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Feedback from the April 2013 Ezine

The segment, “Why Do We Have to Talk about Diet – Again”, by Elaine Lewis was superb! Straight talk that needed to be said.


Joy M. Wilson, DHom, MHom, CCH
Executive Director -The Texas Institute for Homeopathy
San Antonio, TX


Thank you Katja Schuett for presenting such a beautiful interview. The 3 volumes of ‘Portraits of Homoeopathic Medicine’ by Catherine Coulter are gems to possess. In the interview I also came to know of few other books written by her that I was unaware of.
Lena Chopra


Great Questions and Article by Katja! I enjoyed reading DL comments and that he uses CST along with C and LM as I thought DL was just an LM prescriber. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.



Thanks to Katja Schuett for that good interview and also thanks to Dr David Little for what he’s given us. Important information in MIASMS.

With regards

Dr Shaikh Shamsur Rahman


Wonderful interview. Thank you for this important information on miasms. Homeopaths are amazing. They have such insight into health and illness, such insight into the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual facets of people, that it goes far above and beyond any Western type of medical care that I’ve (unfortunately) experienced.

Linda Santini


The papers contributed by Dr Luc de Schepper on constitution and Dr. Guillermo Enrique Rincon on Children and homeopathy are very informative. Sharing their concepts on Homeopathy is a great service in making Homeopathy more popular.


R B Singh


I just wanted everyone to know – awesome articles, interviews and tips this time! Thanks especially for David Little interview.

Lisa Allen MH


Greetings from Germany & India

Is it possible for anyone to send me information about “Homeopathic treatment of Alcoholism.



Editor’s Note: Dear Sarindha,

At this link is a brief article about alcoholism and below that links to a few others.

https://hpathy.com/cause-symptoms-treatment/alcoholism/ [1]

Also, you can find a few books on the subject at the new Minimum Price Books website ( still under construction)
http://www.nature-reveals.com/ [2]


Dear sir,

I enjoy most, Homeopathy for Everyone. This issue all articles are good but I am very pleased to read the constitution timeline and temperament and Cruprum Met.

Bests Regards,

Dr. Jashim Uddin


All items excellent, thank you very much. Greetings with best wishes,


Thank you hpathy – your articles and case studies really helps me in my practice.

Dr. Sonal


On Interview with Luc de Schepper: A comprehensive explanations. Good work done by the doctor. My compliments. I would like to know about allergy. How one could label a drug picture to the patient?

Best regards



(On Children and Homeopathy – Guillermo Enrique Rincon) – I loved the sentences: “Oh, how pediatricians are so satisfied when discovering the responsible germ!” It would be funny if it were not sad. I am happy to receive this beautiful paper, greetings from Serbia.



( On Cuprum Metallicum – David Lilley) I have happy memories of a series of lectures given by David Lilley at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. He is an erudite speaker with wonderful insights on our remedies. I know Hahnemann had little time for the doctrine of similars, but David elevates the doctrine into a powerful tool for understanding our remedies. It’s always a pleasure!

Kevin Morris


( On To Tell or Not to Tell – Valeria Lovelace) I hesitate telling patients the remedy only when its something like tarantula, or scorpion, and some nosodes like malaria, or cholera which sound quite scary…. I wonder if the fearful name will affect the cure. Anyone else have a thought on this?

Masina Wright ND


( ON Tidbits Part 2 Elaine Lewis) Thanks again Elaine! Learning a lot from you. I wish other homoeopaths would have the same urge to share knowledge … It’s my firm belief, “The more you give the more you get”. Wishing you more and more.



( On Tips and Secrets) Very very good tips, esp. from Dr. Subrata Banerjea. I am tempted to add Caltha palustris Q for considering in cases of Cancer cervix. Thanks.

Dr S. Mukherjee


(Clamping Down on Nutritional Information – Gert Schuitemaker and Andrew W. Saul) It is very interesting, as in Asia we know the benefits of food in health, and the importance of so many foods like turmeric, that have health giving benefits. I just can’t believe what is happening. Most importantly who are these humans who feel that they have a right to impose such views, especially using laws?

Dr. Subhaash

(Re: The Cartoon “Blame” by Alan V. Schmukler) I would love to be able to share your cartoons on Facebook. Can we have a Share icon please?

Rochelle Marsden


(Dr. Nikam’s Quiz) According to that boy’s symptoms I think we should give him Spigelia for the left sided migraine and for his lumbar pain I would recommend Rhus Tox and for his mental condition Ignatia is the best remedy for him, so start with Spigelia. Then add Ignatia that will continue with Rhus Tox.



(Re: The Plant Doctor) Thank you, Mark! You’ve turned what could have been an ending, into a beginning. Your approach involves everyone in solving the answer. Viva Agrohomeopathy!

Alan V. Schmukler

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