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Feedback from Oct 2019


Readers comment on the October 2019 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone. Comments on presentations by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Doug Brown, Elaine Lewis, Dr. Muhammad Rafeeque, Dr. Dr. Ajmal Saif and others.

From:  The Soul of Remedies Argentum nitricum -Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Excellent informative analytic

Dr. Jaswant Gandhi

From: Noetic Mirroring – An Untapped Method of Healing our Planet?

– Doug Brown


Hi Doug

I love what you are saying. The idea of noetic mirroring to the collective, or even to the legislators is interesting. Jung talked about the need for a myth for modern man, as you know. Here is the link to a presentation I made, which resonates with what you are saying. Youtube LInk

All the best


Nicholas Nossaman


Truly wonderful. This article should be publicised much further to help counteract the current anti-homeopathy lobby. We need to show people that there is another way of looking at disease rather than the purely scientific.

Karina Kelly

From: The Tongue in Disease and Remedial Diagnosis – Muhammad Rafeeque

Very informative! Thank you very much, sir.


From:  Tidbits 66:  A second look at Donald Trump – Elaine Lewis

Whew! Excellent column. Thanks so much for laying out a sample of the destruction the Trump wave has left in its wake. Medorrhinum sounds like a likely suspect. Lachesis also looks good. If only we had a remedy for unbridled greed.

Alan V. Schmukler


I am a 40 year researcher. I have done in depth research of Trump. Your comments on president Trump were made in abject ignorance as to accomplishments. Stay with homeopathy please for God’s sake.

Jim Smith


Elaine is analysing the constitutional remedy of Trump, based on his characteristic personality traits. Trump is a textbook narcissist – grandiose self-image; overinflated ego; childish need to be the centre of attention; lack of empathy; hardhearted selfishness; obsessive and irrational behaviour; vicious aversion to criticism and critics; etc. These ‘character flaws’ are helpful in determining the constitutional remedy.

Peter Dunselth


It is not a good idea mixing morality and homoeopathy- even less politics and homoeopathy. And for all Trump’s faults, he amongst all politicians has raised concerns about vaccination. Whether he will get round to doing anything about it is, of course, another thing all together.

Kevin Morris


While I love your analysis for actual homeopathy cases and am usually a fan of your column, this article is not worthy of your actual skills. You have not taken a complete case. Your sources you have listed all skew heavily left in their coverage of political news and “these rubrics” are pieced together with bias for your conclusion. Worse yet, using a homeopathic remedy to label someone like a personality profile is a misuse of remedy profiles. If a homeopath uses medorrhinum for her own treatment is she/he now unworthy of being a homeopath because of her remedy?

Lynette Albrecht


Really great article.!! No one else would have analysed Trump so critically. Hope he would take the medicine and get healed for the good of America.

Ambili Thalekare



That was a bold article and you alone could have done it. Reading through the comments I feel people have started taking it personally. Homeopathy can only be understood by personification, and when we have LIVE examples which depict a person so well, why not read it that way. I bet, no readers will never be able to forget MEDORRHINUM henceforth, as you have personified it perfectly.

Vamsi Sudha

I’m struggling to keep a professional posture after this article. This is utterly, completely unfair & unprofessional. Did you take his case? Or are you going by what the ‘lame-stream-media’ is saying about him? It’s obvious that is where you get your ‘case’ from. They are so far from any sort of truth that it’s pathetic.

Sue Mills


Elaine, thank you for giving us Trump’s constitutional remedy. I was wondering what remedy could possibly match up with the person psychiatrists have labeled a “malignant narcissist.” He’s a sociopath, extremely greedy, childish, incompetent, and barely literate. It’s still shocking to me that there were so many people who actually believed what he said during his campaign!

Linda S.


Leave the Trump bashing off this blog.

Joyce Fowler

From:  Remarkable Short Stories: Cases to Remember: Part-II – Dr. S.K. Banerjea

Thank you, Dr. Banerjea. I didn’t get any of them right but these cases were interesting nonetheless!

Linda S.

From:  Cartoon “Minor Operation”  – Alan V. Schmukler

Great cartoon, Alan!

Dr. Manish Bhatia


Funny cartoon Alan and so very true!



Yes, why not indeed! Great drawing Alan, you are a true artist like your mother! A real talent!!!!

Elaine Lewis

From: Migraine in a Man of 24 – Dr. Ajmal Saif

Well done Ajmal. Very artistic work.

Gaurang Gaikwad


A well illustrated case doctor. Good job and please do post more such successful cases.

Thomson Sunny

From: Periungual Warts in a Man of 19 – Dr. Jitesh Sharma

Nice Doc. Kindly share why Lac can was prescribed.




Why is mind-abuse aggr as the 1st rubric. In the history I didn’t find the context

Dr Meha


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  • I think that article “second look at president Trump” was very unprofessional. Any respectful medical journal would absolutely refused to publish it as that has nothing to do with medicine. It is personal view which is very one sided and fixed .
    Please, spare us in the future from anything that is not related to homeopathy .

    • I have asked every Trump supporter the same question and I have not yet gotten an answer: what element of the case was wrong? Did he not separate hundreds of children from their parents? Has he not told over 12,000 lies since he took office? (The Washington Post is keeping track.) Has he not committed numerous sexual assaults? Is he not flouting the law by ignoring subpoenas and ordering others who work for him to do the same? Or do you just not like the idea that I’m using Donald Trump as an example of how to find a person’s constitutional remedy? There are more things that go for Medorrhinum. He’s up all night tweeting. He lives at the ocean (Mar-a-Lago). He’s very thin-skinned (can’t be criticized, blames others). I repertorized and it came out to Medorrhinum, which suits him perfectly. So, your position would have to be that the rubrics I chose were wrong. Which ones are wrong? You can’t say the topic I chose has nothing to do with homeopathy because it wasn’t an article arbitrarily about Donald Trump, it was about how to find his constitutional remedy. I’ve done this with many famous people as has Catherine Coulter, Margaret Tyler and others. So again, I ask: Which rubrics were wrong?

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