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I had a frustrating conversation with a friend today who refused to believe in the efficacy of Homeopathy. He put it all down to the placebo effect and said that a scientist/journalist called Mosely had managed to effectively discredit the practice with proof of it not working at all. I wanted to somehow ‘prove’ to him that it works. I know from my own experience it does. I told him we would have to agree to differ and realise some people are blinkered and stubborn and will not accept some ideas. However I wish there had been something irrefutable I could have counter argued in defence of Homeopathy. Any ideas?

With love Joanna Dalietos

Dear Joanna,

Yes, it’s very frustrating. It’s especially difficult when you’re trying to save someone’s life and they won’t listen. Generally people come to homeopathy after trying a remedy and experiencing its effect with their own bodies. So, it’s not an intellectual decision, but a visceral one. Short of that you can offer this formidable list of research studies that we published some time ago.

Alan V. Schmukler
Editor –


Hello Homeopathy for Everyone! The e-magazine is wonderful! Do you have any information on The Seahorse remedy Hippocampus? Can you please guide me in the right direction. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Vicki Lockwood

Editor’s note: Hi Vicki,

The New York School of Homeopathy has a proving of seahorse on their website.


As always sincere and grateful thanks for the ezine. There is always something that I currently need.




Thank you very much for the January issue of Homeopathy for Everyone

Dr. Doina Pavlovschi


Thank you as always for this information and for the fine work you do on behalf of Homeopathy. I have recently founded a support group for homeopaths within Gloucestershire and would love you to ‘like’ our facebook page:

Gloucestershire Homeopaths Collective


Thanks in advance.

Can provide an article if you think your readers would be interested and maybe might even consider starting up their own group. My sub title for this group is ‘STRONGER TOGETHER’!

Warm regards,

Lynne Shrubb, LHC, MARH, RHom


I am an Iranian physician that tends to study and work in homeopathy but our accessibility to references and homeopathy books is low. I like to study in homeopathy for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, but I have not reference or books. Would you please help me

with best regards,

Ameneh Barikani

Editor’s note:

Dear Dr. Barikani,

Please follow this link to numerous articles on Hpathy about Diabetes Mellitus.

Be sure to see the cases by Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi.


Dear Sir,

What a great New Year gift to the readers of Hpathy. I have just tried the symptom finder and found it extremely useful. It is difficult to go through all the virtues this encyclopedia has given to us, and I am personally grateful for this great contribution.

Viva Hpathy,

Thank you
Dr. Wequar Ali Khan


Big big congratulations and many many thanks to incorporate all the data about disease and homeopathy at the single portal. Great leap. Keep progress.


Dr. Dinesh Bhadia

There are homoeopathic vaccination materials that are apparently better. Natural immunity is best as the vaccines do not work. The information worldwide shows that even with an 80 or 90% vaccinated population you still have people getting the disease they’ve been vaccinated against. Meningitis vaccine was used I think in Angola with 500 people and now 40 of them are paralysed. These were all children. 47,500 were vaccinated against polio in India and now 47,500 persons have polio. In the mid 1990’s the WHO sent a tetanus vaccine to the Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua. As the tetanus was to be given one shot for three months and tetanus only requires one shot, suspicions were aroused and some of the vaccine was tested and was found to contain a hormone called chorionic gonadotrophin, which as you may know is produced when a woman becomes pregnant… however this would cause spontaneous abortion. The vaccines were only given to women aged between 15 and 46, so basically vaccines are not safe as they can be carriers for anything.

Brian Warner

Editor’s note:

Hi Brian,

The articles on vaccination on this website clearly discuss its dangers and the alternatives to it, as well as promoting free choice in the matter.


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,

May you be profoundly rewarded for your services to Homoeopathy, nay to HUMANITY, especially the suffering humanity. How can I reach out to the renowned Homeopathy doctors for their able guidance in case amateurs like me need their help?

Please advise.

With profoundest regards,

Asghar Ali


Always a pleasure reading your helpful articles!

Best Regards



Thanks so much! I love all the information and articles …and provide.

Thank you and kind regards,

Val – South Africa


Why do you apply such cheap tactics to enhance your circulation? does anyone make a joke of a eternal system like Homoeopathy? what is this story contest? rubbish! encourage students for betterment of their knowledge by some discourses or topics or ask them to express their ideas on organon.. shame on your part.

Dr. Pavan Kumar..

Editor’s Note

Dear Pavan,

Every area of life has a fiction genre, which enriches it and helps make it part of the culture. Fiction reaches our deepest feelings and helps introduce a subject to the general populace and instill an appreciation for it.



Mubashar Ahmad Khan


THANK YOU MANISH SO MUCH (for the Medical Encyclopedia)

Ranvir Pahwa


The Hpathy medical encyclopedia is very informative and will be very popular in near future. Thanks a lot.

Arun Prakash


I’m busy exploring all the new info at Hpathy, but I am curious as to why you have the green “H” logo for Holiday Inn Express on the site … are they a sponsor?

Linda Wolf


This is really a great boon to homeopathy, to have the largest medical encyclopedia through your e-magazine. Thank you very much for this!



You people have come out with a wonderful encylopaedia. Still going through it. I will spread this to one and all. Thank you, sir.

Venkat Raman


The Medical Encyclopedia is an amazing work.

Congratulations for it.

All the best,

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


Great news, congrats! You are doing a great job!



Hearty congratulations!

Akshay Shetty


Thank you very much sir for the most valuable information provided through

the world’s largest medical encyclopaedia, which is most useful for the common man like me.

Ysundararao Ysundararao


Congratulations. It is a great news. You and your staff deserve all the credit for this wonderful job. Keep it up.

Dr. T.M.


Dear Sir, Hpathy paved an easy path to search medical information and saved the searching time through the internet. I had just a sample reading and it is in quite easy language. I’m really very glad.


Ganesan M.


Dear Dr. Bathia,

I’m very pleased to get information from you regarding the Health and Medical Encyclopedia. I’m following in order to improve my homeopathic skills. From my point of view, the new addition is excellent and helpful, especially that one can find all necessary information in one place. Also, I wish you a prosperous and healthy 2013. I would like to thank you for your beautiful wishes. Looking forward for good cooperation in the following year

Gordana Cvejic


I am thankful for giving exposure to a new technique of case solving. All the clinical case studies are very interesting.

R B Singh



Thank you all for your hard work and the excellent website you offer to the community at large, it is truly a gift! My name is Kelly Callahan, I am a newly practicing homeopath in Maine, in the US. I would like to propose an article for the site, something that I think is currently missing and may fill a need. I am suggesting a regular article about the beginner practitioner, and all of the challenges, triumphs, questions, and ponderings that flourish in those first 5 years of practice.

I graduated from my professional homeopathy program 2 years ago. I am nearly finished with my CCH certification. In these couple of years as I have worked at creating a practice, building a caseload, integrating all that I learned, I have often found myself wishing that there was a resource out there for me, in the space that I am in. Although I think we are all students for life in the greater sense, I don’t identify with the label ‘student’ anymore as it comes up in the groups/forums on Hpathy (though I know I would learn there). I find myself in this middle ground, of not quite full-fledged practitioner, but also not student either.

I considered starting a blog to write about my own experiences as a beginning homeopath, but as my thoughts are intended for homeopaths and not the public at large, I need to go where the homeopaths are!! 🙂 Ergo, this email proposal.

The topics I have in mind are things like:

– managing patient reactions to remedies, when your experience is limited

– building a practice… all of the business pieces that you inherit, but many don’t really want, and yet are key to success

– figuring out ‘what next’ in terms of learning and continuing education

– feeling isolated as a professional in a society that doesn’t really recognize homeopaths

– the personal issues that come up as you take on this role of Homeopath

– giving talks and presentations to the public

– dealing with medical issues, as a lay homeopath

and more…

These are things that I think about and grapple with. In some areas I have made concrete steps that have panned out well, and others that have not. Some I just deal with over and over and hope I’m getting better at. I am 2 years out of school, just launched my website, and almost certified, so I’m kind of in the thick of it. My approach to an article would be a voice of inquiry, exploration, and sharing, and hopefully with some input and response from those who might read it. I only have my experience to offer, as an American, lay homeopath, so that would obviously inform what I write, but I think that many of these issues are universal and many new homeopaths would relate, wherever they may be.

Let me know what you think! I’m flexible, and am happy to send something your way to look at and think about.

I look forward to hearing from you-


Kelly Callahan CCH (Cand.)


Dear Sir,

Every issue of the Ezine is a treasure of information on and about Homoeopathy and I am always on the lookout to receive the next issue. As an amateur Homeopath I like when I am confronted with new ideas that the experts introduce for the safe practice of our revered homeopathy. Previously it was the elemental cycles and now it the cycle and segments of Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg. How can one cope with all the new ideas and practice homeopathy.


Asghar Ali


Dear Editor,

Thank you for your important task!

Robert Comacho


Dear Sir,
I am very much pleased to get the Homeopathy for Everyone, January 2013. Your initiative will help many doctors of the world who are interested in this. Really I cannot but praise you. I requested that you send the journal every month please.

Thank you and best regards

Dr Jashim uddin M.D (Home)


Dear Sir,

This issue has been very interesting for me. The information I got about Hering resigning from the medical college was interesting.


Dr. Sanjay Borthakur


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  • For those that struggle defending homeopathy when the naysayers say it is nothing more then a placebo I suggest showing how homeopathy works with animals, infants and plants.

  • Over the years, I have found that no amount of argument or “proof” has any real impact on the naysayers and opponents of homeopathy. My conclusion is that the whole discussion is an emotional issue, not a scientific one. For this reason, I have stopped trying to prove anything to anyone.

    The often miraculous results we homeopaths get routinely with our cases speaks for itself. Little by little our successes are eroding the conventional wisdom and are drawing more and more people in. While we do have to fight for our political rights when threatened, fighting to attract more followers seems like a waste of energy and valuable time. I agree with Alan that belief in homeopathy is not a question of “reason” but one of consciousness. In this regard, patience is our only recourse.

    Meanwhile, we march on, doing our healing work for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Blessings on homeopathy and all its torch-bearers!

  • sir, let it be placieo effect , we know that it works , no matter patient has negative views strongly.
    science has to be more advance

  • Dear sir,
    I am really really enjoying very much by reading your sent journal.Please don,t deprive me from it . I shall be very glad if you send the journal every month /up date me every month.Please includ my email address in your list for sending journal homeopathy for every one.

    I appreciate your best Co-operatiom

    Best regards

    Dr. jashim uddin
    email:[email protected]
    Dhaka Bangladesh

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