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Hpathy readers comment on the Paola Brown interview, Gill Graham’s Freedom of Choice – Balance in Medicine, Petr Zacharias’s anxiety case, Many Faces of Psorinumby Dr. Arshi Tank, Tips & Secrets and much more.

From: Freedom of Choice – Balance in Medicine – Gill Graham

Thank you Gill! We hold tight to our freedoms here in Australia, in the face of madness and corrupt movements to eliminate them!

Kylie Gillespie


From:  Interview with Paola Brown – President of Americans for Homeopathy Choice – Alan V. Schmukler

Paola Brown is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler 

Thanks so much for publishing this interview.  Paola is amazing!  The American homeopathy community has to get behind this or access to homeopathic remedies will be lost.

Martin Earl


From: A Case of Anxiety –  Petr Zacharias

A Case of Anxiety


Wonderful work-up of the case! And a wonderful result! Homeopathy rocks!

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

A 4-week follow-up of the case may be a little short to confirm that it is definitively settled. An underlying stratum may very well be revealed and the need for an anti-psoric after Aconit is not uncommon. I will be happy to get feedback on this case and its consequences in the coming months. Otherwise congratulations on the differential diagnosis Aconit versus Stramonium.



From: The Many Faces of Psorinum – Dr. Arshi Tank

The Many Faces of Psorinum

Good Information with minute detailedobservations.

Dr Deepa

Thanks Dr Arshi for such valuable information

Dr. Shital


From Tips & Secrets – Dr. Sneha Thakkar and Alan V. Schmukler

Tips and Secrets – Hpathy Sep 2018

Very useful tips. Thanks for the authors and the Editor.


My favorite article every time. Very condensed and full of information.

Honey Fortney


From: Soul of Remedies – Staphysagria  –  Dr. Rajan Sankaran

This article is so interesting and helpful. Bless you, Dr. Sankaran, (and all homeopaths!) for all you do to truly help people. This world would be a much better place if everyone were treated with homeopathy.

Linda S.


From:   Cartoon:  What medicine is left? – Alan V. Schmukler


Great cartoon Alan!


The reign in Spain is mainly causing pain.

Elaine Lewis


Congratulation Sir!  For making ‘’Homoeopathy for Everyone” a registered                    e-journal. Thanks for uploading all the past issues.

Thanks & Regards

Dr .Suvitha

[hr]  From:   Bells Palsy  –  Dr. Bhanu Sharma

Bell’s Palsy

Years ago my 19 year old daughter had a quick onset of Bell’s Palsy that got progressively worse over 2 days. The right side of her face was completely paralyzed and she could not close her right eye. We tried 4 remedies over 2 weeks and there was no improvement whatsoever. As a last resort, we gave her Causticum 30c and within 15 minutes she felt a tingling she hadn’t felt in 2 weeks and within 24 hours, the Bell’s Palsy was completely gone. She’s had repeat tingling over the years when she is particularly stressed out, but she always has Causticum 15c on hand so has never had a repeat of the original condition.



From:  From:   Daily Urticarial Patches – Dr. Swapna Potdar

Daily Urticarial Patches in a Young Boy

I had to get root canal and before going for treatment I was given and antibiotic [augmentum] for five days. i got rash and itching. on 2nd visit i was given antibiotic for another 5 days . then i got boils. The third time the dentist gave me antibiotic i could understand that it is reaction to antibiotic. Skin specialists prescribe only steroid. they have no other remedies. i tried a few homeopathic remedies but they did not work. then i prepared a remedy by dissolving the same antibiotic tablet in water and prepared 6c and then 12c potency. I got cured in a month by antidoting the antibiotic reaction using the same medicine in homeopathic principles (isopathy).

dr Gupta

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