Feedback from September 2015

Feedback from Homeopathy for Everyone, Sept 2015

From: The Plant Doctors – Radko Tichavsky, Pawan Singhania, Mark Moodie

Thank you! This is a wonderful column. Your knowledge will help take us to a more enlightened way of farming.

Martin Earl


From: Case Quiz – Exhausting diarrhea in a 19 yr old woman – by Petr Zacharias

I like your case analysis, which shows strong knowledge of materia medica and sound classical technique.



From: Interview with Dr. Amarsinh Nikam   – by Ashok RajGuru

A must read. A marvelous interview with an extraordinary man. I hope this inspires homeopaths to dream even bigger.

Alan V. Schmukler



From: Clinical Experiences with polychrests prescribed on lesser known symptoms by Bipin and Anju Jethani.

Nice presentations Dr. Jethani.. We often tend to overlook these “ lesser known” indications in our practice.

Dr. Chopra



From: More Government Than America Needs or Wants –(re:FDA grab for power).

William Olsen, praise the Lord for your selfless contribution toward Homeopathy’s well-being. Thank you and Jeremy Morgan for all your help.

Maria Sanchez



From: The Delusion – Editorial Sept 2015 – Alan Schmukler

Nice definition of Delusion sir, especially the quote of homeopathic doctor Henry Wigand MD.

Jayant Sumant


From: Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

Good material!

Dr.Suresh Jain.



From: Tidbits by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gets to the heart of the matter, no holds barred. What’s wrong and how do we fix it! People want to know how to get better.

Alan V. Schmukler


From: A Case of Multiple Sclerosis by Peter Zacharias

Many, many thanks sir for such nice case. It also taught how and when to tackle acute diseases during the treatment of chronic diseases.

Ravi Awasarkar



From: A Case of Bipolar Disorder -Julius Fernandes

A nicely worked case!

Martin Earl



From: I am my own worst enemy – by Jerry Kantor

This case shows what homeopathy can do in talented hands.

Martin Earl


From:   A Case of Tinnitus by Petra Zacharias

Really nicely presented Petr!




From: Book Review of : How To Best Use Boger and Boenninghausen Repertory –Reviewed by Dr Isha Gupta

It is always wonderful to see works of Farokh Master reviewed. Dr Master is a true disciple of Hahnemann who always has much to teach but without the need for any extraneous trappings

Kevin Morris



From: Book review of : Homeopathy for Plants” by Christiane Maute – reviewed by Vatsala Sperling.

Thanks Dr Vatsala for having the wonderful review about the book. We think of giving remedies to animals but it sounds like this book will definitely enlighten people to extend homeopathy to plants also.

Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor



From: Ask the Holistic Vet – Column by Dr. Deva Khalsa

Thank you Dr. Khalsa. This is cutting edge advice not being offered by anyone else.

Martin Earl



From: Cartoon: Not Fit for Consumption by – Alan V. Schmukler

Ha-ha! Right! Don’t eat that, it’s poisonous! So true.

Elaine Lewis

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