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Readers comment on the October 2016 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From:  Interview with Dr. Larry Malerba – by Katja Schuett

Wonderful Interview! Thank you Katja! Thank you Dr. Larry … we hope for this paradigm shift in thinking … I too await this spiritual awakening in the world in general.. but as you said – a humility in the homeopathic community as well

Dr. Leela D’Souza Francisco

From:  Tidbits – Housewife Buys 30C Emergency Kit, Becomes “Wonder Woman”! – by Elaine Lewis

I love your article on the emergency 30c kit. I happen to have a kit of 200c’s and it has saved me from so much suffering. Just the Hypericum alone made the kit invaluable when 3 of my finger tips were pinched in heavy-duty wire

Linda S.

From: Cartoon – “ Complacency” – by Alan V. Schmukler

Love it!! You have excelled yourself with this one !

From:  Doctrine of Signatures – Matthew Wood

Thank you , loved this article takes me back to my studies pre homeopathics .
Signature of plants =important messages from all the medicinal plants that grow all around us.  walnuts=good for the brain, tomato = good for the heart, carrot= good for eyes, avocado=good for ovaries.

Gina Tyler DiHom

From: Homeopathy and Similarity in the Realm of Dynamics – by Katja Schuett.

Dear Katja,,
Your article makes students of homeopathy understand that for any disease there may be many similar remedies. So we are required to study what is dis-similar in these remedies. So MM is required to be studied very intensively to observe key point of dis-similarity in the similar remedies, to achieve complete cure.

Dr. CS Gupta

From:  The Soul of Remedies – by Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Sankaran,
Thank you so much for your wonderful article on Stramonium.
In describing this important remedy, you wrote that it has “delusion that animals are jumping out of the ground” and “delusion, sees devils.” Is it possible that these delusions are sometimes combined? My relative had the delusion that demons were popping up out of the ground so he had to stomp on them.

Linda S.

From Tips & Secrets – by Alan V. Schmukler

Dear Alan,
Your tips contains a valuable symptom of ‘ chamomilla’ that it promotes formation of pus in abcesses when hepar sulph fails to do so.  Chamomilla, of course, relieves pain.


From:  Understanding Nature to Learn Materia Medica – by Dana Ullman

Many thanks Dana. I found myself making notes as I was reading. I love this topic. And the idea of the hologram is endlessly fascinating.

Madeleine Innocent

From:  Book Review of : Fighting Fire With Fire – Homeopathic Detox Therapy – by Ton Janson – reviewed by Rochelle Marsden.

Indeed an amazing book and method. It works. I work with it for 3 years now. All the new materia medica is a real addition to homeopathy too.

Frans van Rooijen

From:  The Law of Similars Similia Similibus Curentur: Like Cures Like – by Martha Debyshire.

Dear Martha,
Thanks for publishing this highly informative and well written article. It’s my personal favorite on this subject!

Great job!

From: Diversity in the Law of Similars – by Cornelia Cannon Holden

Thank you for this article. Hanneman had a more scientific mind than many people have today.


From:  Auguries of Truth – by Gill Graham

Another thought proving piece Gill, congratulations. Always worth stopping to read your articles.

Gwynne Grayson

From:  A. W. Woodward’s Similarity in the Sequence of Affected Organs and Tissues As a Therapeutic Guide – by Katja Schuett

I’m pleased to see Dr Woodward’s method described. I discovered his book years ago and have found a remedy based on a clearly made out sequence to work very well. It is a wholly original method, to my knowledge unique in the whole field of medicine, and quite different from any other way of doing homeopathy.

Richard Laing

From:  A biography of Dr. Alfred Wheelock Woodward

I’m grateful for some information on Dr Woodward. As I mention in my comment on your article on his ideas, I have long been a fan of his unique approach to therapeutics.

Richard Laing

From:  A Child with Intense Fears – by Anke ZImmeman

The case is quite interesting. In our society I see such persons, but this type of analysing and clinical therapy is very rare. Thank you very much.

Muvvala Sree Ranganay Nayakulu

From:  A Chronic Case of  Urticaria and Atopic Dermatitis – by Petr Zacharias

Very good case taking with clear cut medicine selected. Please continue to share cases like this sir. Thank you very much.

Niranjan Sahoo

From:  Music as Therapy: Seizures absent while playing cello. A golden clue to find the right remedy – by Ian Luepker.

A very well presented case.. The details from the intake as well as the discussion of the literature allow me to understand why he chose this remedy over all other possibilities. Lengthy follow up and thorough discussion of curative response also make this a beautiful teaching case. Kudos, Dr. Luepker.

Tim Owens

From:  Two Cases of Calcium Deficiency – by Torako Yui

Brilliant, salient for the west and east alike.


From:  Revisiting: Pneumonia Cured in 1 Hour With Homeopathy!

Elaine, thanks a lot. I was thinking Bell first, but was misguided by the word gradual and I too opted for Bry. I didnt give head to the word boom.

Thanks a lot for this new learning

Mukesh Patel

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