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This month the Hpathy edition is very useful to me and our family also.

Thanks & Regards,

S. Sasikala


Dear Sir –The Feb issue is as usual loaded with valuable information much needed by the H.Ds fraternity. Though sensation plays a very important role in case analysis, yet the way Sensation has been projected by Dr. Mugdah Thakur is another novelty for an amateur like me. Why can’t we go back to the source to revolutionize Homoeopathy practice as enunciated by Dr. Douglas Falkner in an earlier issue.

With best regards,

Ashgar Ali


Re: Tourette Syndrome – Kathrine Dehn
Cases of cure of Tourette Syndrome are very rare in medical literature and you did a miracle in this case. Many thanks for sharing this case.
Dr V T Yekkirala

Re: Vatsala Sperling’s : Boundless Desire for More and More

A beautiful Medorrhinum case – you have really shown us the patient. This would be great to use at colleges when studying Medorrhinum. Lots of good learning here – not least how to act gracefully from our best part in the face of non-acknowledgement.

Thank you



Re: The Science of Vaccine Damage –by Catherine O’Driscol
Thank you for this article. It confirms what I’ve known for a long time: vaccines are not safe. I stopped vaccinating my animals about 15 years ago when I lost a pregnant 5 y.o. mare to a “routine” vaccination. Her death was horrible, stiff joints and gross seizures. She had to be euthanized within a week of the vaccination. Previously I had lost two cats to “routine” rabies vaccinations. Since then, my animals have been healthier, and the only time I’ve vaccinated since then is when rabies broke out within 1/4 mile of my animals. 10 years later, my horses still show adequate titers.

Joy Metcalf


Re: Mugdha Thakkur: Sensation Case.

Thank you so much for sharing the entire case, your analysis and F. U. visits…..this is so very helpful to me as I’m learning sensation method of case-taking. I really appreciated this! It would be great to see more cases presented in this way to really help in case taking, analysis, etc.

Suzan Hooper


There are many pretenders to the Sensation method, but Dr. Mugdha is real thing.

J. Zalewski


Re: Alex the Cat –by Manoe Hoekstra

Wonderful insight into the remedy. Your feelings about a remedy are often more useful with animals than repertorisation.

Madeleine Innocent


Dear Sir,
You are right .What I want to add is that Homeopathy needs more persons of dedication, devotion and love. These are the only tools, the magnets to attract others.
Dr. Banaras Khan Awan.


My experience with patients is quite similar to what you’ve observed. Even when people I treat are doing well, they still continue to doubt Homeopathy. I feel as if it is easier to them, not to observe themselves; not to think what and how to change themselves. It’s easier just to follow the daily routine they used to, and to go downstream. Homeopathic treatment requires efforts on behalf of the patient also, not only from the homeopath. And again, the allopathic treatment is something people are used to; furthermore it gives them someone to blame for their suffering. It’s just the easy way, and thus people are ‘free’ from responsibility for their own life, and health in particular.

Stay well and continue your fine work,



Dear Alexandra De Melo -Re: Homeopathy A Science And An Art
Thank you so much for your logical, scientific and artistic approach to Divine Homeopathy. The article confirms your deep understanding of the Godly method of healing. I truly appreciate your knowledge of homeopathy. As a microbiologist you have very good and practical understanding of the science and art of Homeopathy.

Well Done,



Re: Interview of Rowena J. Ronson and Nigel Summerley: Great interview which really hits home. I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability of the dialogue.
J. Zalewski


Re: Dr.Kalathia’s : The Function in Sarcodes – Many thanks for sharing your insights on sarcodes. look forward to more such articles. Please let me know from where to procure these remedies.
Dr V T Yekkirala


Re: Dr. P.S. Rawat’s – And Their Bandages Got Removed the Very Next Day
It is to note that Sulphur in high potency plays a very vital role in curing leprosy wounds. I am grateful to the Dr. who has narrated his experience very clearly.

S. Kalyanasundaram


Re: Dr.Gouri’s case : Lumbar Spondylosis & Prolapse Intervertebral Disc
Thanks for your presentation. Bambusa-arundinacea is a new remedy proving very valuable in these type of cases. Its MM can be found in PRISMA.
Dr V T Yekkirala


I have completely cured the case of my father aged 64 yrs. The hospital in Chennai prescribed for operation on (L-5 to L-3), but started with Calc phos 12X and Silicea 12X for 15 days and now he’s totally fit and doing every work. He’s now 74 yrs.

Prantar Biswas


Dear Iman Navab,

Thanks for sharing this information and history related to Homeopathy. Indeed, you are a great researcher and dedicated Homeopath. With best wishes.

Dr. Shashi Mohan Sharma


Re: Iman Navab historical article:
Excellent article, an item for collection. I am going to tweet this to my twitter followers.

Venkatesh K.M.


Re: Whooping Cough When Prevention Fails –
Thank you for the information about Whooping cough. I have used a lot of remedies on different people and it helps.

Gun Stahl


Re: A Cure of Psychogenic Diabetes Mellitus
A very nice case! I always look forward to Dr. Karkare’s cases and always learn something.

J. Zalewski


Re: Infective arthritis – Dr. Manickam

Very good case analysis and case management skills. The reasons for preferring 3rd row Nat-c to 4th row Kali-c are not mentioned. However it is clear that Nat-c acted as the true smm in this case. Congrats.

Dr. V T Yekkirala


Plutonium Case – Liz Lalor
Thanks for so beautiful case. Thanks for giving with so open heart. No personal interest at all: that is the true signal of a Homeopathic Master.

Robert Comacho


Your new medical encyclopedia is extremely beneficial for the homoeopathic world.

Ranjeet Kumar

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  • Now I am 68, some twenty years back, I has severe spondylities and on taking homeo medicines, I got instataneous cure and I am now totally free. In fact I was suffering from this for more than 3 or 4 years.
    allopathic treatment was not very helpful and at one stage one of the best surgeons told me that there was much wear and tear in the spinal bones and there was no scope for further treatment. Fortunately, one of my friends suggested to go to a Lady homeopath and she treated me well within a few days.
    Homeopathy medicines work very fine and indeed it is a miracle that I got cured permanently.

  • Thank you for, not only a very inspiring newsletter, but such an informative one! Every time I read it I gain more knowledge about Homeopathy, but also about preventive health as well. So many important things to know and share.

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