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Readers comment on the Oct 2015 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

From: The External Organ of Somatization by María Carolina González Gómez

Thank you for this fascinating article! My wife and I read this and decided never to argue carelessly anymore, especially around our dogs and cats.

Martin Earl



From : Why Psychiatric Diagnoses Are Bad For Your Health by Steven Goldsmith

Thank you, Dr. Goldsmith for this excellent article. I have, literally, decades of experience with family members’ mental health problems so I’ve seen that psychotropic drugs don’t cure anyone. Then again, these drugs were never designed to cure anyone – just function as chemical straightjackets to suppress patients’ symptoms for the rest of their lives. Coincidently, this approach is what brings in the highest profits for those at the helm of America’s mental health care system. What does work, and works the deepest, is homeopathy, especially when one takes into consideration the miasms we have all inherited from our ancestors. Unfortunately, it seems very difficult to find the simillimum.

Linda Santini


From: Cartoon “What you sow is what you reap” by Alan V. Schmukler

Remember Phil Hartman? From Saturday Night Live? His wife shot him while he slept on the sofa. She was on Prozac.

Elaine Lewis



From: Homoeopathic Mind Cure by David Little

I’m very taken with this story about Hering’s cure by ballet. It shows the power of art and also that dance is a genuine art capable of expressing the spirit, a discovery which was an eye-opener for the good doctor.

Richard Laing


From: Ask the Plant Doctor – Radko Tichavsky

This is a marvelous column of cutting edge information. There’s nothing else like it on the internet. Thank you Radko Tichavsky!

Martin Earl



From: Bryonia Alba by David Little

I am really grateful to Mr. David Little for elaborating Bryonia Alba in such a nice way. It has given me a lot of knowledge and the opportunity to use this polychrest medicine.



From: Homeopathy and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – by Elisabeth von Wedel.

This article is a reminder of all the suffering that could be relieved if more patients and physicians understood homeopathy.

Martin Earl


From: Untangling the Web – Individuality, Purity and Totality of Symptoms… by Gill Graham

Beautifully written, Gill. I hope the medical community will dance for joy when learning the benefits of homeopathy. It may mean they will need to hit the books, take a course, learn more about the depth of homeopathic remedies and how to take in the “totality” of each case.




From : Tidbits #32 –Everything You Know About Fever is Wrong -by Elaine Lewis

Thank you Elaine for always putting important information into concise, easy to read packets that include useful insights as well as your wonderful humor.

Martin Earl



From: A Case of Temper Tantrums – by Petr Zacharias

I find your cases analyses so clear and very helpful. Thank you!

Martin Earl



From: Homeopathy in Auto-Immune Disease – Three Cases by Dr. Resie Moonen

Enlightening cases about lanthanides!!




From: Comparative Materia Medica – Integrating New & Old Remedies – Richard Pitt -reviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Very good elaborated information about the book sir.

Santanu Maity

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