case of Psoriasis in a Man of 74 – by Chanda Shah

Nice case madam. How did you differentiate between Aurum and Kali?

Dr. Vikas

From:  A Case and a Half of Rhus Glabra – While I Had Diarrhea Everyone Betrayed Me!  – by Mario Boyadzhiev

A nicely worked case!

Martin Earl

From:  My journey as a Physician in treating DM – by Bijal Shah

Credible!  -G.K. Pandey

Great work.  Dr. Salim A Khan.

From :  A Letter to the CDC – Forced Vaccination – by Lucy Cole

Forced vaccination is a crime and cannot be accepted.

  1. Sandvoss

From:  Carbo Animalis – New Insights Into Mentals – by Maja Letić

Excellent article on Carbo animalis. Very well explained.

Dr. Damayanti Gupte

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