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Hpathy readers comment on articles on acute glomerulonephritis, Homeopathy in Russia, interviews with Dr. Peter Fisher and Jan Scholten, Homeopathy for Dengue Fever by Dr. Manisha Bhatia and much more.

From:  Decoding Homoeopathic Therapeutic Strategy in Acute Glomerulonephritis (AGN) In Paediatric Practice -Drs. NavinPawaskar and Kalyani Koya

Decoding Homoeopathic Therapeutic Strategy in Acute Glomerulonephritis (AGN) In Paediatric Practice

I found this an extremely valuable article. Drs. NavinPawaskar and Kalyani Koya provide an excellent model of how to proceed is such cases.

Alan V. Schmukler


From: 185 Years of Official Recognition of Homeopathy in Russia – Dr. Leonid Kosmodemyanskiy

185 Years of Official Recognition of Homeopathy in Russia

I was in Moscow this summer and I was so glad to see the Homeopathy section in the Medical bookstore in Moscow, next to Pediatrics, Surgery, Pharmacology etc. I am glad they are able to fight back the attacks from arrogant “science” group who have no idea what homeopathy is. I am glad many people in Russia, especially in the medical field, have the right perspective about it.

Tatiana Smirnova


I enjoyed very much this short history of homeopathy in Russia. It is quite remarkable that one of the original leading skeptics of homeopathy in Russia withdrew his criticisms and became a strong advocate of homeopathy after he witnessed some compelling cures from the homeopathic treatment of friends and relatives.It was also remarkable to read about the persistent and repetitive efforts of the skeptics of homeopathy to do whatever they could to stop homeopathy…without success! It was impressive to read how 80+% of a surveyed group of leading scientists expressed their support for homeopathy on several occasions, and yet, this group of skeptics remained persistent in their efforts to stop homeopathic practice in Russia, once again, without success.It is fascinating to watch skeptics of homeopathy maintain their ignorance and arrogance, and three (or more!) cheers to advocates of homeopathy in Russia who continue to advocate successfully for the science and art of homeopathy.

Dana Ullman


From:  Interview with Dr. Peter Fisher – Vatsala Sperling

Dr. Peter Fisher is Interviewed by Vatsala Sperling

Dr Fisher gave a great boost to modern homeopaths so that high dilution has  started to receive laboratory scientific evidence. The principles of homeopathy founded by Dr Hahnemann are very sound and therefore have a great future. I am  optimistic.

Dr C S Gupta

It is good to be positive Dr Gupta, but it has to be said that in the UK National Health Service, homoeopathy is all but finished and the faculty has been almost powerless to halt the decline. I always had the feeling that faculty members were anxious not to rock the boat over issues such as vaccination. But in the face of a sustained attack on homoeopathy from politicians, the pharmaceutical industry and other doctors, the faculty’s position nevertheless saw most homoeopathic hospitals closing.

Kevin Morris


From:   An Interview with Jan Scholten   – David Nortman

Classifying Homeopathic Remedies: Interview with Jan Scholten

Thank you! I have been studying with Jan for many years and my level and expansion of prescribing have changed dramatically.

Katharina Riedener-Brunner


From:  The Soul of Remedies – Theridon – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

The Soul of Remedies: Theridion curassavicum

Symptoms are usually studied best by comparing with nearest remedies. A materiamedica is incomplete without complementary and antidotal remedies.It is necessary to mention atleast one partial antidote to the remedy. Otherwise it can’t be prescribed with confidence.

K.N. Venkatesh



From:  Homeopathy for Dengue Fever  – Dr. Manisha Bhatia

Homeopathic Medicine for Dengue Fever

One more I would like to suggest : Eupatorium perf 200CH

Dr. Sachendra Raj

The article is useful but I wish for detailed information for its prevention as well What I have found so far is that Crotalus 200 one dose in the morning for five days followed by Arnica 200 for next five days is recommended for treatment of Dengue Fever. Would somebody put some light on thisto safeguard from this disease. Thanking you.

KhawarAfroze Rana


From: Tidbits 58: The Latest Fad in Homeopathy?– Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 58: The Latest Fad In Homeopathy?

Thank you, Elaine. Another excellent, informative and very useful column. You provide information and perspectives that are rarely found elsewhere.

Alan V. Schmukler

Ah, this brings back so many not-so-fond memories of the miserable head-to-toe rash I developed as soon as I took the final dose of a prescribed round of antibiotics for a tooth infection. It was the first prescription I’d had in well over a decade and I only resorted to trying it because I was in such pain. I made a remedy out of the empty drug bottle, which must have had some of the powdered medicine from the capsules filled by the pharmacist. What should have taken about 3 weeks to recover from (with of course a round of prescribed steroids, which I refused) took about six days, I think, using a homemade remedy made from the offending medicine, at relatively low potencies. This article is yet another example of how homeopathic practice can be quite empowering to everybody — you can make the remedy you need in some cases! Technically speaking, would this be tautopathic prescribing, Elaine? “The poison is the cure”?


Dear Claire and Alan,

Thank you for your comments! Claire, I guess it is called “tautopathic” prescribing–giving a potentized drug as a remedy. However, I think the point I’m trying to make is, don’t be surprised if your patient’s complaint is nothing but a side-effect of some drug they’re on, and if that’s the case, probably the only cure for it is their drug in potency.

Elaine Lewis

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